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Published: 8 Mar 2020

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School Secretary: A Job Description

The job description for a school secretary has general office duties as well as a variety of school specific needs. School secretaries are usually assigned to work in an administrative office or a grade-level school building. School secretaries are only assigned to work during the school year.

School secretaries need computer skills, with some school systems providing annual training for office staffers. Elementary school secretaries can work for the building staff or the building principal. Recording school absences, filing student forms, processing daily attendance and lunch counts are some of the duties that would be performed by common people.

Elementary school secretaries who primarily supply aid to the building use the copy machine, sort mail and schedule school activities according to the principal's direction. Middle or junior high school secretaries are similar to elementary school secretaries. The secretary may be assigned to work for specific administrators in the school district.

Middle or junior high administrators include assistant principals, athletic directors, school counselors and technology staff. The high school secretaries provide a number of services. The complex nature of most high schools makes it necessary for multiple secretaries to provide office services.

When a parent of a student walks into a school office for assistance, the first person they will see is the high school secretary. The primary duties of a high school secretary are to direct office foot traffic and schedule appointments for parents to meet with the appropriate school staff members. Administrative assistants are the secretaries who work for upper-level school staff.

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The School Secretary's Office

The school secretary is usually the busiest at the start and end of the school year. You will likely get a more helpful response if you call at less busy times.

School Secretaries

The school secretary is in charge of the school. They are responsible for maintaining an orderly work environment that serves the school administration, teaching staff and students. School secretaries must work with other staff members to make the school a safe place for students to learn.

School secretaries can work at any level. School secretaries need to be friendly and able to communicate. Good organizational skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving are needed for an orderly school office environment.

They must be able to stay calm in chaotic environments. School secretaries have health and retirement benefits. Some school districts offer paid days for illness or vacation.

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School Secretary

A school secretary is responsible for performing clerical work in the administrative office of the school. The job description of a school secretary involves interacting with students and parents, tracking attendance records, mailing school forms, and managing the school calendar. A school secretary is responsible for answering the office phone and transfers calls, processing tuition payments, maintaining student records, welcoming visitors, and handling clerical needs.

If you love kids and can keep your sense of humor, you might be a good choice for a school secretary. You can usually get by with a family-friendly schedule and there are few formal education requirements. The school secretary is the face of the school and greeting students and parents.

Secretaries give administrative support to teachers and school officials. They help keep records. They are the first line of communication when parents call or visit a school.

School secretaries enter lunch information into the billing system and verify information in notes from doctors and parents. A high school degree is required to be a school secretary. Preference may be given to candidates who have at least some college, although formal requirements are less important than skills and personality.

A school secretary needs to have good communication skills, a good understanding of secretarial duties and a good computer skills. It is necessary to be organized to keep schedules. The work environment is dependent on the size of the school.

The secretary in many elementary schools is the only one who handles all the administrative tasks. In large schools, there are often two or more secretaries who share the same duties. One person might be in charge of student records, while another person is in charge of attendance.

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Preparing for School Secretary Test

Do you think you are organized? Do you like to look for the small details? Are you a person?

If you answered yes to all three of the questions, you might want to consider becoming a school secretary. You need to prepare for the school secretary test. You might consider some of the resources to beneficial in your preparation process.

The Library

The school library has a book. Take note of the positions from the principal to the custodians. As soon as possible, learn names.

If you can connect names, faces and job descriptions, you will be able to do your job better. You can use your school calendar to make notes on clubs and events. Most schools have employees who have worked there for a long time.

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Preparing for a Career Fair

If you prepare well, you will be more confident and have more spring in your step. You can start by researching the school and getting an idea of what the organization needs. It will be easier to imagine what kind of questions the school secretary may ask once you have a good idea of the company.

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