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Published: 11 Jan 2019

Field Coordination of the District Security Management, Field Coordinators: A Career in the Construction Industry, Field Coordinators: A Survey, Project Coordinators and more about field coordinator job. Get more data about field coordinator job for your career planning.

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Field Coordination of the District Security Management

The field couner is responsible for overseeing the management of finances and administration. The field couner makes sure the proper management of finances on the bases is ensured. The field coordination ensures the management of Human Resources in accordance with the guidelines of the host country.

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Field Coordinators: A Career in the Construction Industry

A field coordination is in charge of the operation and execution of services at a work site. A field coordinators makes sure that the appropriate staff, equipment, and materials are on hand to complete work on time and according to customer expectations, whether it is scheduling technicians to visit clients for service or coordinating the efforts of multiple contractors on a major construction project. Field coordinators ensure the smooth operation of field activities by interacting with field workers, clients, and third-party material suppliers.

Field coordinators often work from both the office and field locations. They may report to an operations manager in the industry. The creation and managing of work schedules is a core responsibility for field coordinators and may include organizing routes for individual field visits or scheduling long-term projects that involve numerous contractors and subcontractors.

Field coordinators may visit project sites to make sure the work is done correctly. They often stay at the job site or visit frequently to make sure there is enough staff and on-time delivery of materials, as well as the overall quality and performance of work according to project specifications. Field coordinators are responsible for the timely completion of work orders.

They can also generate project reports with summarized field worker hours, service technician utilization rates, and productivity metrics. Field service workers are given feedback on the quality of their work. They may share responsibility for providing customer service support to a territory of clients.

A high school degree is the minimum educational requirement for field coordinators, but some employers prefer a bachelor's degree in engineering. Field coordinators typically have certifications for environmental health and occupational safety. The national average annual salary for a field coordinators is $42,836.

Field Coordinators: A Survey

Field coordinators work in a number of different disciplines. Ensuring that programs and events run smoothly is the most important duty of a field coordinators. Field coordinators are employed in the for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors.

The duties of a field coordinators can be very different within the non-profit sector. Field coordinators place people with appropriate services. They might need to be multi-lingual, have experience with a similar non-profit, and have an understanding of certain social or cultural issues.

Other duties include organizing events and grassroots actions, and organizing meetings for networks. A bachelor's degree in social work, education, political science, psychology, and business can lead to a job as a field coordinator. A master's degree in the fields of skills and responsibilities of the job responsibilities is required for the position.

Education in a certain discipline is usually required, but not always. There are some positions that are part time and others that are short term. Non-profit organizations that are operating on limited budgets can sometimes find part-time positions.

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Project Coordinators

The responsibilities of a coordinators include planning, directing, implementing, and strategizing projects. There are many types of coordinators, from product to human resource. Each sub-field has the same task of coordinating their expertise.

The Field Experience Agreement

The first day of classes in the semester in which the Field Experience begins must be the day that the Agreement form is submitted. Students can register for a field experience with SILS. The student will be able to complete the Field Experience Agreement if they help to develop learning objectives, identify areas that are appropriate for student involvement, and ensure that the Agreement details the nature, rationale, methodology, responsibilities, and criteria for evaluation for the work. The student can schedule a meeting with all three of you at the approximate midway point of the Field Experience to learn more about the site and the student's activities there.

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Program Coordinators

Project managers may have project coordinators help with administrative tasks on their projects. The project manager is more focused on the planning part of the process, while the project couthing is more focused on the execution part. The work done by individuals and activities in a project is overseen by supervisors, while the work done by the co-ordinations is done by individuals.

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