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Published: 10 Mar 2019

A Job Description for a Salon Receptionist, How to Find a Hair Salon Assistant, Cover Letter for the Job of Hair Salon Receptionist and more about hair salon receptionist job. Get more data about hair salon receptionist job for your career planning.

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A Job Description for a Salon Receptionist

Hairdressers, beauty therapists, and spa services are some of the services Salon receptionists manage. They greet and tend to customers, manage bookings, and perform a variety of administrative tasks. You should have good organizational and marketing skills to be a salon receptionist. A top-notch salon receptionist should be able to stay calm in difficult situations and provide excellent customer service.

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How to Find a Hair Salon Assistant

It is a common misconception that hair salon are run by a few hair stylists that only manage hair on a day-to-day basis. A hair salon is a complex network of different specialists that work in harmony to make sure the salon is running smoothly. receptionists are brand ambassadors for your hair salon business, and they are an important part of that role, even if they are an entry level position.

When a client makes an appointment, the first point of contact is the receptionist. Your first impression is what matters. They are the last person a client will talk to.

The receptionist performs two important functions, the ability to offer a great first impression and a memorable final impression. Most assistants who get hired right out of school are looking to get their foot in the door at a salon to gain practical, real-world experience in the field. Individuals who are eager to learn and grow are the ones to look for.

It is necessary to hire someone who is willing to accept criticism as a new employee in the hair salon industry. Finding the right mix of experience and different individuals who are specialized in different functions is essential to any well-oiled salon operation. Some hair stylings will only cut hair for men or women, or even a specific type of cut, within either of those genres.

Cover Letter for the Job of Hair Salon Receptionist

A hair salon receptionist is a person who is in the salon to help clients get their hair done and to make inquiries about the services the salon provides. Salon receptionists are known for their high level of phone politeness as they answer calls from clients who want to make inquiries or make reservations for a visit to the salon. The job description example given above can provide useful information in creating the professional experience section of the resume, as well as for other sections, if you prepare a resume for the job of receptionist in a hair salon.

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Hair Salon Receptionists

The receptionist at a beauty shop is one of the most important positions in the office. Hairdressers and receptionists depend on each other a lot to keep clients and perform their jobs. The receptionists of the hair salon are the ones who are responsible for making sure that the clients are happy and that a higher level service is provided.

The work duties of a hair salon receptionist include greeting clients, delivering them with details, scheduling appointments and being sure that clients have already acquired the services they have asked for. It is not an easy job to be a beauty shop receptionist since you have to deal with many different people at the same time. Customer happiness is the main goal here, so it's important for hair salon receptionists to be pleasant and courteous always.

Salon Receptionist Job Description

Customer experience is becoming more important in a salon today and the receptionist is the one who is monitoring the experience of clients. The receptionist of a salon is a person who looks after clients, provides them with a complimentary beverage or magazine, and takes the clients coat, and ensures that the client is introduced to the relevant salon staff member within the salon or spa. The receptionist should be able to give information about the services and products in the salon if the client is a walk-in client.

The receptionist should know the duties of the salon manager. As a salon receptionist, you must communicate a lot and smile a lot. You have to be a good speaker.

It is important that appointments are canceled for clients. If your salon does not have a system for sending appointment reminders, they will call clients and remind them of their booking. To assist in providing services if staff is in crowds, to promote products and services of the salon, to monitor stock and inform the salon manager when they are in shortage, and to assist in providing services if staff is in a shortage.

If you communicate with customers enough, you will be able to service them better. A higher salary is a result of your boss being happy with you. Do not be afraid of your future in the salon, work hard and do not be afraid for your future.

You can work at spas, cruise lines, private clubs, and other places. You will enjoy your job because of the nice working conditions. The receptionists at a salon could be in a similar position to the hair cut providers, as the dress code is dictated by the head office.

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First impressions at the salon

When you are busy, don't pick up the phone, walk away or start chatting to a colleague as a client walks up to the front desk. It looks off hand you have to make a great first impression. As they walk in, acknowledge every client.

A smile, nod and 'I'll be with you shortly, please take a seat' works best. Ignoring a queue makes people angry and makes them feel grumpy. It is tempting to talk to a colleague or share gossip, but keep it for later.

It is not only unfitting but those clients who hear you will wonder what you are saying. The team works in a way that includes the salon co-ordinator, receptionists and the client journey from booking to paying. It is important that you understand the business systems so that you can explain to clients what you are doing.

When you can't access your salon software, answer calls quickly, ideally by the 3rd ring, and keep a note pad handy for phone numbers, names and email addresses. The receptionist is responsible for the first and last impressions a client has of you. Your front desk is one of the most important marketing tools, although many owners see it as a cost centre rather than a marketing tool.

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