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Published: 19 Feb 2019

A Job Description for a Golf Cart Attendant, Golf Cart Attendant: A Field-Independent Approach, Golfaq: A site for quality golf services and products and more about golf cart attendant job. Get more data about golf cart attendant job for your career planning.

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A Job Description for a Golf Cart Attendant

A golf cart attendant is responsible for assisting guests at a golf club. Ensuring that carts are returned in good working condition is one of the duties you have. You have the skills to clean and fuel golf carts and perform simple maintenance, which will help you get the job.

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Golf Cart Attendant: A Field-Independent Approach

There are no formal qualifications to be a golf cart attendant. You need customer service skills, a positive attitude, professional attire, and physical strength and stamina, as your duties have you on your feet and lifting heavy items. Most employers give on-the-job training to teach you about the club, the services, the golf course, the range for balls, and guest accommodations.

Golfaq: A site for quality golf services and products

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A Pro Shop Assistant

A golf cart attendant is at the golf course. As a golf cart attendant, you have responsibilities that include washing golf carts, performing repairs when needed, cleaning the golf course, and tending to the outdoor areas. If your golf course has a pro shop, you can help with things like running the cash register and documenting merchandise sales. You can help the golf course run more efficiently by scheduling tee times.

Golf Cart Attendant Positions

A cart attendant is in charge of retrieving shopping carts from parking lot cart stalls and customer service for a retail store. As a cart attendant, you help guests carry out items from grocery bags to heavy parcels, clean the store entryways, and other responsibilities. Cart attendant jobs are entry level and often part time.

Once you have some experience, you can ask to work as a cashier or stocker on extra shifts. There are few qualifications for the cart attendant position. You must have high strength and endurance and be able to spend long periods of time on your feet, lifting and bending heavy objects.

You must work without supervision. Since your responsibilities as a cart attendant are fairly straightforward, you don't receive much on the job training during your first shift. You need a high school degree and customer service experience to become a golf cart attendant.

Some golf course employers prefer you to have training in recreation through previous work experience or classes at a community college. Since you have to be on your feet and moving around a lot, physical fitness and staminare important. You need good communication skills to interact with coworkers and guests who expect excellent customer service.

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The Front Entryways and Exterior Entranceways Supervisors

The front entryways and exterior entryways are part of the job description. It could mean sweeping aside fallen leaves or it could mean shoveling snow and ice. The attendant is responsible for picking up and removing garbage from the entryways.

The cart attendant is responsible for cleaning up spills in the store. Everyone has heard of the "clean-up on aisle 4." The cart attendant is often the one to clean up.

The Golf Cart Attendant Job Description

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