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Published: 2 Feb 2020

Embedding Wooden Frames, A Top-Class Upholsterer, Keeping an Upholsterer Safe, Training and experience in furniture making, Hair as a secondary stuffing in high quality furniture and more about furniture upholsterer job. Get more data about furniture upholsterer job for your career planning.

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Embedding Wooden Frames

Upholsterers can repair broken or malfunctioning wooden frames with glue, a saw, and nails, or they can replace it with a hammer, a saw, and nails.

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A Top-Class Upholsterer

Upholsterers make and repair upholstery. They have to pick the correct materials for the job and make sure they are upholstering items according to the design specifications. They can also work to restore and repair items.

Keeping an Upholsterer Safe

Upholsterers secure webbing, padding, and springs on a weekly to monthly basis. They might keep records of the time required to perform each job.

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Training and experience in furniture making

Power tools can be used to complete their duties, and they are also involved in the inspection of finished products. The average salary for an upholsterer in South Africa is R4 480 a month. You could complete a learnership in Furniture Making: wood and upholstery, followed by a trade test.

A trade test is required for enroling for a learnership in Furniture Production: upholstery. Furntech Advanced Furniture Technologies is a local institute that offers training. The National Institute for the deafness offers courses.

Hair as a secondary stuffing in high quality furniture

Traditional furniture uses a second stuffing, which is a strong coarse fabric, over a fibre base that is covered with a scrim. Hair is used as a first and secondary stuffing in high quality furniture at the upper end of the price range due to its resilience and quality.

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Embedding Experiences in the Interior Construction Industry

The knowledge that goes beyond the physical aspects of the work should be emphasized when you focus on the skills section of your job description. Specific skills, such as mathematics, reading comprehension, design and blueprint skills, problem-solving and other abilities can be useful. Upholsterers may work as part of a team or manage their own projects.

XCL: A Search for Furniture Upholsterers

XCL can help skilled furniture upholsterers find their next job in busy warehouses and manufacturing facilities. We will work with you to identify roles that are suitable for your skills and experience, as well as the employers who best align with your career goals.

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Upholstering Furniture and Interiors

Updating old furniture and vehicle interiors is done by upholsterers. Most of the time, the upholsterers do both new and old furniture. Trends in furniture design and styles are important for upholsterers.

They help choose fabrics that fit their customer's lifestyle. A client who has young children may want to have a long- lasting and durable fabric for their family room sofa. Sometimes fabrics that meet building codes are needed, as are fabrics that reflect the style of the building.

They may work with architects and interior designers who need furniture. Most upholstery shops and automotive interior repair shops have upholsterers. Some self-employed people work from home.

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