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Published: 22 Jan 2020

Estimating Project Costs, A Resume Template for a Senior Estimator, A Resume Example for a Construction Estimator, A Sample Job Description for a Project Estimator and more about estimator coordinator job. Get more data about estimator coordinator job for your career planning.

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Estimating Project Costs

An estimate is a person who uses data from a company to estimate costs and resources for a project. Their duties include gathering quotations, preparing reports, and monitoring plans.

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A Resume Template for a Senior Estimator

A senior estimator is responsible for evaluating bid specifications and drawings to ensure that the organization or client is fully aware of the necessary tools or information required to successfully bid and acquire a project. The senior estimator is responsible for following up with the subcontractors and project management teams in order to ensure that bids are received and that the business is closed. A senior estimator is expected to carry out several important tasks which include being responsible for overseeing and leading the estimating process on specified bids, leading, supporting, and mentoring junior members of the estimating team, and implementing pricing strategies.

Other duties that are carried out by a senior estimator include preparing or coordinating full estimates on complex and large projects as required by client or customer's documents, attending departmental meetings on time and as required, and reviewing construction documents and understanding the scope of work to bid. The senior estimator work description includes preparing detailed analytical tenders, maintaining a library of pricing and outputs data, and assisting with the management of production. Senior estimators need good project management skills, good attention to details, good mathematical or numeracy skills, and good knowledge of Microsoft Office products, as well as good availability for travel.

To be considered for the senior estimator job, you need to have a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Management, or any other related field. If you have experience that is relevant to the position you are looking for, you should add the professional or work experience section to your resume. If you are a HR manager or a shiring firm looking to hire a senior estimator, you can use the job description example above as a template.

A Resume Example for a Construction Estimator

A construction Estimor can be referred to as one who prepares estimates of probable costs of materials, labor, and equipment, and subcontracts for construction projects based on contract bids, quotations, schematic drawings, and specifications. A construction Estimator is responsible for collecting and analyzing data in order to calculate the time, money, materials, and labor needed to build a building. A construction estimator needs a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering, construction science, or any other relevant field with several years of professional experience to be considered for academic qualifications.

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A Sample Job Description for a Project Estimator

A project estimator is someone who is responsible for accurately calculating the total costs associated with the construction of a new project or the development of a new product. The project estimator is expected to plan and monitor projects efficiently within the department, and to work with the team members to reach the project objectives. The main responsibility of a project estimator is to manage the operation of projects from conception to execution, to ensure that clear areas of duties are defined and areas of dependency are monitored and delivered upon.

Other tasks that are included in the project estimate work description include obtaining and critically reviewing offers and quotes by vendors or subcontractors, performing a risk analysis, implementing the use of relevant software for datanalysis, forecasting and budgeting, and preparing general reports and recommendations to clients. To be considered for the project estimating job, you need to have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Construction Science, or a related discipline, with adequate professional experience. If you have worked as a project estimator before or are currently working in that role, you will need to describe your experience in your resume.

Adding the professional or job experience section to your resume will help you show the recruiter the kind of duties and responsibilities you have performed working as a project estimator. To complete the professional experience part of your resume, you need a sample project estimator job description that gives the duties and responsibilities of the role that you can use. If you want to find a job as a project estimator and succeed in your career, you will need to have certain qualities.

Senior Estimator: Experience in Customer Service

After analyzing the proposals and requirements, an accurate estimate is prepared by an estimator. Estimator roles and responsibilities include understanding the project requirements, determining key variables, gathering first-hand information, conducting research to gather data, forecasting, and budgeting, obtaining quotes and offers from vendors, performing risk analysis, creating and submitting estimate reports, and building a strong resume. Senior Estimator has 11 years of successful experience in customer service and support with recognized strengths in account maintenance, problem-solving, planning, time management, staff support and implementing proactive procedures.

Customer service is a priority for us and we take pride in providing it. Goal oriented Estimator and Project Manager are dedicated to high levels of customer satisfaction and aggressive business goals. Motivated and ready with knowledge in Tear- Down and Re-Finishing.

To work in a fast paced and challenging environment with the opportunity to add value to the organization. The assistant estimating is successful in motivating teams. Cultivates a company culture in which staff members feel comfortable asking questions and contributing new ideas that drive company growth.

Proficient in project scheduling, document control, safety management, material procurement, and project close-out. Proficient in reading. A commercial estimating company has successfully coordinating manufacturing projects across diverse industries.

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