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Published: 14 Feb 2019

Documentary Collection: A Form of Trade Finance, The process of the documentary collection at Emerio Banque, Documentation Credit, Document Controllers, Collections Officer II and more about document collector job. Get more data about document collector job for your career planning.

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Documentary Collection: A Form of Trade Finance

Documentary collection is a form of trade finance in which an importer pays an exporter for its goods after the banks exchange the required documents. The exporter's bank collects funds from the importer's bank in exchange for documents releasing title to the shipped merchandise, usually after the goods arrive at the importer's location. The exporter gets payment from the importer in exchange for the shipping documents.

The buyer needs shipping documents to clear the goods through customs and take delivery. They include a certificate of origin, a packing list, and a commercial invoice. Documentary collection is less common than other forms of trade finance.

It is less expensive than some methods but also riskier, so it is limited to transactions between parties who have developed trust or are located in countries with strong legal systems. The exporter's risk is reduced because the buyer's bank will not release the documents without payment from the buyer, but neither side's bank assumes any financial responsibility in a documentary collection transaction. The exporter's risk is higher with a time draft than a sight draft, as the buyer's bank would have released the documents with the buyer's acceptance of the time draft, meaning the buyer could already have possession of the merchandise by the time payment is due.

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The process of the documentary collection at Emerio Banque

1. The process of the documentary collection begins when the buyer and seller agree on the amount to be paid. The transaction will be the documentary collection.

Documentation Credit

The remitting bank checks that the documents correspond to the instructions in the instruction letter. Even if the bank can report any defects or problems, it is not responsible for verification of the documents. In the case of a missing document, it must inform the exporter.

The exporter is at risk with the documentary collection. There is a way to better secure the payment for both exporter and importer. The next article will be about the documentary credit.

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Document Controllers

Document controllers manage the documentation for organizations. They check documents, make sure they are safe and secure, and make sure that the files are not damaged. They also write reports and archive materials.

Collections Officer II

Collections officer II is more distinguished by the complexity. The debt collector collects on high risk delinquent accounts and works to resolve the problem of account delinquency and prevent losses.

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The Collector's Job Description

The collector must drive a vehicle to visit customers, return merchandise, or deliver bills. The collector needs a good driving record and no criminal record to perform his duties. The collector needs to have knowledge of principles and processes.

Debt Collectors

A debt collector is on the phone. A collector has the most important skill in their collection. The collector negotiates payment arrangements on past due accounts.

A collector's success is dependent on being able to articulate well, provide clear, concise response and instruction. Debt collectors need to understand information and ideas verbal and present them in a way that is understandable. The ability to speak clearly is important.

It is important that active listening skills are used, as they will inform what assets are available to use for repayment, and will benefit the development of rapport with the borrower, which is beneficial to any negotiation. Emotional intelligence is needed. Communication skills are constantly evolving.

The ability to react to irate or abusive individuals is essential. A collector should have the ability to see unfavorable conditions and have the ability to identify and circumvent them. A collector should be able to see and react to social situations.

Reading comprehension and writing skills are important. A collector will need to document accounts in a concise manner, comprehend correspondence and understand written instruction in order to respond appropriately. Debt collectors need to understand information and presented information and ideas.

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Document Specialists: Experience and Education

Organizations of all types must protect their information. Document specialists are tasked with managing mountains of vital data. All documentation officers and managers need organizational skills, an eye for details and a good adherence to record-keeping procedures to be successful.

The responsibilities of a documentation officer are to develop and maintain efficient record-keeping systems that enable fast and easy access to needed information. The records, policies and procedures that they develop must cover the entire life span of data from creation to storage to destruction. When inputting data, accuracy is required.

Good listening and communication skills are required for a documentation specialist to assess the evolving data needs of managers and front-line staff. Monitoring compliance with data privacy laws is one of the requirements in the documentation officer job description. Depending on the scope, level of responsibilities and the type of industry setting, education requirements listed in a documentation officer job description can vary.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that most medical and health record information jobs require a health information technology certificate or associate's degree. Document specialists work in all industrial sectors. Large and small companies, hospitals, medical clinics, schools, law firms, airlines and government agencies are some of the employers.

There is little room for error and that can make the job very difficult. Data breeches can be costly due to the problems with data retrieval. Betterteam says that document specialists need physical strength to move heavy boxes of files.

Employers' visas and overseas employment

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection has a portable document A1 that can be obtained if an Irish employer wishes to send an employee to work in another Member State. The International Postings Section can issue portable documents A1 if the period of overseas work is not more than 24 months.

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