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Published: 9 Jan 2021

Education Officers, Education Officers, Community education officers, Community education officers: Experience and progression, Education Officers in Large Museum, Training Officers in the RAF and more about education officer job. Get more data about education officer job for your career planning.

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Education Officers

Education officers are responsible for implementing and managing education programs in a school or community. Education officers provide technical leadership for all the education activities, including leading and coordinating the non-formal education program and systems support activities in a given place.

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Education officers have skills when working with teachers. They have written and oral communication skills. The officer has good skills in computer applications. Education officers have a lot of skills.

Community education officers

Community education officers help to organize and encourage participation in local educational programmes. They usually focus on areas with high unemployment. There are vacancies advertised in local, regional and national newspapers, as well as in publications such as The Big Issue.

Graduates can have a degree in any discipline, but they need to have qualifications in sociology, social work or policy, community studies, communications, public administration or social sciences. If your first degree is not in a related subject, a postgraduate qualification in community studies or community education can be helpful. It is necessary to do community work experience before entering the profession.

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Community education officers: Experience and progression

You need a degree and community experience for most posts. Many community education officers come from a youth and community background, while others have teaching or adult tutoring qualifications. As community education work is so diverse, you may make sideways moves in your career as you gain experience in a range of community education roles before considering promotion opportunities.

The employer you work for will affect your career prospects. Structured progression to management is more likely in large education services. If you work for a smaller organisation, you may need to look for a new job.

Education Officers in Large Museum

Working with people of all ages is a key feature of the job and includes activities such as talks, presentations, workshops, demonstrations, guided tours and running courses. Some work may be required. Education officers in large museums may be part of an education team.

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Training Officers in the RAF

In the RAF, officers begin with I OT at either a base in Lincolnshire or Buckinghamshire, lasting between 10 and 24 weeks depending on your level. After I OT, you will be posted to an Army Education Centre or the Army Foundation College, to a ship for fleet training or to a squadron or station. Training officers are based in permanent stations in the RAF. You could be posted to the School of Physical Training as the officer commanding the course design team, or you could be posted to the Royal Air Force as a training and development advisor.

Experiences in museum education: Teaching and working with school-aged children

Employers often look for applicants with teaching qualifications or experience working with children in a classroom, as this a useful experience for museum education officers who work with school-aged children.

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