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Published: 8 Mar 2019

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Executive Protection

A number of soft skills and personality traits can be described as the characteristics of successful executive protection agents. Executive protection teams are often in new situations. Changes of venue, tasks, expectations and many other aspects of the job are commonplace.

Standard operating procedures are tested by non-standard situations. The executive protection agent is the one who everyone looks to make it all good again. Executive protection agents try to get the best outcome in any situation, and they always do what they have to.

They are quick to think on their feet and are creative problem solvers. They are not shy to ask if that is what is required to get the job done. They always have a Plan B and C, and never act as if there is anything else.

luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, and as noted by Seneca several thousand years ago, the mental habit of thinking ahead is another characteristic of a resourceful executive protection agent. Good protection agents use forward thinking to make their own luck. Their approach is similar to that of a chess player as they are used to thinking several moves ahead so that they can shape outcomes.

Quality executive protection involves forward thinking. Executive protection agents are able to navigate through emotional turmoil without turning into a disaster. They have a calm sense of urgency even if the situation has suddenly become emergency mode.

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What is an Executive Protection Officer?

What is an executive protection officer? Executive protection professionals are trained to protect high profile individuals, such as business or corporate executives, political office holders, and the royalty.

The Security and Intelligence Branch of the State Information Bureau

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has a deputy chief executive who chairs the security and intelligence section of the department. The Chief Executives of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Government Communications Security Bureau, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Ministry of Defence, New Zealand Customs, New Zealand Defence Force, and the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service are all members of the SIB. The Chair may invite other Chief Executives to attend meetings.

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The professional agent of today is proactive, meaning he is focused on preventing the attack from happening, while continuing his preparations in the event of an attack. The professional security agent is not the same as the body guard of the past. Intelligence and mature judgment are the top qualities of a good protective agent.

Executive protection agents think advances are the most important aspect. An advance will cover the costs of travel, lodging, meals, vehicles, meeting and special events. It includes liaison with local law enforcement and security emergency services.

The principles of the advance are the same regardless of where the advance takes place and the nature of the event being advanced, the thoroughness of the advance is dependent on several factors, among them: the perceived threat level, the number of bodies available to do the advance and the time allotted. Advances can be very complex and can take a day or several days to complete, so it's important to know when and how long it will take. Driving and vehicle security are related.

Good Executive Protection driving skills are prized by professional agents. The agent needs to have a wide range of skills and information related to vehicle and driving security in order to be able to protect themselves in an auto accident. Basic safe driving skills with an emphasis on accident avoidance can significantly decrease the potential for a vehicular accident.

Executive Protection is probably the most important part of foot escort. A successful protective effort involves forming around the principal and getting him from place to place smoothly and reacting to problems along the route. The team member must be able to carry out his own special tasks while being part of the close protection team.

Executive Protection Program Evaluation

The current state of an executive protection program is assessed by Kroll, which offers guidance for the proper application of protective efforts and based on real and articulable threat environment considerations that are unique to every program. Some threats are benign and others highly actionable, which is why the executive committee of a nationwide grocery store chain works closely with Kroll. The CEO received a threatening phone call on their cell phone, their spouse received a similar call on their home phone, and their adult child received a call on their home phone while home with a toddler.

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Personal Protection Agents

When you hire a personal protection agent, they are supposed to keep you and your employees safe. Home security systems, body guards, armored vehicles, vehicle evacuation plans, mail screening, private jet travel security, background checks for other employees, and many other precautions are included in protective measures. Having an experienced agent on hand to watch out for trouble can bring a sense of peace to your work environment. News reporters are much safer when accompanied by a protection team, as they are more protected after recent events.

The Protective Agents

The protective agents are called upon to deploy and participate in training and critical operational assignments. You will be expected to work long hours and deploy domestically or overseas for a period of 90 days or more. You should expect to deploy as scheduled because of the amount of yearly travel.

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Executive protection is important. It takes a very bad event to answer that question. Executive protection varies from hiring a bodyguard. Executive protection requires risk assessment, advance work and a lot of legwork to make sure everything goes according to plan.

A Professional in Risk Management and Security

Highly analytical, dedicated, and intuitive professional, powered with a strong knowledge of threat assessment, monitoring, and security systems, and providing close personal protection and security. Expertise in emergency procedures, enforcement administration, corporate security protection, executive protection practices, risk mitigation, and inspective procedures and practices are what you have. Aiculate communicator with a good knowledge of Spanish and Arabic languages.

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Someone with an ax can pose a threat to the company. Protection specialists are trained to deal with real-world dangers. The security industry is a trillion-dollar enterprise.

Executive protection is always available if you can make the cut. Military police officers and veterans of combat roles are some of the executive protection specialists. Many former police department veterans are now in private careers.

Others are former agents. Executives want a protector to be able to prevent trouble and to overcome it, and to keep their clients safe when prevention doesn't work. It's all about your reputation when you're breaking into full-time executive protection work.

Executives, high-profile or not, trust you with their lives. They depend on you to help them live their lives and conduct their business without being attacked or harassed. As you gain experience and continue your training in security work, doors will open in your chosen field.

Personal Security

Personal security is more than just a job for a bodyguard. The agents on the ground use technologies that are not the same as those used by your protection team, the procedures that they have been trained to follow, and the management team that oversees their work. For the average family, planning for threats by installing a home security system or getting help from financial experts is usually enough.

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