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Author: Lorena
Published: 7 Mar 2019

Outdoor Equipment Manager, The Salary of a Heavy Equipment Supervisor, Become an Athletic Equipment Manager and more about equipment manager job. Get more data about equipment manager job for your career planning.

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Outdoor Equipment Manager

An equipment manager works outdoors in most cases. There are times when the traditional time of working is not enough for repairs or games schedules are late. Travel is possible, but self-employment is rare.

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The Salary of a Heavy Equipment Supervisor

Equipment supervisor duties include overseeing the maintenance and operation of machinery in a construction or industrial capacity. Proper maintenance is performed on equipment when it is supervised by equipment supervisors. They are a communications liaison between the ground-level work of a company and the higher management executives.

Candidates who have worked in the military can help them handle the leadership responsibilities of the position. Employers often expect candidates to have at least five years of relevant experience in their industry because equipment supervisors are responsible for the day-to-day tasks of maintaining heavy machinery. Candidates should have a high school degree.

A technical degree in mechanics or engineering from a trade or Vocational school can give a candidate a leg up in the competition for a position. Equipment supervisors should have experience in that field. Equipment supervisor duties and responsibilities are outlined on the employment website.

Equipment supervisors are responsible for inspecting, testing and adjusting equipment, as well as scheduling workers, confirmation of delivery of equipment and working to achieve project targets. The workplace must be up to federal labor standards and that supervisors must provide safety training to employees as necessary. Equipment supervisors are in charge of maintaining machinery in an industrial or construction capacity, but they are also responsible for managing the staff who handle the machines, so they need to know how to dictate the priorities.

Equipment supervisors often find work in the private sector after leaving the Army Corps of Engineers. Discipline and leadership skills are essential skills learned in the military that serve individuals well in the civilian sector. The job of equipment supervisors requires a wide skill set, as they need to be able to handle many different parts of a construction project.

Become an Athletic Equipment Manager

The equipment manager is the person who oversees the equipment and supplies for the team. Equipment managers are often tasked with keeping sporting equipment usable and ensuring the team has the gear they need no matter where they are competing. Most employers want their equipment managers to have a high school degree.

In high school, you should learn about the equipment needs of sports and learn about your future role as an equipment manager. College degree can help you get a better position in a professional sports team, if you have a post-secondary degree. Business classes can be taken to help build your skills for negotiating and working with team sponsors for uniforms and equipment.

The Athletic Equipment Managers Association is the most well-known certifying body in the equipment management field. They offer a certification for equipment managers who meet certain requirements. Certified equipment managers must attend industry conferences and workshops to maintain their credentials.

Ask a equipment manager in your area to show you the day-to-day details of the job. Before applying for a full-time position, it is advisable to develop the necessary skills and competencies yourself. Consider an internship or other entry level role to build your resume.

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