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Published: 4 Mar 2020

The Best Place to Live in Florida, Golf Course Maintenance Workers, The Groundskeeper at the GC, The Salaries of Professional Golf Course Employees and more about golf course maintenance crew job. Get more data about golf course maintenance crew job for your career planning.

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The Best Place to Live in Florida

Some of the most beautiful and lush landscapes in the world are found on golf courses. The groundskeepers of the golf course are responsible for maintaining the lush landscapes and ensuring the safety of the course's users. The best place to live if you want to be a groundskeeper is Florida, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The sunshine state has the most golf courses with more than the national average.

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Golf Course Maintenance Workers

Golf course maintenance workers are usually hired to see to the planning, mulching, and weeding needs of a golf course but they are usually expected to do a lot more to ensure that the course looks beautiful and is free of disease.

The Groundskeeper at the GC

The GC Groundskeeper is a seasonal position that is not exempt from the responsibility of maintaining the golf course. The work performed by this person is in line with the essential functions and responsibilities described below.

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The Salaries of Professional Golf Course Employees

Public golf courses and private clubs have a lot of workers. Entry-level jobs are available on the golf course. Although you won't make a lot of money as a golf course employee, you can still enjoy working outdoors.

Some courses don't need a staff at all to make reservations, collect greens fees or tend the grounds. Country clubs typically have larger staffs for restaurants, bars and event spaces. Most golf courses have a few key professionals.

caddies carry golf bags and perform basic tasks for golfers Caddies help their golfers by giving them clubs as needed and storing them in the bag after shots. A caddy must clean the golfer's ball and clubs before the game starts.

A caddy uses an automatic rangefinder to calculate the distance between a ball and the green. Caddies who don't carry a device to measure distances use distance markers along the fairways. The caddy must remove the flag stick from the green as the golfers make their putts.

The caddy must rake the sand after a golfer lands a ball in a sand trap. The caddy must plug the patch of grass when a golfer creates a divot in the fairway. Greenskeepers maintain the greens, fairways, roughs, and sand water traps.

The Maintenance Manager at the Golf Course

The person who is responsible for maintaining the golf course must be physically dexterous and able to work for long hours. The person should be able to use all types of tools, since the job involves exposure to harsh weather. A degree is not required, but it will help if the CV shows an awareness of the golf game mechanics. The objective is to have a manager who is results driven who has overseen successful implementation and development of operational policies and maintenance programs at medium to large venues.

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Full Time Golf Course Maintenance Crew Jobs in Clearwater, FL

There are full time golf course maintenance crew jobs in Clearwater, FL. The job description and requirements can be found here.

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