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Published: 24 Feb 2019

Franchise Business Coaching: A Case Study, The West Coast Main Line, The Last Virgin Trains Service, The West Coast Offense, The East Midlands franchise bid by Stagecoach and more about franchise business coach - west coast job. Get more data about franchise business coach - west coast job for your career planning.

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Franchise Business Coaching: A Case Study

Your work as a franchise business coach will have a direct impact on the success of the enterprise by influencing the performance and profitability of each Bar Method franchise in your territory. You will help Franchisees by providing a wide range of consulting and development services, developing and facilitating strategic initiatives to promote sales growth and profitability, and ensuring consistency through education and guidance on in-studio and multi-unit operations. Successful coaches will use their industry and business development experience to assess current performance, identify areas of opportunity, recommend solutions based upon best practices, develop an action pland follow up to encourage follow through.

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The West Coast Main Line

The West Coast Main Line connects six of the UK's largest cities, including London, the West Midlands, North West England, North Wales and Scotland.

The Last Virgin Trains Service

The Virgin Trains brand was used on the Virgin Cross Country from 1997 to 2000 and from 2003 to 2020 on the Virgin Trains East Coast. Virgin Trains would cease to operate trains after 7 December, after the Inter-City West Coast franchise was awarded to Avanti West Coast. The last Virgin Trains service was from London to Wolverhampton at 23:45.

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The West Coast Offense

George Seifert succeeded Walsh as San Francisco's head coach in 1989 and won two Super Bowls with the 49ers, once with Joe Montana at quarterback and later with Steve Young. The University of Washington used the "Sixkiller" variation of the West Coast offense in 1970 under coach Jim Owens and quarterback Sonny Sixkiller. The West Coast offense, which was run by Walsh in the late 1990s, has since been spread out to include the likes of the University of Washington and the University of Nebraska.

The term "West Coast Offense" is more of a philosophy and approach to the game than it is a set of plays. The traditional offensive thinking says that a team must establish its running game first, which will draw the defense in and open up vertical passing lanes downfield. Bill Walsh's West Coast Offense differs from traditional offense by emphasizing a short, horizontal passing attack to help stretch out the defense, thus opening up options for longer running plays and longer passes that can achieve greater gains.

The West Coast Offense implemented by Walsh features run pass patterns by the receiver that make up about 70% to 80% of the offensive scheme. The offense can focus on long throws of more than 14 yards and mid to long yard runs when the defense is stretched out. Walsh's West Coast Offense tries to open up running and passing lanes for the backs and receivers to exploit by causing the defense to focus on short passes.

The intent is to make offensive play calling unpredictable and keep the defense honest since most down and distance situations can be attacked with a pass or run. Most of the routes on the West Coast are within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. The quarterback's 3-step and 5-step drops force the opposing defense to focus on those intermediate routes.

The 7-step drop is used for shallow crosses, deep ins and comebacks. The 5- and 7-step drops were used by the Michigan offense about 85% of the time. The defense could squat and break hard on short-to-intermediate throws with no fear of a down field pass, so only the 3- and 5-step pass game would be effective.

The East Midlands franchise bid by Stagecoach

The West Coast Partnership was bid for by Virgin and SNCF with the intention of partnering with Alstom, and the East Midlands franchise was bid by Stagecoach alone. Stagecoach is an experienced bidder and fully aware of the rules of franchise competition. They are responsible for their own disqualification because they submitted non- compliant bids for all current competitions which broke established rules.

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The fate of National Express

National Express is set to be subsumed by its rival, which was once set to swallow up the company. The change in fortunes has been influenced by foreign ventures and the Pandemic has made it worse. The firm has followed the path of privatisation of public transport in Britain.

Sir Brian Souter started his bus company in 1980. After Thatcher's deregulation of the bus industry in 1986, the opportunity came its way. It became a dominant player in many regional markets, where it was able to run at handsome margins, due to the cherrypicking of routes.

After rail was privatised, the first operator to open a service was the company that would go on to run Virgin Trains, and it was one of the great examples of the new regime: improving customer service, innovation and passenger numbers. The Scottish operator took a 90% stake in a new Virgin venture to win and run the east coast rail franchise in 2015, a long-targeted prize that saw its value peak. That was a disastrous mistake.

The line was pulled off as losses mounted, and it was once again state control. National Express had already been there, overbidding to run the franchise and forced to hand back the keys in 2009, when it looked like the firm could be prey for Souter. It might have been better to focus on overseas expansion instead of seeing the warning signs.

The sale of C2C was the end of UK rail and it was seen as one of the best bits of business ever done. National Express appeared to run with the grain its local bus operation. Souter threatened to drink poison if the politicians in Manchester andNewcastle were to reform the bus industry.

Choice Hotels: A Franchisee Leader in the Hotel Industry

Partnering with an industry leader focused on franchisee success. Choice Hotels has a wealth of resources and experience in the industry that can help you make investment decisions. Invest in a brand that is well-known.

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AtWork Franchise Owners Training

AtWork has annual revenues of over $250mm in 27 states. One of the largest providers of contingent and permanent workforce solutions in the country, AtWork franchisees put over 50,000 people to work each year, helping workers build careers while growing their local economies. AtWork has been helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of business ownership and financial freedom for over twenty years.

AtWork has experts in staffing operations, recruiting, training, marketing, and more who are devoted to the success of each branch. A two-day intensive session at the AtWork corporate headquarters designed for new franchise owners to learn about the staffing industry and the AtWork model while they are also working on the basics of getting their new business operational. A week of training for franchise owners and their staff members at the AtWork corporate headquarters covers systems training, basic sales and recruiting skills, sustained marketing of the business, insurance requirements and much more.

A Green Business Opportunity for the Construction Industry

There are more than 50,000 water damage property losses in the United States every day. PuroClean is looking for business professionals who want to help people in their community by becoming a superhero. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a company that is proud to be a green company.

Businesses with an explicit environmental focus are in high demand. We're a premier carpet cleaning business that highlights competitive edges such as low ownership costs, home-based environments, and recurring revenues. ActionCOACH is the largest and most successful business coaching franchise in the world with over 1,000 coaches in 70 countries.

The Business Coaching industry was created in 1993 by ActionCOACH. ActionCOACH has been in the industry for 25 years and has proven results. The Honest Abe Roofing franchise is great for market dominance.

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The ABC Test: A Proposed Measure to Reclassify a Skilled Independent Contractor

Legislation called the PRO Act threatens her entire career and millions of other skilled independent contractor careers. The ABC Test is part of the bill that would reclassify anyone like her who works for a client and is an independent contractor to an employee under labor law.

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