Facilities Coordinator Job Description


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Published: 13 Feb 2020

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Facilities Managers in a large organization

The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the optimal working environment for all of the organization's staff members by providing full maintenance services of a given facility as well as promoting safety conditions. The typical employee works 40 hours a week with occasional evenings and weekends. Facilities Managers are employed in any sector and their duties can include operations, technical services, as well as property or asset management.

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Facilities Coordinators

Facilities coordinators make sure that health and safety standards are met and arrange for repairs when needed. They usually report to the facilities manager, who works with them in coordinating with external vendors.

A part time jobs at the facilities manager

If you want to get a better idea of what a facilities manager does, you can take a part time job at the ground level.

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Facilities Experts

Facilities coordinators are in charge of building and equipment maintenance. Their duties include scheduling preventative maintenance tasks, reacting to maintenance emergencies, and testing building security systems. They may have to determine equipment and supply needs for new buildings.

The Facilities Coordinator Job Description

The Facilities Coordinator helps make sure that the work environment is pleasant for staff members. They do it by making the building or facility safe. The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for maintaining physical space, office equipment, and the telecommunications services of the allotted facility.

They report to the facilities manager. They act as a middleman between the organization's employees and external contractors. Facilities coordinators are hired to make sure that the working environment is safe for staff.

Facilities management have a facilities couner who reports to them on the day to day operations. They are responsible for regular maintenance of the building. Facilities coordinators mainly handle facilities that come under company premises or residential buildings.

The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for keeping an eye on the facility. They make sure that the health of the building is in line with health and safety standards. They work with the facilities manager to find expenses.

The Facilities Coordinator can perform both roles of facility manager and facility co-ordinator. Big companies with multiple offices hire a facilities manager and facilities cosutr to oversee their work. External vendors like suppliers, cleaners, insurance agents, and others are required to coordinate with a facilities coordinators.

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