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Published: 25 Jan 2019

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General Assignment Reporter Jobs

A general assignment reporter is a person who writes about and reports on topics for a newspaper, news website or television station. The types of stories you are reporting on can be human interest or breaking news. Depending on the most pressing events of the day, your assignments change on a regular basis.

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News Editors at Confidential

Confidential is looking for reporters who are excited to work with colleagues to cover the biggest stories and challenges of the day. A general assignment reporter must have wide interests, follow the news closely and have a knack for asking fundamental questions under deadline pressure. A general assignment reporter will pitch stories that require us to move quickly to get the facts right and then connect them to areas of expertise in the newsroom, including science and technology, climate and environment, economics, policy and politics, geopolitics, health and global security. Candidates who love news, have an ability to get details right, and connect unfolding stories to larger themes and ideas are ideal.

Cover Letter for the GA Reporter Position

To apply, send a cover letter that includes where you learned of the job opening, resume, and three professional references to "GA Reporter" in the subject line. Please include links to samples of your work.

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