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Published: 22 Mar 2019

The Job Description of an Equipment Maintenance Technician, Experience in Service Technicians, Personal Fitness Trainers and Instructor Vacancies in Health Facilities and more about fitness equipment technician job. Get more data about fitness equipment technician job for your career planning.

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The Job Description of an Equipment Maintenance Technician

The equipment maintenance technician is responsible for the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of equipment, including warehouse equipment, manufacturing equipment, school equipment, shop, and plant equipment, depending on the sector they work in. The work description of an equipment maintenance technician involves performing both scheduled and unscheduled equipment maintenance and solving a broad range of maintenance problems for all equipment in their field of work. The skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience of an equipment maintenance technician are important qualities and qualifications that need to be effective in performing the role and to succeed in their career. To be well informed of what the job entails, employers or recruiters need to publish a detailed description of the vacant position.

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Experience in Service Technicians

A service technician can work in a variety of industries to provide services. The service technician is usually the one who goes to the customer's location to fix machines or equipment that cannot be moved due to size or connections with outer systems. You should have good technical and mechanical skills to be a service technician. You should have experience with tools that can be used to lift heavy equipment and be physically fit to do so.

Personal Fitness Trainers and Instructor Vacancies in Health Facilities

Group fitness instructors and specialized fitness instructors plan and teach their classes. Cardiovascular exercises, such as aerobics or dance, and strength training, such as lifting weights, are included in classes. Instructors choose music that is appropriate for their class and then they create a routine or set of moves for the class to follow.

Some may teach routines that were created by fitness companies. Personal fitness trainers can help you design and carry out a workout routine that works for you. They can work with individual clients or teach group classes.

Personal trainers often sell their training sessions to gym members. They start by evaluating their clients. They develop training programs for their clients and monitor their progress.

In smaller facilities, fitness trainers and instructors do a lot of other things besides their fitness duties, such as tending the front desk, signing up new members, giving tours of the facility, or supervising the weight-training and cardiovascular equipment areas. The fitness trainers and instructors can promote their facilities and instruction through a variety of means, such as writing newsletters, creating posters and flyers, and using social media. Personal fitness trainers can work with a group.

They can train a gym or in their home. Personal fitness trainers help clients set and reach their fitness goals by assessing their level of physical fitness. The fitness directors are in charge of the fitness aspects of the club.

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Exercise Physiologists: A Physician's Assistant

Exercise therapists are healthcare professionals who work to improve patient health through fitness programs. Exerciseologists are well-suited to work in medical, academic, and fitness-based settings. The specifics of an exerciselogist's job will depend on whether they work in a clinical setting or not, but will generally involve daily patient interaction and extensive experience with fitness programs and cardiac diagnostics.

Exercise physiologists can work with patients or clients to develop a fitness program. The goal in the rehabilitation setting is to address chronic medical conditions through supervised and guided exercise prescriptions. When working with a healthier population, exercise therapists can develop a fitness program that can be sustained over time for a client's overall improved health.

A Career in Maintenance Technicians

Maintenance technicians are in charge of performing facility maintenance and completing repairs. They fix machinery, plumbing, heating and wiring, inspect buildings to confirm safety standards, and schedule major repairs with the building's inhabitants. Maintenance technicians are hired by facility owners to maintain the building.

They are supposed to maintain building operations and make sure the facilities are safe. Maintenance technicians can perform technical repairs like inspecting and fixing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, along with aesthetic maintenance like applying new coats of paint and trimming the bushes and grass. They manage maintenance and repairs to resolve safety issues.

Maintenance technicians install new equipment and watch for building improvements according to owner requests. The average income for Maintenance Technician jobs is $17.79. Maintenance technicians can earn significant overtime pay if they work more than 34.55 hours per week.

Maintenance Technician positions require a high school degree or GED. Certifications are not required, although they can be useful in showing a potential candidate how to handle the job effectively. Plumbing, carpentry or electrical certifications show an applicants ability as a maintenance professional and indicate an application who may provide added value compared to other applicants.

Those interested in a Maintenance Technician job can learn the skills they need through training programs. When starting out, a Maintenance Technician will likely receive training at work. For Maintenance Technician jobs, no prior experience is required.

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Machine Maintenance Technician: A Job Description

The machine maintenance technician is supposed to identify sources of problems by observing mechanical devices while in operation and using accurate and inspection instruments.

Fitness and Health

The need for people to get into fitness careers, including sports medicine, will continue to grow as more people realize the benefits of exercise.

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Fitness Trainers

Trainers offer support and instruction to people as they exercise. They may specialize in one or more areas, including but not limited to aerobics, weight lifting, pilates, yoga, and dance. They can lead group classes, provide one-on-one training to clients, or a combination of both.

Medical Equipment Repairers: Education and Experience

Medical equipment repairers are usually on call during the day, but sometimes they are on call during evenings and weekends. The work is sometimes very difficult because of the urgent nature of the work. People who work in patient-caring environments are at risk of contracting diseases and germs.

Over the decade, there are projected openings for medical equipment repairers. Many openings are expected to be caused by the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or retire. If a machine is malfunctioning, the first thing repairers do is diagnose the problem.

They modify the software or adjust the mechanical parts to fix the issue. Specialty practitioners rely on medical devices to run tests and diagnose patients, and they must be confident that the readings are accurate. Medical equipment repairers perform scheduled maintenance on sophisticated equipment to make sure it is in good working order.

Workers make repairs to less complicated equipment. Sometimes medical equipment repairers have to travel long distances to perform needed repairs. The patient-caring environment can expose repairers to diseases and other health risks.

The work can be very difficult because of the urgent nature of the repair. Installation and repairing medical equipment often involves lifting and carrying heavy objects as well as working in tight spaces. Medical equipment repairers are usually on call during the day, but sometimes they are on call during evenings and weekends.

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Training and Experience of Heavy-Hole Mechanics

A HD mechanic is responsible for the basic testing, maintenance, adjustment, repair and overhaul of heavy-duty equipment. HD mechanics are knowledgeable about preventive maintenance and emergency breakdown repairs of heavy equipment. Service trucks and trailers are usually used in transportation.

An HD equipment mechanic can perform services such as trailer repair and be also known as a transport trailer mechanic or truck and transport mechanic. A high school diploma is all you need to be a heavy equipment technician. Most employers prefer applicants with post-secondary education related to HD mechanics.

You will get a more competitive edge if you acquire a journeyman certificate. NAIT has flexible schedule options for the heavy equipment technician course. You can take classes at your available time, whether it's full-time or part-time.

To be able to work as an HD equipment mechanic, you need to be a registered apprentice. To become a certified HD technician, you must first go through apprenticeship or on-the-job training. A tradesperson who passed the Red Seal exam is a heavy-duty mechanic.

He can work as a heavy equipment technician anywhere in Canada, thanks to the provincial or territorial trade. The average wage for a heavy equipment mechanic in the city is between CA$36 and CA$38.92 an hour. The hourly rate for most experienced heavy-duty mechanics is as high as CA$57.

Fitness Sales Representatives

There are still many job opportunities in the world of fitness. Many fitness gyms across the United States are posting help wanted ads on the Web in order to find sales representatives. A fitness sales representative is a full-time job.

A front desk fitness sales representative has a lot of responsibilities, such as greeting all members, leading a tour of the facility, sharing club promotions and special events, taking phone calls, booking appointments, and maintaining a positive attitude with members and co-workers. Other responsibilities include selling memberships and participating in a community outreach. There are fitness centers in all of the United States that are looking to hire.

San Francisco, Calif.; San Jose, Calif.; Washington D.C.; Carrollton, Texas; and Augusta, Ga., are some of the locations. N.J. is a state. Bally Total Fitness has nearly 300 club locations in 29 states, Mexico, the Caribbean, Korea and China.

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