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Published: 15 Mar 2020

An excellent office couner, Front Desk Assistants: A Job Description, Front Desk Coordinators and more about front office coordinator job. Get more data about front office coordinator job for your career planning.

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An excellent office couner

An excellent office couner is an organized and competent professional with great communication skills. You will be able to handle people and carry out administrative duties with accuracy and speed.

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Front Desk Assistants: A Job Description

A front desk assistant helps customers, patients and clients with registration needs. Front desk receptionists and front desk information clerks are often called front desk coordinators, and their direct supervisor is the office manager. Front desk coordinators work at medical offices, hotels, private businesses, salons, schools, nonprofits and government agencies.

Front desk coordinators are located in prominent places in the building to greet and address customers. They might answer customer inquiries, direct patients to waiting rooms or other offices, update customer contact information, and notify departments of arriving customers or patients. Front office coordinators answer and direct calls, and respond to customers' questions over the phone in their job descriptions.

Many people receive payments for products or services, print receipts, and enter financial transactions in cash or computer software. They accept applications from individuals who fill them out in person and send them to appropriate departments. Front desk coordinators are not interacting with customers.

They file paperwork, maintain computer files, perform data entry, order inventory, process financial documents, update reservations, sort incoming and outgoing mail, keep appointment calendars, and give messages to staff and management in other parts of the building according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some front desk staff are supervised by front desk coordinators. When patrons have specific requests, the front desk will often notify cleaning crews, concierges, bellboys, parking attendants and food services.

Front desk coordinators help with security in some businesses. They might ask to see visitors' identification cards or run employee badges through computerized scans even though they don't usually carry weapons. Front desk coordinators might monitor access to restricted departments to make sure only permitted customers and employees are in.

Front Desk Coordinators

The office manager assigns the front desk coordinators daily tasks. The National Bureau of Labor Statistics says demand for receptionists will rise 9 percent through the year. Some clients will not be happy with the service they received.

The front desk is where the complaints are filed. They try to calm the client down in a professional way. Front desk coordinators only need a high school degree.

Employers prefer candidates who have gone through receptionist training. Front desk coordinators spend the first couple of months working under the guidance of a more senior employee, which is when most education comes through on-the-job training. The national average salary for front desk coordinators is $28,000.

Those at the top of the scale make over $40,000, while those at the bottom make less. Pay is dependent on location and industry. The National Association of Professional Receptionists is dedicated to improving the perception of the position and creating a standard of quality for professional receptionists through its certification program.

The career management section the website has tools to help front desk coordinators find employment. One of the most well-known and widely used job boards is called Admin Crossing. It is a good place to look for work.

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