Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator Job Description


Author: Albert
Published: 2 Feb 2020

Base Pay for an Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator, The Army Firefinder Radar Team, Counter-Battery Radar for Forward Operations, The Operations Manager of the Firefinder Radar and more about field artillery firefinder radar operator job. Get more data about field artillery firefinder radar operator job for your career planning.

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Base Pay for an Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator

Base pay for an Army Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator is based on rank and time in service. A new recruit with less than two years of service gets a base pay of $1,733 per month.

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The Army Firefinder Radar Team

The Army has a field radar team. The nameFirefinder is given to machines that use radio or sound waves to determine the location of objects. The Firefinder Radar Operator uses radar to alert the Army.

Counter-Battery Radar for Forward Operations

The need for a small counter-mortar radar for use in forward operating bases was caused by the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Counter-battery software has been added to battlefield airspace surveillance radars. In counter-insurgency, where ground attack with direct fire or short range indirect fire is the main threat, radars are usually deployed in defended localities, unless they need to cover a different area.

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The Operations Manager of the Firefinder Radar

The leader of the preparation for operations and the leader of the operation and maintenance of the firefinder radars. Technical guidance to lower grade Soldiers is provided by the assist's section chief. Takes part in the selection of a site for the placement of radar.

Field Artillery Specialists

Field Artillery leaders are responsible for the design and development of fire support for the force, as well as supporting unit training and readiness. The primary mission of the units is to provide fire support to the infantry and tank units in combat. Fire support specialists help the Army determine where to deploy their weapons.

You need a secret security clearance and a 93 in the FA area. It is a high-pressure combat job that requires soldiers who can make decisions. Being a Field Artillery Specialist is more than just dropping lead from above.

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Major 1SG Morgan's Deployment to Kuwait

The 18th Field Artillery brigade depended on 1SG Morgan to be the battery first sergeant during his 7 month deployment to Kuwait. The Command Sergeant is from the brigade. Major hand selected 1SG Morgan to assume the forward deployed position and within days, he restored confidence and competence to the Battery of 90 Soldiers, resulting in major contributions to the effectiveness and success of the overall mission.

The Field Operator of the Fire Finder

The field operator of the fire finder is responsible for detecting enemy forces and notifying the units in the Army. They can use a fire finder to find various objects and their locations.

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The Section Chief of the YMCA

The leader of the team is a skill level 2. Section chief in controlling soldiers and equipment gives technical guidance to lower grade soldiers. Takes part in the selection of a site for the placement of radar.

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