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Published: 9 Mar 2021

Environmental Technicians: A Survey, Environmental Technicians: How to Find an Innovative Way of Combating Water Pollution in a Rural Area, Environmental Monitoring Technician for a Private Company Building an Aboriginal Landfill and more about environmental monitoring technician job. Get more data about environmental monitoring technician job for your career planning.

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Environmental Technicians: A Survey

Environmental technicians work under the direction of environmental scientists. They investigate pollution sources by performing laboratory and field tests. They might be part of a team that works together to solve environmental problems that affect public health.

An environmental technician is a person who works in the field of environmental science and protection. In the US, 17,000 environmental technicians worked in the year 2016 About one in four of them worked in consulting.

The environmental technicians are working under the supervision of an environmental scientist. They will only receive general supervision once they have experience. Environmental technicians work for a variety of companies.

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Environmental Technicians: How to Find an Innovative Way of Combating Water Pollution in a Rural Area

You take the samples to the lab to be analyzed. If the results show that the city's air quality is above or below legal limits, you will be able to tell by comparing them to national standards. An environmental technician has a degree in environmental sciences whereas an environmental technologist has an engineering degree.

A technician is usually placed above a technologist in the organizational hierarchy. An environmental technologist would take on more work if an environmental scientist discovered an innovative way to combat water pollution in a rural area, for example, designing a filtration system, figuring out where to place it, and ensuring that as the project progresses, there is consideration. An environmental technician would be brought in after the blueprint is in place.

Environmental Monitoring Technician for a Private Company Building an Aboriginal Landfill

Imagine you are standing on the land where your family has hunted, fished, and lived for many generations. You are an environmental monitoring technician for a private company that is building a landfill for the local aboriginal community. Once the company is approved and ready to begin construction, you will be responsible for monitoring how the land is cleared.

You will make sure that it follows the regulations for the removal and storage of top soil and sub- surface materials, stays within authorized zones, and avoids sensitive areas. You will observe the site to make sure that permits are posted, waste is properly handled, and fuel and hazardous materials are not mishandled. You will monitor the activities and environmental impact of the project until the landfill is complete, and report any issues to the appropriate person, whether it is the company, the regulatory agency, or the community.

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Quality Assurance Monitoring Analyst for the Manufacturing Operations at Wroclaw

The Quality Assurance Monitoring supervisor at the GWWO is looking for an experienced analyst to perform aseptic sampling and environmental monitoring for the manufacturing operations.

Environmental Technicians

Environmental technicians are in charge of addressing environmental issues. An Environmental Technician's essential job duties include collecting environmental data, monitoring pollutants, collecting samples for tests, maintaining a safe working environment, investigating sources of pollution, and setting up equipment.

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