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Published: 1 May 2021

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A family law legal assistant is responsible for supporting the work of a family law attorney and plays an important role in the domestic law practice. One of the most emotional areas of the law is family law, which consists of pleadings and motion practice. The legal assistant works closely with the attorney to ensure documents are filed on time and with clients who have questions about the case.

Legal assistants help with the law practice and perform other duties to keep the firm running smoothly. The family law legal assistant needs to be well-versed in the styling and format requirements of the local court in which the attorney practices. The legal assistant may be asked to fill in factual information or the procedural history of a particular case, while the attorney is responsible for setting forth any legal arguments and conclusions in pleadings.

The paralegal can either file the document in person or via e-filing in a growing number of countries. The legal assistant completes forms for domestic relations including child support, financial affidavits, discovery requests, protective orders, proposed parenting plans, petitions for name change or deed, and more. The client will be in constant contact with the law firm during the duration of a domestic relations case, whether it is a divorce, custody dispute, paternity inquiry or child support matter.

The legal assistant is often tasked with fielding calls and emails from clients and providing updates about the next step in the process. The assistant must gather all relevant information during the initial contact to determine if the case is appropriate for the firm. The legal assistant must help clients understand the nature of the requests if the attorney needs information from them.

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The legal assistant job description can be influenced by the area of law being practiced, as well as the supervising attorney. There are some samples of legal assistant job descriptions. The average legal assistant salary is $46,680 per year. The salary of a legal assistant depends on a number of factors, including the type of law practiced, the role of the legal assistant, and the location of the law firm.

A paralegal is someone who supports both lawyers and solicitors. They are trained and educated to prepare legal documents, handle evidence and prepare briefs. A Legal Assistant can also offer legal advice to private clients.

The Legal Assistant is responsible for preparing legal documents. The paperwork should be in line with legal standards and the information should be dictated by the Attorney. The Legal Assistant prepares evidence for a trial.

A Legal Assistant keeps a log of the conversations between the client and the Attorney. The Legal Assistant is responsible for scheduling and reading the law. The amount of experience a Legal Assistant should have varies from office to office.

A Junior Legal Assistant needs to be able to write legal documents, handle office management software, and manage schedules for both clients and Lawyers. A junior legal assistant should be able to read and understand the main practise area of the law firm, even though they have less experience with studying the law. A Legal Assistant can have diplomas and certificates that will allow them to work in the role.

The organisation can hire an individual with relevant skills and train them in the role through an apprenticeship or education. A Legal Assistant candidate should have a Level 2 Diploma in Legal Studies, a CILEx Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice and a Level 3 Legal Secretaries Diploma. Entry-level coursework is all that's required.

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The work environment for paralegals is fast paced. Legal assistants may be required to do travel and field work during regular office hours. Lawyers spend a good part of their workday in the court room.

Legal assistants screen incoming calls to see if they can help the caller before transferring them to the lawyer. Legal assistants are expected to grow 15 percent through the year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Candidates with a postsecondary degree and strong computer and database management skills are more likely to be hired.

Administrative tasks that litigation legal assistants perform include drafting and filing legal documents, scheduling meetings, communicating with clients, and performing research. Litigation legal assistants can work in government agencies or corporate legal departments. Legal assistants in litigation are expected to work overtime to meet the needs of busy law offices.

Most employers prefer litigation legal assistants to have an associate's or bachelor's degree and at least five years of relevant experience working with attorneys in a legal setting. Legal assistants have a good understanding of litigation. Training may be provided to introduce litigation legal assistants to their employer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that litigation legal assistants make an average of $49,000 a year. The lowest-earning 10 percent make less than $31,000, while the highest-earning 10 percent make more than $80,000. Benefits for litigation legal assistants include sick and vacation days, health insurance, retirement plan options, and bonuses based on individual or company performance.

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Corporate Paralegals: What Do They Do?

Corporate paralegals help lawyers prepare stock-option plans, employee contracts, shareholder agreements, and company financial reports. Corporate paralegals can review government regulations to make sure the corporation is aware of new legal requirements. Paralegals are hired to maintain documents, research lawyers, retrieve and organize evidence, and draft settlement agreements.

Some paralegals may be able to help coordinate the logistical aspects of attending a trial, including setting up computers and other equipment, and transporting exhibits and documents. In small firms, paralegals have more duties. Paralegals can help lawyers determine how to handle their cases by preparing written reports.

Paralegals can help draft documents if lawyers decide to file lawsuits on behalf of their clients. In large organizations, paralegals may work on a particular phase of a case, rather than handling a case from beginning to end. Paralegals can only review legal material for internal use, maintain reference files, conduct research for lawyers, or collect and organize evidence for hearings.

A paralegal may become responsible for more complicated tasks after gaining experience. Many employers prefer applicants with a bachelor's degree. Only a small number of schools offer bachelor's degrees in paralegal studies, so applicants will typically have a bachelor's degree in another subject and earn a certificate in paralegal studies from a paralegal education program approved by the American Bar Association.

Paralegal training courses in legal research, legal writing, and legal applications of computers are included in the paralegal training courses offered by associate's and bachelor's degree programs. People who have already graduated from college can get intensive paralegal training through most certificate programs. Voluntary paralegal certifications are offered by some national and local paralegal organizations.

Administrative assistants are professionals who support paralegals and lawyers. They conduct legal research, draft documents, manage schedules, and ensure efficient and effective administration of the office. To ensure success, legal administrative assistants should be detail-oriented, exercise sound judgment, and have exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Top candidates will have the skills to handle time and will be familiar with legal principles.

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Family Law Paralegals

Family law paralegals are responsible for maintaining effective communication with their clients. They spend a lot of their day communicating with clients. Family law paralegals must have good communication skills and be able to handle clients who are anxious, upset or distressed because of the emotionally charged issues of child custody, child support and division of assets.

Paralegals in family law need to communicate well with other professionals. Family law paralegals often investigate the income, expenses, assets, and lifestyles of one or both parties in family law cases. The discovery process includes asking questions and gathering documents.

Legal secretaries are vital to law firms across the country. Legal secretaries must keep track of all the details surrounding the law firm, as paralegals often perform attorney duties under supervision. Law is always a world of red tape and semantics.

Attorneys must be prepared for every legal proceeding. Attorneys and paralegals rely on their legal secretaries a lot. Legal secretaries have evolved in the past two decades.

Technology continues to transform the traditional law office. Administrative assistants do what legal secretaries do, except that the legal world is more complicated. They use legal terminology and procedures to perform their duties.

Legal secretaries prepare legal papers and correspondence. They may help with legal research. Do you think attorneys write their own letters?

Think again. Legal secretaries are often responsible for drafting correspondence and file memos, as well as proofreading legal documents for pleadings, briefs, discovery, and transactional purposes. Spelling, language skills, and understanding of legal terminology are all necessary for a successful career.

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