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Published: 27 Feb 2019

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Document Controller

A document controller is responsible for the timely, accurate and efficient preparation and management of documents. They control the numbering, sorting, filing, storing and retrieving of both electronic and hard copy documents.

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Document Controllers

The controller is in charge of the process and letting a group of people know that action needs to be performed on a file to complete the process. Depending on the industry, recordkeeping may be needed for internal systems and external clients. Many companies use electronic document management systems.

The software acts as a digital file cabinet that allows for quick sorting and retrieval of digital paperwork. The software works with the scanning equipment. Control and tracking of documents are the main responsibilities of the day.

You will number documents, input technical revisions, perform compliance checking, filing and organizing, documentation auditing, and report on document status and distribute documents as required. Document controllers don't need a college degree, but one may be preferred by some employers. DCs learn their craft right on the job.

They are often recruited from other administrative positions. If you're looking for your first job or career advancement, professional certification in the field may be helpful. Construction is one industry where document controllers are needed.

Engineering, oil and gas, metals mining, banking, government and healthcare systems are some of the industries. You'll usually report to a project manager when you're a document controller in construction and technical fields. Depending on experience, document controllers can make between $25,000 and $66,000 a year.

Document controllers are responsible for maintaining project documents. They make sure that accurate information is given to the people who need it. Technical documents like blueprints and reports are used by document controllers in the construction industry.

They sort and store documents for designers, architects and other people. There are several ways to become a document controller. You can get qualifications to help you on your career path to being a document controller by completing a college course or apprenticeship.

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Document controllers manage the documentation for organizations. They check documents, make sure they are safe and secure, and make sure that the files are not damaged. They also write reports and archive materials.

Document controllers work in sectors that involve design and engineering. They work in a number of industries. Technical teams and department representatives turn information into usable files.

They work with documents. Document controllers distribute and file documents after they are created. Document controllers manage the flow of information.

Their work makes sure relevant employees have accurate information. Document controllers help link project team members in other departments during large projects. Their job allows other project participants to focus on their roles.

Employers prefer Document Controllers with experience in the field. Junior Document Controller roles are entry level and do not require specific experience. The time spent in unrelated roles teaches aspiring Document Controllers about project lifecycles and industry terms.

Some businesses prefer candidates with administrative experience. Document controllers should be independent because they work alone. Document controllers deal with sensitive information so they should be trustworthy.

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Document Control Clerk - Opportunities for Growth

A document control clerk is skilled in the management of inbound and outbound documentation. A veteran at creating and maintaining filing systems in a wide range offices. Looking for new opportunities that will lead to growth.

How to Report on the Status of a Project

If there is confusion about numbering, your different teams will not know how to access the documents that they need. They could end up with a confused and difficult time locating the documents themselves, if they end up accessing the wrong revision. If there is confusion about any of these, numbering, revision, progress or where the documents are located, the reporting on those, on the progress and status, is going to come out of that confusion.

The third way that bad document management hires hurt is that clients notice. If your company interface is not accommodating or cumbersome, it will reflect poorly on your company, as document control is a big point between your company and your clients. If you want to find out if your candidate is a reporting genius, you should ask him about client friendly and how they would make the reports that you send to clients friendly.

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Document controllers manage and oversee documents for a project or entire organization. They make sure the documents are signed and created, that the data is accurate, and that the documents are backed up. Document controllers are also responsible for the retrieval of documents.

The Document Controller may receive requests, log them in a database system and then give the requested materials, or it may be more informal. Document controllers must be able to quickly and efficiently retrieve documents when needed. Document controllers may be tasked with training employees in the proper way to create and fill out company documents.

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