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Published: 9 May 2021

Licenses and Experience in Fishing at the Oregon Hatchery Tech, Fishing in the Wild: A Survey of Fisheries Technicians, Fish Hatchery Technicians and more about fish hatchery technician job. Get more data about fish hatchery technician job for your career planning.

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Licenses and Experience in Fishing at the Oregon Hatchery Tech

recordkeeping is the primary duty of hatchery technicians. The number of fish that die, the number of fish that are killed, the number of fish that are released or sold, and the number of fish that are released or sold are all important records for the Hatchery Tech. The amount of food the fish are fed, how many miles they are traveled to sell or release fish, and how much money is spent on the operation are all recorded by the Hatchery Tech.

Entry-level technicians jobs are usually not required for industry experience. Many require a valid license. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says that some hatchery technician jobs require a commercial driver's license.

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Fishing in the Wild: A Survey of Fisheries Technicians

There are people who enjoy spending their day stuck in the back of a rolling work boat that smells of exhaust from the outboard and vomits from the new guy, and who are willing to take a risk. A fascination with fish and the vast underwater world they live in is powerful stuff, and it is all the same to them. The men and women who are fishery technicians are well-suited to their jobs and can find employment in all fifty states.

The job of a fisheries technician is not only about cutting up fish. It is a representation of the hard-core nature of their profession. The nation's fisheries are important to the scientific understanding and management of the waterways.

The health and population of the fish and other residents of the oceans, rivers, and lakes are monitored by the fisheries technicians. As pollution levels or other problems become a problem, it is fishery technicians who monitor the spread and work on the front lines to combat the problems. College students who have declared a major in a scientific field can be hired for seasonal positions if they have a bachelor's degree.

Students interested in the field can sometimes get an internship. It is a good idea to volunteer for a fishery management agency. Many agencies seek volunteers for various tasks, and aquariums and environmental non-profits may also need volunteers in the field.

VolunteerMatch posts such opportunities frequently. Training for fishery technicians is done on the job. Being in good physical shape is important.

Fish Hatchery Technicians

Fish hatcheries catch, supervise, and release a wide variety of fish. Fish delivery technicians direct fish into the proper holding tank. Heavy equipment is often required of a Fish Hatchery Technician.

You can handle fish listed on the list of threatened or extinct species, as well as fish that are coldwater. You keep a close eye on the fish's water tank. As a Fish Hatchery Technician, you have to check the water level and temperature, and perform tests to determine the health of the fish.

You keep a record of fish deaths, diseases, feeding schedules, and offspring produced to track the progress of your efforts. Eggs are moved to different tanks as they grow into larger fish. When they reach a size where they can make it on their own, you have to supervise their transfer to rivers, lakes, or streams.

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The Fish Hatchery Technician Position Description

There are several jobs in the fish hatchery. Each position is responsible for a set of tasks and must fulfill their duties. The fish hatchery technician is a job that starts out at minimum pay and does not require specialized training in order to be hired.

The degree required for the job of hatchery manager is four years in a fisheries biology program. One of the most important jobs of a fish hatchery technician is educating the public about the job. The fish hatchery technician takes trips to schools, fairs and outdoor shows to show off the life inside the fish hatchery.

The technician is also answering questions from the onlookers about the job of the hatchery and its role in nature management. The assistant hatchery manager is assisting the technician. The assistant manager is supposed to keep records of the operations of the hatchery.

Computer Science Degrees in Fisheries Management

College courses can be taken to get a BS degree in the field of fisheries, Wildlife Management, other related areas of study or equivalent knowledge that is gained through previous experience as a biological aide or a data technician. The applicants should have some knowledge of life history, ecology, and fish species, as well as operating power tools and general maintenance and repair skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Access, and excel is needed.

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Induced spawning and recruitment of broodestock

The techniques used to induce spawning, spawning on nest, stripping and other activities are listed. The environmental control of spawning, the use of hormones to induce reproduction and the recruitment of broodstock are all related. If necessary, plan and conduct wild broodstock capture.

The collection of animals from the environment should be monitored. Control the use of appropriate techniques for specific species. Sanitation and hygiene are essential to effective control of parasites under intensive culture conditions.

Obtain uncontaminated fish and eggs by avoiding carrier fish. Supervise the isolation and identification of the agent. Appropriate spawning techniques can be used for specific cultured species of fish, molluscs, crustaceans or others.

Determine sexual maturity of broodstock using appropriate techniques for cultured species of fish, molluscs and crustaceans. Control broodstock sexual cycle. Use hormones to make women reproduce.

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