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Published: 26 Jul 2021

The Event Management Team, Event Staff, Event Setup Supervisors, The Salaries of Banquet Staff, The Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer and more about event staff member job. Get more data about event staff member job for your career planning.

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The Event Management Team

The event staff is involved in the management of events. They prepare venues, set up chairs and stages, and operate cash register.

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Event Staff

An event staff member is someone who helps prepare venues for live events. The staff members of the event may work in a variety of positions. Some work is done to set up equipment.

Others are busy keeping the events clean. Staff members hired to work before an event might perform duties such as setting up bleachers or chairs, building stages or preparing the playing surfaces for sporting events. Pre- event staff members who work in arenas might be responsible for setting up a wooden floor for a basketball game after a hockey game.

The staff who work in concessions must know how to operate cash register and check identification for customers who want to purchase alcoholic beverages. Staff members who are not trained in cooking need to keep an eye on what is being served, maintain food safety practices and work quickly while practicing good customer service. The staff members who work as the escort are responsible for making audience members in their seats and for following all fire codes when the event starts.

The location of concessions and restrooms may be required of the escort. Good people skills are required of staff members who work as ushers. Most events feature individuals who keep the crowd under control and protect the performers during the course of the event.

Security members are usually responsible for checking bags and purses before entering an arena or stadium. Many events hire staff to give out free stuff to fans. Janitorials and custodians can be hired to keep stadiums and arenas clean, as well as make sure garbage cans are emptied regularly.

Event Setup Supervisors

Working on staff for concerts, races, games and festivals as a setup person is a great way to test the waters for a career in the event field without the pressure and responsibility of working in management. Depending on the event, your duties will be straightforward, with your duties becoming more involved as you gain experience and move up the ladder. Depending on the particular event setup and job description, you might have to create different sites for different functions or you might have to set up the same event each time.

If you work for a company that promotes outdoor volleyball tournaments, your responsibilities will be the same each week. Each event has its own unique setup requirements, with some event promoter taking on different activities. Professional event managers manage a variety of events, including weddings, sporting events, corporate functions, charity events and parades.

You can help set up the site when you arrive the day of the event, working under the instructions of the event manager. You will act as a go-fer who runs errand for more senior staff when you put equipment in staging areas where it will be erected or assembled by more experienced setup people. Lower-level setup people help take down events, take inventory of all items, and pack them so they are ready for use at the next event.

Rental items are often examined by event setup crews to make sure they are undamaged and to prevent a rental company from claiming more damage than actually occurred. You might be given more responsibility once you have a few events under your belt. You might be told to set up and set tables at a banquet, with the first table set for you as an example.

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The Salaries of Banquet Staff

A banquet is a large meal that is served to a large group of people. Banquets can be held for a variety of reasons. Banquet staff serve food and drinks.

The server's job is to make sure that everyone has a good time at the event. The banquet staff are working before the guests arrive. They put up tables and chairs and place settings.

They may have a buffet or beverage station. The banquet staff serves food to guests, then they take the plates away as the courses are finished. They replenish the glasses and utensils.

Most employers prefer a high school degree or equivalent. Many employers don't require prior serving experience, but having such experience can be a plus when you're looking for a job. You should have good communication skills, be able to follow directions and be willing to work as a team as a banquet staff member.

Banquet staff are expected to provide friendly, efficient service. Banquet staff usually provide their own attire, which is usually a white shirt, black bow tie, black pants and black socks and shoes. Banquet staff work in hotels, restaurants, conference and convention centers, college campuses, corporate meeting centers and in other large venues where food and beverages are served.

The Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer

The President of HLC will be responsible to the staff, or any intermediate supervisor who reports to him, who in turn will be responsible to the Board of Trustees. The staff is not a representative of the institution in the accreditation relationship, so they will assist institutions in the accreditation processes, implement HLC policy, and carry out other responsibilities given it by the President. HLC staff can modify procedures in keeping with the intent and spirit of the policy.

The HLC will assign a staff member to each institution to be the primary liaison between the institution and HLC. The staff liaison can conduct a staff campus visit based on an institution's invitation. The outcome of the institution's pending evaluations and HLC's procedural decisions concerning the institution are unaffected by such a visit.

HLC will determine if the staff liaison will accompany a specific evaluation visit. The President has the power to decide if a staff member is needed on a visit. Procedures involving staff are presumptive evidence of a grant of Presidential authority.

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Event Management: Job Description and Experience

Whether it's a conference, wedding, or any other event, event management involves overseeing all the logistical details. The event managers execute the event plans. It can be difficult to differentiate between different job titles in the event planning profession, as they are all as varied and numerous as the services offered.

It can be difficult to find work, to work with a client who does not understand your job function, or to prepare an event planning portfolio. You can learn more about what event management involves. A variety of functions for executing large-scale events are included in event management.

It involves handling the overall logistics of the event, working with staff, and conducting project management of the event as a whole. Additional duties might include managing the budget and the teams of people responsible for each function. The event managers also supervise the services of outside vendors.

Large-scale company meetings and special events are often planned by event management firms. weddings and concerts are common events for an event management professional, but sporting events, reunions, and large parties are also occasions that can benefit from event management. Government entities, nonprofits, associations, and corporations all use event management companies to coordinate important events.

The event management function can be found in a corporate marketing or public relations department. Excellent organizational skills are required for event management. The ability to juggle many moving parts is essential and along with that top-notch organization comes the need for efficient time-management skills.

The Best Event Planners

A group of people who are hard-working and hyper-organized are called event planners. The role of event organizers is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, yet equally rewarding for some. C-suite executives, donors, brand sponsors, vendors, and event attendees are just some of the people that event planners interact with daily.

Everyone involved understands their role and strong people skills are important to running a smoothly. The best event organizers have good written and verbal communication skills. They are good at communicating their own vision and are also great listening.

The pros are the ones who negotiate. From convincing a venue to lower their minimum to negotiating a contract with a Platinum Sponsor, rockstar event planners blend preparation, confidence, tact, and those oh-so- important people skills to get what they need. To be a successful event planner you need to be able to juggle a lot at once.

It is your responsibility to make sure nothing goes wrong when you read your job description. The average event organizers is planning and executing multiple events at the same time. If you have a team working with you, you will need to improve your delegation skills to save yourself from burnout.

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Event Managers

The event managers are also known as event planners or event coordinators and perform tasks such as finding and booking venues, liaison with clients and suppliers, handling logistics, managing budgets and invoicing, organizing accreditation, managing risk and presenting post- event reports.

A Buffet Station Needs More Staff

You need at least one staffer to do the prep in the kitchen and one server per 25 guests for hors d'oeuvre. If you suspect crashers, it is best to hire an additional staff person. You want your event to go smoothly.

You might not think that you need a lot of staff to run a buffet station, but you would be surprised at how many people are needed to make it work. Runners are needed to replenish empty trays, refill plates, and monitor the chafing dishes to make sure they are always full. If you plan to serve guests directly from the buffet, you need more staff to maintain it.

One rule of thumb is to plan for 1 server for every 3 dishes. The personnel you need will be dependent on the amount of drinks you serve. If you plan to serve complicated drinks, you will need a mixologist.

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Event Planning Jobs in the United States

The services of event planners are often used by businesses and individuals to coordinate meetings, trade shows, and private parties. Those who have expertise in wedding planning are called bridal consultants. Every detail of an event is planned by event planners.

The size and type of event can affect what that includes. Some event planners specialize in certain types of events. Depending on the area of expertise, education and training requirements vary for event planners, as well as business meetings, conventions, and conferences.

It's possible to get an entry-level event planning job without formal education, but it could limit your career growth. Some event planners gain experience through an internship or working in related positions in the industry. They can gain experience by coordinating college and volunteer events.

As they gain experience, planners may be able to take on more responsibilities. It could mean moving up from being a conference co-ordinate to being a program co-ordinate and then to being a meeting manager. Many event planners start their own businesses.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the outlook for event planners is above average due to a strong and continuing demand for professionally arranged events and meetings. The planners spend time in and out of their offices. They travel frequently to event sites and venues in the lead up to the events.

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