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Published: 23 Oct 2021

Driver Helpers, The Job Description of a Temporary Driver Helper, Construction Helpers: A Job Description, Driver Helpers, A Simple Way to Find a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong and more about driver's helpers job. Get more data about driver's helpers job for your career planning.

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Driver Helpers

A driver helpers is keeping a truck running. The work can be summarized in a job description, but many of the duties are left to the driver. The job of driver helpers is a way of getting a foot in the door of the trucking industry, though it can be a decent temporary or seasonal job.

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The Job Description of a Temporary Driver Helper

The role of the temporary driver is to assist the driver on the delivery route. The driver and the driver's helpers work together to deliver the packages to the customer. The driver helpers quickly walk the package to the door of the customer.

The driver is readying the next package for delivery when the helpers return to the vehicle. The temporary driver helpers are not allowed to drive. Thanksgiving to Christmas is when the company advertises temporary driver helpers.

The driver helpers are on call from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The hours will change daily. The driver helpers hours are not guaranteed during the employment period.

The driver helpers position is temporary and Christmas is the end of employment. The driver helpers job is physically demanding. The job is fast paced and requires constant walking.

The helpers must lift and carry packages over 70 lbs. The package is usually 25 to 35 lbs. helpers must deliver continuously throughout the workday

Construction Helpers: A Job Description

Construction helpers are usually responsible for unloading materials at a work site. They might have to load materials to be taken to a site or transport equipment from one site to another. Construction helpers set up equipment for use at a job site.

They might set up work stations, run lines for power tools, erect scaffolding, lay out tools, and even hand tools to workers as they perform their tasks. Construction helpers can do light construction duties. They dig trenches, nail together boards for framing, or help with installing windows, electrical or plumbing systems.

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Driver helpers help company drivers deliver products and equipment. They maintain an accurate record of all deliveries. The most suitable candidate for the job will have a passion for engaging with customers and clients, a strong work ethic, and physical fitness. Candidates with low energy and poor communication skills are not good candidates.

A Simple Way to Find a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

It is not easy to hire a domestic helpers. You are hiring someone who will take care of your family. You want to make sure that you have a good feeling for her so that you can leave the house during the day to go to work or handle other things.

There are two ways to find domestic helpers for your family, direct hire or through an employment agency. Your domestic helpers is entitled to a rest day every week. Domestic helpers have to obey the live-in rule even when they are taking rest days or holidays in Hong Kong.

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First Management Categories

First-line supervisors aren't included in the first management categories because they share common duties with their subordinates The category Laborers and helpers includes first-line landscaping supervisors.

A Search for Drivers and Helpers at Ikea Furniture Delivery

A clean driving record and valid state driver's license are required. We're happy to give 15% discount to your friends. Ikea furniture delivery and exercise equipment delivery are both things that are looking for drivers and helpers.

There are available full and part time positions. Must be able to lift over 100 lbs. Punctuality is something.

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