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Published: 19 Aug 2021

A Guest Service Representative in Hotels, Interpersonal Guest Service Agents, Guests' Reservations through Guest Service Agent, Communication at the Front Desk of a Hotel and more about guest services job. Get more data about guest services job for your career planning.

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A Guest Service Representative in Hotels

A guest service representative is a specialist in hotels. Front desk services to guests, processing guest payments and acting as an information source are some of the responsibilities they have.

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Interpersonal Guest Service Agents

If you are the type of person who can make travelers feel better, you may be able to become a successful guest service agent. You are the face of the hotel or resort and you need to make a positive first impression. You score points by locating a suitable room, issuing card keys, offering a wake-up call, and arranging luggage assistance.

If available, offering complimentary beverages and snacks is another plus. A guest service agent is important in making sure guests enjoy their stay. Interpersonal communication skills are important from the first point of contact to the last.

You must be a friendly person who likes to listen and answer questions. The guest service agent strives for a personal touch and uses the guest's name when carrying on a conversation. The check-in process should be quick and easy.

You would process the reservation quickly if you knew the length of the stay and the type of room you preferred. Credit card information would be obtained and the cost of lodging and other things explained. You might mention the pool, hot tub, fitness center, business center, on-site restaurant, gift shops or other amenities before pointing guests to their room.

When guests check out, you would ask if everything went well and invite them back. If the facility does not have a concierge, you may be asked to recommend restaurants and other attractions. Obtaining tickets and transportation to local events is something that could be done further.

Guests' Reservations through Guest Service Agent

Guests can make or cancel hotel reservations through guest service agents. They greet guests on arrival, assign them rooms and suites, and collect payment information. The guest service agents coordinate the staff to meet the guest requirements.

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Communication at the Front Desk of a Hotel

The demand for services related to the hotel industry is growing. If you have experience in the industry, you can build a career in guest services. The front desk position at a hotel requires many different skills and the details can vary depending on how the hotel is organized and what kind of guests the hotel serves.

A degree in business, administration or hospitality is enough to get you a hotel front desk job. Some people that are interested in the industry begin as guest services employees and then move up to supervisor positions. Communication is important for hotel employees.

It is important that they speak clearly and maintain a positive tone when speaking with guests in person and over the phone. A good employee must keep calm because of the front desk worker having to serve many guests at once. The employee should be able to juggle a lot of tasks while still being friendly to customers.

A front desk employee is the first person a guest sees. Front desk workers have to be very welcoming. A good guest services employee is nice to every guest.

Front desk employees should be able to promote specific hotel services and offer suggestions. If guests' goals and budget were better served, they might encourage them to purchase more luxurious rooms. People in guest services need to be comfortable promoting their products.

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