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Published: 17 Mar 2020

Sample Resumes for Hair Assistant, How to Find a Hair Salon Assistant, The Hair Salon Staff, The Best Salon Assistants, Become an Assistant in Hair Salons and more about hair salon assistant job. Get more data about hair salon assistant job for your career planning.

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Sample Resumes for Hair Assistant

Hair assistants work in beauty salons to cut and style hair. The average sample resume for Hair Assistant highlights duties like greeting customers, answering to inquiries, assessing customer needs and requirements, and preparing clients for service. Hair assistants should mention customer service orientation, hair styling expertise, courtesy, organization and teamwork in their resume. A high school degree is the equivalent for most hair assistants.

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How to Find a Hair Salon Assistant

It is a common misconception that hair salon are run by a few hair stylists that only manage hair on a day-to-day basis. A hair salon is a complex network of different specialists that work in harmony to make sure the salon is running smoothly. receptionists are brand ambassadors for your hair salon business, and they are an important part of that role, even if they are an entry level position.

When a client makes an appointment, the first point of contact is the receptionist. Your first impression is what matters. They are the last person a client will talk to.

The receptionist performs two important functions, the ability to offer a great first impression and a memorable final impression. Most assistants who get hired right out of school are looking to get their foot in the door at a salon to gain practical, real-world experience in the field. Individuals who are eager to learn and grow are the ones to look for.

It is necessary to hire someone who is willing to accept criticism as a new employee in the hair salon industry. Finding the right mix of experience and different individuals who are specialized in different functions is essential to any well-oiled salon operation. Some hair stylings will only cut hair for men or women, or even a specific type of cut, within either of those genres.

The Hair Salon Staff

If you are thinking about starting a salon business or are planning on opening one, you may be wondering about the staff and their responsibilities. If the hair salon has retail, they can help customers find products. The receptionist is the one who helps coordinate appointments and keep the salon schedule.

The salon assistant can wash hair, mix colors, clean workstations, and retrieve supplies while the stylists are busy. They help keep the work going and allow the stylists to focus on it. Similar to managers, they may keep track of customers and help tidy the work areas.

They can replace the positions in smaller salons. They need to be attentive to the needs of the hair salon. Although massage services do not have to do with beauty, they are attractive to many hair salon customers.

If the salon is small or on a tight budget, an aesthetician can provide massage services, but they don't have as advanced training in the area. A massage therapist makes about $32 an hour. Along with advertising openings on the company website and on billboards, a hair salon can post jobs online job boards, where they can provide more specific criteriand target a more specific audience.

The salon should provide clear information, focus on the prospect's abilities, and understand each application's skill set during the hiring process. Training salon staff on the spot can lower rates and allow the salon to focus on the members abilities. The salon has specific policies that will benefit the highly experienced.

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The Best Salon Assistants

Salon assistants are often the unsung heroes of the salon, the person that gives you a massage during your hair cut or a cup of tea while you wait for your hair cut. A salon would become a place of chaos without them. Some salon assistants will already have an NVQ level in hairdressing, while others will still be in training to acquire their qualifications, and be given day release to attend college in support of their NVQ level 2 hairdressing qualification.

Hairdressers need to meet requirements from salon to salon. Some salons require a minimum of 1 year of salon experience and some require no previous qualifications at all. Make sure you choose a salon that is a good fit for you when you apply for the salon assistant position.

Check the location, decor, general vibe and whether it is a good match for your personality and taste. You can satisfy yourself by checking out their training provision, as within a year or two you will be on the salon floor. The salon that is stickler for quality is the one to always go to.

You will come out a better person because of it. After a year or two of working in the salon, most assistants will be able to work as a hair or colourist. You can progress up the career ladder with the help of the more energy and commitment you put into the role and the opportunities and advantages you take to put your skills into practice.

Become an Assistant in Hair Salons

If you want to work in a salon, you will most likely be hired as an assistant. It is something you will need to do to get in the door. Many salons only promote from within, meaning that everyone starts as an assistant before they become a stylist.

The assistants are a vital part of the salon. If you are hired as an assistant, you will help keep the salon neat and organized by sweeping the floor, sterilizing equipment, washing used towels, and stocking retail products. One of the most important things you will be doing as an assistant is to provide customer service, which includes greet the client, guide them to their station, dress them in a cape, and offer them a beverage.

The success of the salon depends on making the client feel pampered. As an assistant, you will likely wash, rinse, and dry clients hair. You may be allowed to be more hands on with the clients.

The consultation process may include you, and the hair may be trimmed. It is a great chance to prove to the salon owners that you are a good fit for the salon team. If you want to be promoted to a stylist, you need to treat your job as a priority.

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Salon Assistants

The salon industry is growing and has a large part of the country's workforce. Each salon is a hive of organization and duties in the smallest or most casual locations. The salon assistant is a graduate of a school that offers advanced learning opportunities.

Their responsibilities include helping with color application, washing and blow-drying clients, and general housekeeping. State regulations allow for salon staff to earn while they learn. The duties are the same as an assistant, but the apprentice gets more guidance and instruction.

The Hair Care Assistants of a Braiding Salon

A shampooing assistant is supposed to prepare the client before treatment begins. The hair salon assistant and the hair stylist meet at the beginning of the day to discuss their client roster. They are briefed on the times and types of service each client will receive.

Once the client arrives, they perform tasks like giving the client a robe and offering her a beverage, and shampooing the client's hair before a cut, and other treatment-related functions that don't require the skill or licensing of a cosmetologist. The front desk of most hair braiding establishments gets some relief by the help of the hair assistant. The duties include taking phone appointments, making confirmation calls, greeting clients and scheduling walk-ins.

The upkeep and overall maintenance of the salon is done by the hair care assistants. Some of the duties include washing robes and towels, assisting the stylists in organizing and re-stocking their stations, and sweeping up hair after a client's haircut. They can be required to clean sinks and salon instruments.

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Hairstylist Jobs in Salon and Spa

Hair stylist assistants help with all the hair styling tasks. Salons and spas hire hair stylist assistants to work full-time, part-time, and part-time during flexible shifts, which include weekends. Hair stylist assistants are not required to travel to perform their normal duties.

Salons and spas require hair stylist assistants to have a high school education or GED. Many employers will accept job candidates who are working toward their license or hope to get one in the future, even if they have to work as hair stylist assistants. Licensing is required before hair stylist assistants become hair stylists.

Candidates must pass a state exam to become licensed. Most spas and salons give hair stylist assistants with sales commission bonuses. Hairdressers receive tips from customers.

Providing exceptional customer service and high quality treatments in the salon

Deliver outstanding customer service while providing high quality treatments. Assist guests and team members as needed to keep the salon flowing smoothly.

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A salon assistant is a person who helps a lead stylist. Responsibilities and duties may include gathering supplies, mixing colors, shampooing hair, and general cleaning. Some assistants schedule appointments. Some states require you to pass a licensing exam before you can work as a salon assistant.

A Senior Salon Assistant Position in a Multitasking Environment

Salon Assistant with an excellent reputation for resolving problems and improving customer satisfaction is the objective. To work in an organization with a responsible position that will expand the abilities, skills and sense of dedication towards the duties with the aim of bringing operational and customer service excellence for the company. Highly organized Junior Salon is the objective.

An assistant efficient in fast-paced multitasking environments is able to prioritize effectively to accomplish objectives with creativity, enthusiasm, and humor. Enhancement of personal and professional skills is a must for working in a competitive organization. A Senior Salon Assistant is looking for a position within a well- structured and pleasant firm that will effectively utilize the communicative, written, and administrative skills.

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Salon Employee Handbook

Every industry, every business, and every manager has their own rules for their staff members and employees, so having a salon employee handbook is essential and it's a perfect place to keep your salon policies in. The goal of your salon employee handbook is to keep the salon in harmony, and to keep employees in check. Before the policies and procedures of the hair salon begin to be implemented, remember to welcome them to the company.

If the salon employment handbook starts off positive, employees will be more willing to work there. It is difficult to determine the dress code for your employees and there is no one set of clothes that is suitable for all the roles in a salon and spa facility. You may have different requirements for clothing for different jobs.

It pays to think about what kind of image you want to give your customers. Salons often require their staff to dress well for their job. A massage therapist may be required to wear an apron and mask, while a receptionist may be required to dress in smart business attire.

Your salon has policies for time off that include holidays and vacations, sick leave, jury duty, maternity leave, bereavement leave, medical and disability leave, personal or medical leave, and leave for military service. Do you still need ideas for writing a handbook? There are a lot of free salon employee handbook samples available for download, but you might still want to look at some examples of what you'll get.

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