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Published: 28 Jan 2021

Hiring an Estimation Engineer, Cost Engineering, Candidate for an Estimator Position in the Construction Industry, Estimating Engineers: Job Description and Compensation and more about estimating engineer job. Get more data about estimating engineer job for your career planning.

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Hiring an Estimation Engineer

Estimation engineers help a company to determine the scope of a project, the required contents of the estimate, and the costs associated with the project and its impact on the organization, to determine if the project will be financially successful or not. The scope of work and required contents of the estimate are determined by the estimation engineer job description. Estimation engineers use vendor cost and proposal data to support estimates and also evaluate and incorporate historical data from past projects, subcontracts, and productivity analysis reports. If you are a HR manager or a scrutineer looking to hire an estimation engineer for your organization, you will need to publish a description of the job, detailing the duties and responsibilities you want the successful candidate to perform.

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Cost Engineering

The cost estimates for the entire project are prepared by estimation engineers using the preliminary research data and review of project deliverables. They put together cost estimates and deliver them to project managers as they gain a better sense of the project. Estimation engineers update the estimations as the project changes.

Estimation engineers keep their estimations for further analysis. They review the project development estimations. Junior engineers and other project employees can get technical support from estimation engineers.

They teach them how to deliver estimates on time. Cost Engineering has been around since 1996. It provides cost-estimating services to a variety of industries.

Candidate for an Estimator Position in the Construction Industry

Estimators give estimates for costs of a project, products and services. Estimators need to get estimates and quotes from vendors and contractors to research the prices of components. Estimators help the sales team with proposals, tracking costs, understanding the customer's specifications and calculating the final budget for the project, product or service.

They work with Engineers, Architects and Contractors. Estimators have to present their analysis to senior management. Experience is needed for the role if the position is senior and the industry is not new.

Candidates who are new to the field should have experience in administration, surveying, project management or construction. A candidate may be required to have experience in estimating, surveying or tendering. They may need the candidate to know estimating software.

Estimators should be able to present technical and complex information in a simplified manner to different stakeholders. There are different ways to become an Estimator, so keep that in mind when you review your CV. The Higher NationalDiploma has units in contract tendering, construction, estimating, buying and quantity surveying.

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Estimating Engineers: Job Description and Compensation

Estimating engineers are involved in providing analytical reviews on various corporate level projects and helping the senior management to make crucial operational decisions on existing and upcoming projects. They have to estimate the impact of the project on the organization and make sure that the amount of finance included in that particular project reaps profit for the company. Estimating engineers are involved in estimating the cost of upcoming projects.

Budget management is an important aspect of the survival of an organization, and estimating engineers aide the operational activities of the organization by evaluating the exact expenditure a company requires to invest. They evaluate the current market scenario and determine if the company will be profitable by investing in certain markets or bidding for a contract. If the company invests in a new endeavor, the profit value is determined.

Estimating engineers are referred to as cost estimators because of their basic job responsibilities, which require them to estimate the cost involved in various investments. The basic job responsibilities of estimating engineers are the same, and they don't have to choose between industries they prefer to work in. Roles and responsibilities may be different depending on the project.

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Why do you need confidence? You will be more assertive. If you have conviction, you will be taken more seriously.

Estimating Software

They need math skills. Estimating requires a lot of work. Professional estimating is not a good career prospect for someone who dislikes working with numbers and complex calculations.

You have to know what you're looking at. All the numbers and data that you'll be looking at will need to be evaluated and interpreted in order to make a competitive and accurate bid. Estimators can be more proficient with cost estimating software that helps them get the balance of speed and accuracy.

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Communication in Engineering

Engineering is an exciting field that offers a lot of personal satisfaction and significant earning potential. Depending on the engineer's focus, there are many different jobs to choose from. You could study computer hardware engineering, electrical engineering, or dozens of other engineering disciplines.

Not everyone can be an engineer. Skills and knowledge are very demanding. Education and training requirements are included in all engineering roles.

Communication between colleagues is very important in engineering. You will have to communicate with people outside of the field, such as clients and the general public, who do not have a technical background. It's important that you can translate your knowledge into terms that your department can understand.

Communication is one of the most challenging soft skills for engineers. Complexities must be broken down into simpler words for your peers and managers. Engineers often manage teams and have to integrate with auxiliary departments to meet deadlines.

Many engineers go on to become CEOs and thought leaders because of the administrative demands they have to meet. Engineers that need project management skills can get a project management certification. Engineers can get certified in project management with some companies.

New Construction Estimation: A Career in Information Processing

Estimators who are focused on new construction are required to be able to read and understand plans. They must be able to complete take-offs. The take-offs are the process of removing the information that is needed to make a competent bid.

The final price for the project is arrived at when the information is entered into the company estimating system. Both residential and commercial estimating have the same foundation. Both require successful estimators to have strong math skills and a high attention to detail.

The performance of the job can be affected by details that are overlooked. Residential and commercial are different. Those who want to build a relationship with the customer and develop a solution may find it more fulfilling to participate in the residential market.

Commercial new construction estimating is a better choice for those who enjoy reading plans and organizing large amounts of information. It is best to consider both residential and commercial when considering a career in construction estimating. New construction and estimating building renovation projects can be different.

Residential estimating is different from commercial building renovations. Education requirements will be different for each employer. Estimating in heavy highway construction may require an engineering degree.

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How accurate is cost estimating?

A definitive estimate is drafted when the scope and tasks are almost complete. The most accurate and reliable estimates are used to create bids, tender and cost baselines. Dick Billows, Chief Executive Officer of cautions that estimating does not work well with creative projects or those with little repeatability.

It is difficult to come up with an accurate cost per chapter for editing a book written by 12 different authors, since each chapter is likely to require a different amount of work. A writer writing a fantasy novel on commission may find herself struggling to advance the story at some points and fully immersed in its flow at others. Only skill-based projects with uniform, repeatable tasks are good for estimating.

Project management software can simplify, speed up, and enhance cost estimating. You can use a variety of project management software to create cost estimates or to determine the levels of uncertainty involved in cost estimates. Cost estimates are only as accurate as they are useful.

Accurately estimating a project can be improved by revising estimates as the project is detailed and by building allowances into the estimate for resource downtime, course correction, and contingencies. It is important to communicate the amount of potential variability in estimates to stakeholders since the best estimates contain some degree of uncertainty. Estimates can be communicated as ranges by confidence levels.

Reliability is a concept that is based on the accuracy of historical cost estimates. Reliable estimates can be obtained for new projects that are similar to previous ones. Estimating accuracy tends to increase as teams gain experience working with similar projects.

A Certification Check for Estimators

Estimators calculate costs and produce reports. They work in construction and engineering firms but may also work in other industries. There are different qualifications across companies and projects.

A college degree or industry experience can be used to help a successful estimator. Requirements also depend on whether you are hiring for a junior senior position. You can look for field experience when screening candidates.

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