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Published: 7 Mar 2020

Fish Filler Jobs in Food Processing, The Job Description of Meat Cutter and more about fish cutter job. Get more data about fish cutter job for your career planning.

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Fish Filler Jobs in Food Processing

The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines food processing roles as including fish filleter jobs. A person who cuts fish doesn't spend all day just cutting up fish, but is involved in a variety of tasks and is responsible for looking after the tools of his trade. If you have the stomach to work with raw fish, you can make a career out of fish snoozing.

You don't need a degree to fish. Fish cutter learn everything they need to know. You will be given less challenging tasks such as cutting the fish into pieces or taking the bones out of a fish that has already been sliced open.

You will learn how to use and care for the tools and equipment you will be using as a filleter. You will also be cleaning and trimming the carcasses to make them ready for the rest of the processing operation. You will be responsible for checking the fish for defects and putting the carcasses onto conveyor belts.

You will be using a variety of hand tools. You will maintain other equipment and use knives, but also sharpen them. Most fish filleters work in food manufacturing plants.

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The Job Description of Meat Cutter

Meat cutter is a term used for butchers in meat-processing plants. They may have a limited range of duties than those working in a specialty meat shop. The people in processing plants usually perform one single function, which is a single type of cut, during their shift.

The Holland Code framework states that butchers and meat cutter have an interest in the Building, Persuading and organizing. The focus of the Building interest area is on working with tools and machines. The focus of persuasion interest area is influencing, motivating, and selling to other people.

The focus of the organizing interest area is to keep things orderly. If you don't know if you have an interest in building organizing, you can take a career test to see if you fit with a career as a butcher and meat cutter. The person is able to dexterity.

Meat cutting equipment and sharp knives are used by butchers and meat cutter. They must have good hand control in order to make the right cuts of meat. Meat cutter jobs are physically demanding.

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