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Published: 10 Jan 2021

The urine sample and the collector, DER Training, Employees' Rights and Freedom of Choice in a Drug Testing Program, An Attorney-Independent Approach to Pre-employment Drug Testing and more about drug test collector job. Get more data about drug test collector job for your career planning.

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The urine sample and the collector

The collector is the person who has direct, face to face contact with the employee. The test may lose credibility if the collector is not sure of the integrity of the urine specimen.

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DER Training

Larger companies in all 50 states have different non- regulated policies. It is important that they receive as much information as possible because of the DER's many responsibilities. It is recommended that any new DER get DER training, whether in person or online. There are many training classes available for DERs and they should also acquire any material that is available on drug and alcohol testing.

Employees' Rights and Freedom of Choice in a Drug Testing Program

Drug testing programs are designed to detect alcohol, prescription drugs, and other drugs. Drug testing is a method that is often used in a drug-free workplace program. Drug testing programs are in place at both federal and non-federal places.

Employees can either go to a certified laboratory or a trained collector will visit their workplace to collect the specimen. The specimen's chain of custody must be continuous from receipt until disposal. You can test your employees for alcohol and drug use during a physical examination.

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An Attorney-Independent Approach to Pre-employment Drug Testing

Many companies have a drug test policy that they must follow before hiring a candidate. Drug and alcohol screening may be required of applicants for a job. There are different laws on drug testing in each state.

In some cases, state or federal laws may require applicants to take drug tests. The United States Department of Transportation regulates jobs that are covered by both state and federal drug testing laws. Employers can test for drugs and alcohol in the workplace and as a condition of hire.

The condition of employment is the reason why illegal drugs are only tested for. You can request to see the company's drug testing policy. Drug testing is required in many jobs because illegal or illegal use of drugs can affect not only the employee's performance but also the lives of others.

Drugs can affect concentration and judgement. The Supreme Court says that urine and blood collection is not intrusive. They are not harmful to applicants when they are collected in the correct environment.

Depending on the state where they work and live, applicants and employees have a number of rights. If an employer only tests some applicants, then discrimination can be implied. Drug testing can only be required for specific jobs.

The Substance Use Screening Technician at Wellspring

The Substance Use Screening Technician will provide drug testing for clients referred to Wellspring under the supervision of the Intensive Outpatient Program Director. The technician will follow the established protocols for drug testing, which are detailed in Wellspring's Policy and Procedures Manual. The technician will ensure that all documentation procedures are done in accordance with the policies and procedures of the agency.

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Specimen Collector Resume Samples

Specimen Collectors are responsible for collecting samples such as urine, hair follicle, breathe alcohol, or other for testing. Specimen collector resume samples show duties such as interacting with donors, conducting drug testing, handling cases, updating case status, and processing and shipping specimen. The main job requirements for a Specimen Collector are detail orientation, organization, customer service, being able to work without supervision, good communication skills, and computer competences. A high school diploma is the equivalent for most Specimen Collectors.

What Can You Do If Your Employees Are Using Drug and Alcohol Use in the Workplace

The types of employment drug tests that show the presence of drugs include urine drug tests, blood drug tests, hair drug tests, breath alcohol tests, saliva drug screens, and sweat drug screens. Pre-employment drug and alcohol tests can be a factor in hiring. Drug testing laws can vary by state.

Limits on when and how drug screening can be done are found in some states. Some companies test job applicants for illegal drug use. State law allows for drug and alcohol use screening for employees.

A sample company drug test policy should be reviewed to see how and when the company screens for drug and alcohol use. A blood drug test can be used to screen for illegal drugs. A blood test is used to measure the amount of alcohol or drugs in the blood.

Hair can be tested for drugs. To perform the test, technicians will cut a small amount of hair close to the head to test for drugs. A urine drug test is the most common test used to screen for illegal drugs.

Drug levels in the body can be seen by rinalysis, which shows the presence of drug remnants. What can you do if you are worried about a drug test? Make sure you don't have drugs in your system.

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What type of drug test do employers use to screen candidates for employment?

It can be a very difficult process to find a new job. On one hand, a new job can mean new possibilities and opportunities, but the application and interview process can be nerve-racking. One of the mandatory steps in the hiring process is a drug test.

Many applicants have questions and uncertainties about the process of drug screening for employment. Drug screenings are easy to do. If you are curious about what type of drug test you will be taking and what type of drug test most employers use, the answer is most likely a urine test as it is the most common drug test for pre-employment.

The samples are split into two. The initial test is conducted in half. If a positive result is found, the other half of the sample will be used to conduct further testing.

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