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Published: 13 Feb 2020

The role of the Floor Staff in a restaurant, Floor Staff: What Do They Provide?, Floor Supervisors in the Hotel Industry and more about floor staff job. Get more data about floor staff job for your career planning.

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The role of the Floor Staff in a restaurant

Fine-dining and chain restaurants as well as cafes and cafeterias provide overall support to the wait staff with floor staff. They help the wait staff by clearing dirty crockery, setting tables and delivering food. Excellent organizational skills and knowledge of proper food handling procedures are required for successful Floor Staff. Excellent Floor Staff should be able to communicate effectively with both wait staff and patrons as well as demonstrate outstanding customer service skills.

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Floor Staff: What Do They Provide?

Dining room attendants or hosts are usually the employees referred to as floor staff. Cleaning and setting tables are some of the duties that floor staff members handle. They are sometimes called bus persons.

They work in a wide range of settings. Floor staff members place dirty dishes and silverware in a plastic bin and push a cart to get them out of the tables. Fresh tableware is brought out for incoming patrons once the items are taken back to the kitchen.

Floor staff members can help seat customers, operate the cash register, or even help pay the check. They will sometimes help the server by bringing customers coffee or food. Floor staff members often have to work quickly, removing dirty dishes and silverware from tables and setting new ones so that customers don't have to wait long to be seated.

They should have good communication skills since they often interact with those who wash dishes and serve food. Floor staff members are required to have the strength to carry a lot of dishes and glasses at once. Most establishments don't have a set criteria for hiring floor staff.

Some floor staffers are college students who work part-time. Floor staffers are usually expected to possess a high school degree. A positive approach to the job, a strong work ethic and the ability to follow instructions are more important than a formal education.

Floor Supervisors in the Hotel Industry

A middle management position, floor supervisors have a leadership role and some managerial responsibilities, such as depositing money, but they still have a manager to answer to. The job title can be different depending on the industry. The demand for lodging managers is set to rise by 6 percent through the year of 2026.

One of the most important duties of a floor supervisor is to provide a good first impression to new guests. A good relationship with first-time guests leads to loyalty. The floor supervisors make sure that all the staff does what is required.

They work with their manager during the hiring process to make sure new hires are on the right path. Basic tasks are delegated on an as needed basis. The national average salary for floor supervisors is $32,123.

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A Sales Manager with a Knowledge of Floor Management

Excellent communication skills and high organization are required to be a successful floor manager. You must be able to delegate duties to staff members while making sure they are trained for their roles.

The Sales Floor Associate Position Description

The sales floor associate is responsible for providing world class service to customers by surprising them and making them feel appreciated, and ensuring that they leave with an awesome experience. You will be able to write a description that captures what the role entails and what your company requires from candidates. You will be able to find the best people for the position.

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Sales Floor Associate Jobs in Retail Stores

Sales associates are on the sales floor. If no customers need their help, sales associates can do the following: re-fold merchandise and rearrange stacks of products, clean fitting rooms and return items quickly, take inventory, and clean shelves. In some stores, sales floor associates may bring the customer to a payment desk and complete the sale for them.

Sales floor associates return to the sales floor to help other customers. Sales floor associates are expected to act professional, friendly and courteous so that customers remember the store as a pleasant place to shop. That makes sure that they return to the store for future purchases.

Stores usually require that sales floor associates have a high school degree. An ability to learn basic math and how to operate a point-of-sale terminal is important. Experience is helpful when applying for a job, but stores also hire people without experience.

There are new hires at the store and they may have a training class. A manager or knowledgeable employee can show a new employee how to do something. There are part-time opportunities for sales floor associates.

Extra workers are hired for busy times. Being a sales floor associate requires a lot of standing and walking around. Some environments may require their associates to be able to lift heavy objects.

The Design and Analysis of a Shop Floor

A shop floor is a small organization. It is a subset of the business enterprise where the production takes place. There are various departments within the shop floor.

They get their position by being in the job for a long time. They do the same things as supervisors. They teach how to do a task well.

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