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Published: 28 Sep 2021

A Job Description Example for a GIS Specialist, Analysts in Geographic Information Systems, Computer Science and Information Systems Specialist and more about gis specialist job. Get more data about gis specialist job for your career planning.

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A Job Description Example for a GIS Specialist

The software that enables aGIS specialist to load different layers for rivers, flood maps, creek and streams, and land parcels is called thegis. AGIS specialists are responsible for using the geographic information system as analysis tool in a variety of areas, including health, city, government, urban planning, transportation, business marketing, geology and archaeology. A person who works in the field of Geographic Information Systems is responsible for performing other daily tasks of uploading various types of data into the database, such as text files, spreadsheets, and maps.

The work description for the specialist in the field of the Geographic Information System may include using desktop GIS to analyze data and create maps for internal purposes, and also participating in the launching and supporting of online and mobile maps for public consumption. The role of a GIS specialist requires the interested individual to have a computer literate background and have a deep knowledge of several programming languages, such as ArcObjects, which are used in desktop mapping, in order to automate process, or develop custom tools and workflows. The average annual salary for a GIS specialist is $55,260, while those who work for the state government make approximately $51,910.

If you have worked in a similar position before and are writing a new resume, you can use the sample job description to make a convincing professional experience section. The duties and responsibilities in the above example are what you can use to describe the duties you have or are carrying out as a GIS specialist. If you are a shiring agency or employer looking to hire a specialist in the field of Geographic Information Systems, you can use the job description example above to create a perfect description.

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Analysts in Geographic Information Systems

The use of Geographic Information System software to analyze the spatial and non-spatial information in databases is a specialty of the specialists. They may work under a variety of titles. Technicians usually work their way up to analyst positions.

Computer Science and Information Systems Specialist

Good technical writing skills are required by the GIS specialist. A background in statistical analysis required. Experience in environmental management would be looked upon favorably.

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