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Published: 24 Jan 2019

First Lieutenants: The Army Commission, The Master's Rank, Corrections lieutenants in the correctional facilities, Second Lieutenants in the Infantry, The First Lieutenant Pay Chart and more about first lieutenant job. Get more data about first lieutenant job for your career planning.

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First Lieutenants: The Army Commission

The only job that a lieutenant needs to be promoted to is the platoon leader. The Army commission lieutenants, both second and first, are in the first place. Depending on the job they held as second lieutenants, first lieutenants will spend varying amounts of time as both a platoon leader and a staff officer. While a second lieutenant is usually done after receiving command of a platoon, a first lieutenant is usually done after receiving command of a platoon to allow time for officers to prepare to compete for the rank of captain.

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The Master's Rank

The Master was the senior warrant rank and he was in charge of navigation and he was supposed to make sure the ship's safety was not compromised. The rank was similar to that of Lieutenant and holders as they were literate and used mathematics to navigate. They were re-qualified if they were appointed to a larger ship. Masters were able to do non-combatant duties.

Corrections lieutenants in the correctional facilities

The military has a similar ranking structure to the correctional facilities. Junior officers will be managed by corrections lieutenants, who are experienced officers and report into senior ranks. A corrections lieutenant is usually in charge of the day-to-day management of the shift.

The core duties of lieutenants are the same wherever they work, but the responsibilities of the role may vary depending on the facility. A lieutenant in the corrections department follows instructions. In smaller facilities, a lieutenant may take control of the facility.

The role involves talking to people outside of the facility. The lieutenant may need to talk to inmates, as well as with doctors, lawyers and the families of inmates. The lieutenant is responsible for keeping his training up-to-date.

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Second Lieutenants in the Infantry

Second Lieutenants in the infantry are the ones who lead their platoons in carrying out the plan directed by superior officers. They work with NCOs and staff NCOs to trainfantry platoons in field exercises and combat discipline. The Second Lieutenants are the ones who oversee operational results and improvise standard operating procedures with the approval of superior officers, even though non-commissioned officers provide more hands-on instruction to ground troops during combat training.

An infantry Second Lieutenant must have a bachelor's degree in any subject and have completed Officer Candidate School. Some Second Lieutenants are graduates of military schools. Infantry Second Lieutenants must complete the IOBC to specialize infantry command control.

The First Lieutenant Pay Chart

Second Lieutenants who have served for 18 to 24 months are usually promoted to First Lieutenant, which is the second junior commissioned officer rank. First Lieutenants can serve as the Platoon Leader of a specialized weapons platoon or as the executive officer of a company. Some officers who are promoted to First Lieutenant may be promoted to higher ranks with more responsibility.

First Lieutenant is the 20th rank in the United States Army and is above Second Lieutenant and below Captain. A first lieutenant at the Department of Defense is paid $3,788 a month. The Army's First Lieutenant compensation and retirement plan can be found in the 2021.

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First Lieutenant - A New Experience in the Field

Highly qualified First Lieutenant with experience in the industry. Enjoy problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects and you would excel in the collaborative environment of your company.

A Highly Motivated, Results Driven Multi-Task U.S Army Officer with Seven Years of Mechanical Maintenance Experience

A highly motivated, results driven, multi tasking U.S. Army officer with seven years of hands on mechanical maintenance operations, management, and logistics experience. Both Non-Commissioned and Commissioned grades have good leadership, strategic-planning, organization, personnel management, and team building skills.

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The Lieutenant General Position in the United States Army

The Lieutenant General is a 3-star General that is also a political leader within the United States Army. The Lieutenant General position has a pay grade of O to 9. The General rank is only temporary and only needed when a ranking is necessary.

The 1st Lieutenant may have command of a large squad. The 1st and 2nd Lieutenant positions are different. Lieutenant is at a higher pay grade.

The rank of a captain

Lieutenant is a title used in various other organizations with a codified command structure. It may precede the name of the rank directly above it if it designates someone who is second-in-command. Alieutenant master is likely to be second in command to the "master" in an organisation.

Quebec lieutenant in Canadian politics are political uses. A lord lieutenant is the representative of the ruler in a county, while a deputy lieutenant is his deputy. The British Royal Air Force and many other Commonwealth air forces use a different rank system in which a flight lieutenant is ranked with an army captain and naval lieutenant, a flying officer is ranked with an army lieutenant and a pilot officer is ranked with an army second lieutenant.

The officer in charge of the deck department or division is described by the first lieutenant in the U.S. Navy or U.S. Coast Guard. In smaller ships with only a single deck division, the billet is usually filled by an ensign, while in larger ships with a deck department, consisting of multiple sub divisions, the lieutenant commander may fill the billet. The first lieutenant on smaller Coast Guard cutters can be filled by a junior officer.

The rank of mate was created in the Royal Navy in 1840 and was renamed sub-lieutenant in 1860. The rank of master in the US Navy was renamed lieutenant, junior grade in 1884. In Brazil and Spain, a sub-lieutenant is the highest non-commissioned rank in the navy, while in many other countries it is the second highest rank.

The equivalent rank of an officer who graduated from the naval academy is designated midshipman in Portugal. The title "lieutenant du roi" is a title that was used in French history to represent the king in certain provinces. It is in the sense of a deputy that it has entered into the titles of lieutenant general and lieutenant colonel.

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The 2021 Police Test Date

The test date for the police lieutenant and police captain is in October of 2021. The test date, report time, and location will be confirmed by the candidate exam notices that will be mailed two to three weeks prior to the test.

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