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Published: 14 Jan 2021

Fitness Attendant: A Salaries Alternative, Fitness attendants in fitness facilities, Recreation Attendant: A Job Description, Gym Attendant Positions in Fitness Center and Recreation Centre and more about fitness desk attendant job. Get more data about fitness desk attendant job for your career planning.

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Fitness Attendant: A Salaries Alternative

A gym attendant is in charge of operations at the gym, including front desk management and usage by patrons. Educational requirements and pay are different by location. The average annual salary for a fitness attendant is $21,010.

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Fitness attendants in fitness facilities

The responsibilities of a fitness attendant include setting up, maintaining and cleaning equipment, welcoming guests, explaining programs and activities, teaching guests how to use the equipment, providing basic fitness information, reporting and resolving complaints, maintaining attendance records and ensuring rules and regulations are enforced. Some attendants may help organize events. Gym attendants are employed in fitness facilities.

Recreation Attendant: A Job Description

A recreation attendant is at the front desk. Recreation attendants are used for day-to-day operations at college gyms, community centers, sporting arenas and private fitness centers. The average wage for attendants was $9.60 per hour in May of 2011.

The attendant is often the first one to greet people at a rec facility. At a fitness center, attendants will greet patrons and answer any questions they have about the programs and facilities. You answer phones and give information to prospective members as an attendant.

The typical attendant's duties include maintaining attendant areas and equipment. You help keep the desk organized and clean by picking up any mess. The attendant usually cleans equipment with a sanitary cleaner and puts away any loose weights.

The attendant puts a sign on broken equipment to let the supervisor know. Many recreation centers have private courts and rooms for reservations, which is a different option than open areas. The rec centers have a variety of areas that have a coordinated schedule.

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Gym Attendant Positions in Fitness Center and Recreation Centre

Gym attendants manage operations at fitness centers and recreation centers. Their resume shows their skills as cleaning the fitness and patient areas, providing routine maintenance to fitness equipment, greeting customers warmly when they arrive, organizing all equipment, and answering any and all questions about how to properly use equipment. The educational requirements and pay of applicants are different depending on the location and facility type. Customer service, organized events, monitored gym, clean facility, helped the facility and program grow, helped with sports leagues, helped customers with fitness plans, sold different fitness programs.

Tennis Pros: Help with Registrar and Tournament Operations

Assist with tennis pros clinic and lesson schedules, keep up with court scheduling and guest and membership information, close fitness club and count tills, and place orders for Tops'l gear. The Welcome desk and lobby area need your support. Provide assistance to customers.

People can enter the facility. Provide patrons with information. Tour facility as requested.

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The Front Desk Attendant

The Front desk attendant is responsible for providing warm welcomes and farewells to members. Reports to the fitness director.

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