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Published: 1 Mar 2020

Action learning in clinical supervision: An evaluation of the effectiveness and use case study, OB-GYN Nurses: A Field-Theoretical Approach to Obstetric and Gynecological Studies and more about gynecology nurse job. Get more data about gynecology nurse job for your career planning.

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Action learning in clinical supervision: An evaluation of the effectiveness and use case study

Students in nursing education can get a variety of opportunities to practice, train, and perform practical skills in a health sector characterized by a high degree of specialization and introduction of new medical technologies. Patients with medical illnesses and symptoms that are difficult to imitate in a simulation setting are interesting, complex learning situations for nursing students. Clinical supervisors help students to build on their previous knowledge and skills, to obtain new skills, and to introduce models on how to become a proficient nurse.

The supervisors have to make sure that learning activities are safe for students and patients. Several studies show that nurses lack supervision skills and that organization of supervision could be improved. Although many of the clinical supervisors are familiar with the model, it is not used in clinical supervision.

The effectiveness of previous small-scale implementation studies using an action learning approach has been shown to be effective in local settings. Improvement of skills in clinical decision-making and leadership are some of the improvements that have been promoted by action learning. The students were benefited from the supervisors' enhanced qualifications.

The introduction of new students to their clinical placement and the opportunity to use the model to observe the nurses own practice were both used by them. Students were positive and readily accepted the model when initial critique was addressed. The table shows that only a small percentage of the participants who completed the questionnaire still did not use the model during supervision.

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OB-GYN Nurses: A Field-Theoretical Approach to Obstetric and Gynecological Studies

You serve as the face of the practice because you are the nurse who is responsible for an initial patient assessment. It's an opportunity for you to use your skills and knowledge to help soon-to-be mothers. You will gather information about a patient's health history and current health status when you are friendly and encouraging.

A nurse finishes her assessment by taking vital signs, listening to the heart and lungs, and doing an external examination after obtaining a medical history. Your duties include showing that friendly bedside manner. OB-GYN nurses have broad patient care responsibilities, and taking care of patients is their primary responsibility as nurses.

They help in preparing for and carrying out gynecological tests and pregnancy and delivery related screenings and procedures, which means you need a working knowledge of a range of hospital and lab equipment. You also perform a number of escort duties, including monitoring the baby's pulse and massaging the uterus. You could help deliver babies.

All nurses have some administrative duties. If you work in a large hospital, you will likely work with orderlies and clerks who are responsible for many administrative duties, but if you work in a doctor's office, you often spend a good bit of time dealing with administrative tasks. OB-GYN nurses make several entries into their patients' medical charts on every shift.

OB/Gynecy Nurse Practitioners Position Description

They provide well-woman care that includes screening, evaluation, immunizations, and care for chronic illnesses and sexually transmitted diseases. To be successful and useful on the job, it is important that OB/Gyns and other healthcare professionals have the skills and competencies they need. When hiring for a nurse practitioners position, employers often require candidates to meet certain requirements that will prove they can effectively deliver the purpose, objectives, obligations, and responsibilities of the position. If you are an employer or a recruiters looking to fill a position of gynecy nurse practitioners in your health facility, you will need to publish a detailed description of the job so interested persons can be properly guided.

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OB-GYN Nurses

A large number of females occupy the country more than half a century ago. The population of American citizens is predicted to increase over the next 4 decades. It makes sense that there is a growing demand for OB-GYN nurses.

OB-GYN is a term that means OB-GYN. The OB-GYN nurse is a specialist in treating health conditions that affect the female. OB-GYN nurses have good experience with childbirth issues.

OB-GYN nurses need to become registered nurses from any accredited nursing school. A bachelor's degree in nursing can last about 4 to 5 years. After completing the degree program, a state board exam is needed to get a license and practice in the nursing field.

OBGYN Nurses

Nurse education is structured in a ladder concept, which allows registered nurses to continually gain experience and education while practicing in their chosen fields, which is a wonderful thing for someone starting out. Pursuing more education can lead to more financial rewards. A Master of Science in Nursing can open up opportunities in a variety of fields.

OBGYN nursing is a broad field that offers many opportunities for specialization, patient interaction, and work environments. OBGYN nurses have a lot of latitude. Specific responsibilities for OBGYN nurses will vary depending on the practice in which they work.

Hospitals and private practice have the most OBGYN nurses. A nurse working in antepartum nursing might be caring for women with high-risk pregnancies, including monitoring women with issues such as high blood pressure, pre-term labor, diabetes, multiples and placenta previa. Every pregnancy is unique to the patient.

An OBGYN nurse is often responsible for helping a patient understand what to expect in her particular situation, as well as best practices for maintaining health and nutrition. An OBGYN nurse in a hospital may be caring for mothers who have miscarried or are grieving the death of a stillborn baby, while an OBGYN nurse in a hospital may be caring for patients who have had a baby. A nurse who works in private, outside hospital practice might help prepare patients to see a doctor, assist with health teaching, perform chemo delivery, handle patient telephone questions and needs, as well as some of the tasks listed above.

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Exceptional Gynecologists

To be successful as a gynecologist, you should keep up with the latest developments in the field and use the best available treatments on patients. An exceptional gynecologist should be able to demonstrate their problem-solving skills and ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

Practical Nursing: A Career in Obstetric Nursing

You can work in a private OBGYN practice, a hospital or a women's health clinic. You could choose to specialize in gynecological cancer care at the hospital or tend to pregnant and post-delivery patients in the labor and delivery unit. Hospital work can be very tiring and can lead to highly emotional situations when treating patients with chronic or terminal illnesses.

When moving patients and standing for long periods of time, nurses are at risk of getting injured. The BLS states that nurses with a bachelor's degree are more preferred in the job market. If you are a nurse and you are looking for your first job in a hospital, working in a labor and delivery unit can give you an advantage over other people.

The American Nurses Association will help you keep up with the latest developments in nursing and will allow you to network with other nurses at conferences and seminars. The American Nurses Credentialing Center offers certifications that can show dedication to the field. Many OBGYN nurses want to pursue an advanced career in practical nursing so they can get higher salaries.

You could get a Certified Nurse-Midwife by passing an exam administered by the American Midwifery Certification Board. The median annual salary for a certified nurse midwife was over $92,000 in 2012 according to figures found at The BLS predicts that the employment of physician assistants will grow by 30% over the next decade.

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Per diem Nurses Jobs in Medely

If you are looking for per diem or short term nursing assignments, you can post your job on Medely for free. One of the largest networks of nurses is looking to schedule per diem shifts with your organization. Each nurse is put through a background check and can be hired as quickly as you call.

OB-GYN and Gynec

Medical assistants can be hired to check the patient in and direct them to their exam room at some medical facilities. Medical assistants will report to the OB-GYN for tasks and notes on how to improve their experience with patients. There are a few differences between an OB-GYN and a Gynecologist.

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Providing Nursing Care to Patients

Assess patient health problems and needs, develop and implement nursing care plans, and maintain medical records. Provide nursing care to patients. May provide case management or advise patients on health maintenance.

The Growth Rate of RN Jobs in Obstetrics

The national average for growth of jobs in the field of RN is 2%, but the projected growth is 7%. Regional differences in birth rates can affect growth rates for obstetrics nurse jobs. An otoc nurse cares for pregnant women during labor, women who are experiencing pregnancy-related problems, and new mothers and infants after birth.

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OB-GYN is acronym. OB-GYN nurses provide nursing care for all aspects of the female reproductive system, from the start of menstruation to post-menopause. Nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and staff nurses are included in OB-GYN nurses.

Their duties differ in some ways. Nurse practitioners who specialize in OB-GYN can be independent practitioners in private practice, or provide direct care, if they choose. NPs have a wider scope of practice than the average RN.

OB- GYN NPs perform many of the same duties as a doctor. They can diagnose and prescribe drugs for reproductive problems. Pre- and post-Natal care can be provided by NPs in the field of obstetrics.

Women of all ages can get certified nurse midwives for their OB/Gyn needs. Advanced-practice nurses with authority to diagnose and prescribe are called nurse navigators. A CNM can provide all of the care an NP provides.

They do not perform Cesarean sections. In addition, the women are fit for contraceptives and IUDs. Any nurse who works in the field of OB-GYN can be certified in that specialty.

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