Emergency Vehicle Technician Job Description


Author: Richelle
Published: 20 Feb 2019

Training EMTs, Automotive Technicians, The Work of Emergency Vehicle Technicians, The Forest Fire Department and more about emergency vehicle technician job. Get more data about emergency vehicle technician job for your career planning.

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Training EMTs

EMTs are responsible for transporting patients. Sometimes, the task involves driving the ambulance, using backboards and straps to secure the patient while they are being carried to the emergency room. EMTs are required to go through a rigorous training program before they can provide and assist with medical treatments.

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Automotive Technicians

The automotive technicians perform maintenance on vehicles. A strong candidate should have an organised approach to their work, be analytical, and have attention to detail.

The Work of Emergency Vehicle Technicians

Emergency vehicle technicians work to keep their vehicles in top shape so they can perform when needed. EVTs follow an inspection process that helps them to check the entire truck to make sure it's working. They replace parts that are old or showing signs of wear.

They also test-drive the trucks to see how they run. EVTs need to understand complex parts, such as the engine. EVTs need a variety of mental and physical skills to perform well.

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The Forest Fire Department

A Fireman is more than just putting out fires. They respond to a lot of different situations, like medical emergencies, rescue operations, vehicle accidents, building collapses and more. They play a significant role in protecting the community.

The primary responsibility of the fire department is to contain the fire and rescue the victims who are trapped in the fire or are affected from it. Each firefighter in the department is dressed in a uniform and ready to go when the department gets a call for help. The department has different types of trucks for different emergencies.

Some trucks have water pumps that can spray and extinguish, some have ladders that can scale any building, and some have trucks that can help with rescue and transport victims to the nearest medical facilities as early as possible. A firefighter engineer drives a vehicle that transports firefighters, carries equipment and pumps water through hoses and pumps at the fire scene. They are responsible for its upkeep.

They make sure the engine is running smoothly, the gas tank is full, and the vehicle is moving. After every call, the equipment and tools are cleaned and maintained, and also reviewed each morning before heading for the next task. Firefighters control fires in the forest.

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