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Author: Richelle
Published: 28 Mar 2019

A Guest Service Representative in Hotels, A Service Advisor, The Benefits of Working with Service Advisor, Customer Service for the Lloyds Banking Group and more about guest advisor job. Get more data about guest advisor job for your career planning.

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A Guest Service Representative in Hotels

A guest service representative is a specialist in hotels. Front desk services to guests, processing guest payments and acting as an information source are some of the responsibilities they have.

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A Service Advisor

A service advisor works in a car dealership and is usually the liaison between customers and service technicians. The service advisor will communicate with customers to determine their problems and the repair timelines and will give the technicians accurate repair descriptions. Excellent customer service, good communication skills, and a good sense of humor are some of the skills that a service advisor should have. You should have a good understanding of automotive technology.

The Benefits of Working with Service Advisor

A service advisor is a customer service professional who works at a car shop. They are the point of contact for customers and service technicians. Their duties include greeting customers, scheduling appointments, listening to requests and estimating costs.

Service Advisors are the face of the shops. When customers bring their cars for repairs, they interact with them. A Service Advisor welcomes and interacts with customers while they are at the service center.

Service Advisors make follow up calls to customers after the cars are fixed to get their feedback. Depending on the company, the experience requirements for Service Advisors vary. Many car dealerships and repair shops prefer to hire candidates with over two years of experience working in the automotive industry because the role of Service Advisors requires an in-depth understanding of automotive parts and engineering.

Service Advisors are usually required to have a few years of work experience gained through entry level employment. Service advisors can earn industry certifications, such as the Level 1 Certificate in Vehicle Systems Maintenance, Level 2 Diploma in Vehicle Fitting Principles and Level 2 Extended Certificate in Vehicle Technology. A service advisor makes an average of 24,570 per year.

The salary is determined by a number of factors, such as experience, education and location of the applicants. Service advisors gain more experience and can advance to managerial and senior advisory positions. Service Advisors are usually automotive mechanics and technicians.

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Customer Service for the Lloyds Banking Group

As a Customer service advisor for the Lloyds Banking Group you will be responsible for building long lasting professional relationships with customers that will exceed their expectations by managing inbound and outbound customer queries relating to their accounts and products, keeping it simple and making it easier to do business with the group.

Business Advisor Consultants: What are they?

Business owners and executives who are wise enough to seek help from a reliable business consultant will learn from it. Those who are much smarter take hints from how consultants work and what business advisor skills make them highly valuable to a company so they can benefit from adopting such skills. It doesn't mean you should be alone.

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