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Published: 13 Feb 2020

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Global Mobility Specialists

The day-to-day duties of a GMS can be varied and include addressing employees' concerns over issues like housing or utilities in a foreign location, to facilitating visapplications, ensuring tax compliance, and integrating employees onto their employers' global payroll. Secondary education may help you get into entry-level global mobility roles. It is important to remember that university level qualifications will probably play more of a part with employers selecting candidates by educational background.

Global mobility specialists can work for a specific business or for an outsourcing organisation, providing global solutions for essential processes like payroll, HR, and accounting to third-party clients. Prospective employees searching for positions may target companies with an existing international footprint or those preparing to step out onto the world stage. Financial services, technology and IT, construction, and manufacturing are some of the sectors that offer career stepping stones.

Prospective GMS candidates should be looking for exciting professional opportunities. Each appointment is a chance to tackle a fresh set of professional challenges with a new group of employees, in a different part of the world, which is why global mobility is appealing. Graham has 25 years of experience as head of activpayroll's Global Mobility Division.

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An experienced and skilled Global Mobility Specialist will use their knowledge of global mobility trends, policies and legislation to offer global mobility expertise and advise to other members of the business.

A global mobility specialist is in charge of relocating employees. Immigration policies and helping employees adapt to a new environment are some of the aspects of a global mobility specialist's job. Global mobility specialists help with the expansion of a company into international territory to ensure there is a process in place for relocating multiple employees and offices.

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Global Mobility Managers: A Challenge to Untangling the Chaos

Tax, immigration, compliance, database skills are just a few of the technical skills that are not impossible to do the job with. The challenge is to make sure your Global Mobility team is equipped with the best soft skills. The Global Mobility case lead is the one who ends up trying to find a school place for a nine-year-old two days before the term begins, while the GM are the ones who have to untangle the mess when they discover that a senior manager has been working for six months.

It is not enough to base decisions on intuition. Global Mobility professionals must make a decision in a timely and confident way if they want to be seen as trustworthy. The decision-making and problem-solving skills are essential for Global Mobility managers.

Global Mobility Manager - A Finance background

A Global Mobility Manager is usually responsible for the assignment management team. They are supposed to make sure that the terms and conditions of their clients' contracts are met. There are good career opportunities for candidates within Global Mobility Management.

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A Business-Wide Approach to Global Mobility

One of the challenges of global mobility strategies is that there are no two strategies that are the same. You can't just pick up a global mobility strategy template and use it because it depends on your business's vision and workplace culture You have to make your own.

It will take time to develop your global mobility strategy, but it will be worth it in the end. A well-planned global mobility strategy is the key to success. There is a big problem with skipping a global mobility strategy.

Businesses that want to grow will have to send their teams abroad as global expansion is on the rise. It is their benefit to create a plan for managing their international talent as they continue to scale and relocate across the world. Building a future-oriented organization is an important issue according to 85% of business leaders.

Your legal team will be important in determining your global mobility strategy. They can give general advice regarding home taxes while an employee is abroad, and they can coordinate with experts in foreign tax and immigration legislation. Administrative teams will probably be involved in the global deployment process.

It is useful to have administrators in the room to discuss day to day global mobility needs. Your global mobility strategy depends on compensation. When your employees move to a new country, they will know what to expect and feel excited about it.

Managing Global Mobility Investments

Companies need a global workforce and global mobility. They are sending more people abroad in a variety of roles to prepare for and respond to opportunities in global production, to promote research, development, and innovation, and to improve customer sales, service, and growth. Companies are under tremendous cost pressure because of global market uncertainty.

It's important for leaders to carefully manage their global mobility investments to realize an appropriate return. Many companies still handle international assignments the way they did decades ago. Senior-level managers from the headquarters country were sent to help establish operations in new markets and each assignment was handled with expectations for broad, high-touch service.

The growing variety of the company's global talent needs may mean that companies' global mobility programs only offer a few assignment types. Some managers don't think about the effect an assignment has on an employee's career development or the company's investment in it. Even if some of the work could be done more efficiently by the company, international assignments may be managed end-to-end by dedicated global mobility personnel.

Many companies can enhance the value of their global mobility efforts by taking a more thoughtful approach to planning and managing international assignments. To do that, a formal global mobility strategy needs to be in place, which explains the program's business and talent management goals, and then tailors the company's investment in each assignment to the value the assignment is expected to generate. Companies should look for opportunities to integrate their execution of global mobility with their mainstream HR or talent infrastructures, and reserve global mobility specialists for the specific activities that require them.

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Global Mobility Specialists for International Move

Depending on the moving situation and the difficulty of the move, the company that needs to relocate will decide whether to hire a global mobility specialist or not. The global mobility specialist has a hard job to do. The most important thing to do is to make the moving process easier for employees.

People who need to move overseas and are looking for a new job often face difficulties. It isn't easy to find a new home, handle paperwork, and get a steady job. Global mobility specialists need a lot of skills and experience in the moving business to handle international employee populations.

Logistic solutions include inventory relocation and finding warehousing solutions for businesses. The obligations of a GSM are to help employees settle in a new environment and to handle paperwork. Before you become a global mobility specialist, you should research the moving business.

The Role of Data in Global Mobility

Experience and intuition are very valuable. Key decisions will not be based on a hunch. Global mobility departments that use a data-driven approach are likely to be more effective and can prove their value to the business by demonstrating that they are delivering results in line with wider business targets.

The mix is what matters. The role of data is important in a GM department, but it is not effective without people or process skills. As global mobility becomes more important, you need to take a long-term view.

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Mobility professionals: what they need to do in a business environment

Mobility professionals need a wide range of skills to manage complex programs, among them: HR management, tax, employment law, expatriate remuneration, vendor management, project management, as well as interpersonal and intercultural skills. Mobility professionals face being siloed within the organization, and the function is often just an administrative function, despite the debate about making mobility more strategic.

Global Mobility Specialist - A Software Engineer with Experience in Business Intelligence

The Global Mobility Specialist is a professional who will support designated business areas with the relocation of employees internationally. The individual will be responsible for the delivery of the Global mobility programs through partnerships with internal departments and supporting relocating employees, ensuring the highest level of service from all stakeholders and external vendors. Good analytical skills are required in order to filter, prioritize and validate potentially complex and dynamic material. Communication and diplomacy skills are required.

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Global Mobility Coordinators: Experience and Experience

A global mobility coordinators is responsible for relocating employees and their families from one country to another. They must be able to set up and oversee transfers to make sure that the transition from one country to another is smooth. Responsibilities include meeting immigration requirements, arranging visas, ensuring new compensation packages are in line with existing packages, and arranging house moves and school.

If you are hiring a global mobility cosutr, applicants should be able to demonstrate their ability to organize moves successfully, where both the employee and business are happy throughout the entire process. A candidate with these skills will be a great asset to the business. The ideal candidate has no previous experience as global mobility couthing, but has experience working in rewards within the Human Resources department.

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