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Published: 3 Feb 2019

The role of the head server in upscale establishments, The Lead Server at a Mexican Restaurant, Properties of Preferred Bridgehead Servers and more about head server job. Get more data about head server job for your career planning.

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The role of the head server in upscale establishments

The head server is waiting on patrons. They are dedicated to exceptional customer service and coordinate the efforts of others on staff to ensure diners walk away satisfied. Head server are found at upscale eateries and hotels.

Shifts can be part-time or full-time and can be scheduled to coincide with when the establishment is open. The head server spend a lot of time on their feet. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the field of head server is expected to increase between 2016 and 2026.

Competition for head server positions will be higher than for waitstaff jobs because of prestige and better pay. The head server is just serving. Diners are asked what they want to eat by head server and they are given the correct food to bring to the table.

Head server are not managers, but they coordinate the actions of others to keep operations going. They can assign opening and closing duties, send individuals to retrieve items such as a forgotten salad or a new fork, and instruct them to refill water glasses. If there are problems between staff members, head server may step in.

New hires may take a long time to get up to speed. Expertise about the menu allows head server to converse with guests. Head server should be able to explain things.

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The Lead Server at a Mexican Restaurant

Lead server responsibilities include resolving customer complaints when a manager is not present or is busy. The lead waiter makes sure that an unhappy guest gets his meal properly prepared or modified to his satisfaction. Managing the staff schedule is one of the lead server duties.

They assign daily side work for floor staff to make sure the restaurant runs smoothly. Extras such as bread, tortilla chips and butter are stocked for the oncoming shift or cleaned out at closing. The lead waiter may be responsible for checking the books of the server at the end of each shift.

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A Multi-tasking Head Server for a Hotel Dining and Catering Business

A Head server is responsible for the overall dining experience at the food establishment. A Head server resume emphasizes job duties such assigning opening and closing duties, monitoring the staff, and assessing customer satisfaction. A hotel dining and Catering professional is versed in guest services food and beverage operations.

Gourmet dining and afternoon tea services are experienced in large scale events. A server is successful at multi-tasking and delivering prompt and friendly service. During peak hours, has a positive attitude and sense of humor.

Highly effective at accommodating customers. Headline: experienced server with enthusiasm, dedication and exceptional work ethics. Trained in customer service and kowledge.

A dedication to postitive guest relations makes him high energy and outgoing. Customer service and cash handling are background areas. The goal was to provide excellent guest service and to have a dependable fine dinning server.

Excellent multi-tasker Delivers exceptional customer service, and it is clean and professional. A personality that is engaging. A highly organized and detail oriented Head server with over 5 years in the industry providing great customer service while building repeat clientele is needed to help build a repeat clientele.

The Head Waiter in a Sushi Bar

A head or lead sushi server is a beverage and food service professional who has outstanding service skills and many years of experience as a server in a sushi place. The head server takes orders from patrons and provides them with items they want, and then takes their request to the chef and kitchen staff. The server is the one who prepares the food for the guests.

The lead server is always happy for the guests to leave the establishment. The head waiter in a smaller establishment is called the maitre d'. You are responsible for the quality of each diner and guests experience.

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The Growth of Head Waitresses in a Restaurant

One of the main duties of a head waitress is to serve customers, and to relay customer orders to kitchen staff, and deliver food and beverages. Head waitresses have a high level of familiarity with menu items. Head waitresses are often responsible for training new server, making sure they are familiar with restaurant policies and practices and evaluating their performance during their first few shifts.

They give direction and guidance to server that are not experienced. Head waitresses may be responsible for scheduling and determining when more staff is needed. They look at the restaurant's staff schedules and booking to see if there is enough staff to cover a shift.

In case of staff absences, head waitresses may provide backup or call in a server. The average annual salary for a head waitress is $26,157 according to Glassdoor. Successful server and employees of higher-end restaurants may make more money than less-experienced server because head waitresses often receive a base pay plus tips.

Waiter and waitress in a restaurant

A server at a restaurant answers questions about the menu, sells food and drinks, takes payment, seats customers, and helps with cleaning. A waiter or waitress is a person who serves food.

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The Head Waiter's Pay: A Survey

The head waiter takes the orders from their tables and then talks to the kitchen and bar staff to place the food and drink orders. They check that the waitstaff place orders correctly and deliver them to the correct tables. There is no academic requirement for head waiter.

They must earn an official food handler's card from the state to work in that state. Most of their education is from on-the-job training. They have been a waiter for many years and know all they need to know.

The national median hourly wage for waiter and waitress is $9.61, according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bottom 10 percent make less than $8.22, and the top 10 percent make more than $18.49. The amount of tips and the type of restaurant are the main factors that affect pay.

The Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management is a general organization for those who have management responsibilities in the industry. They have many head waiter. The guide is good for head waiter who want to open a restaurant someday.

A Non-verbal Communication Skills for Restaurants

You can switch shifts with other server if you need to work both weekdays and weekends. If a restaurant is understaffed, you might work different hours than you planned. Employers are looking to see if you are willing to help your colleagues.

If another server gets too busy, they might ask you to help with smaller tasks, such assisting them with setting tables or taking their customers' payments at the cash register. Non-verbal communication is a soft skill that helps build a relationship with your customers. A great server has positive body language, proper volume and tone, and appropriate eye contact with customers.

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Communication Skills in a Restaurant Server Position

The responsibilities of a server are more than just taking orders. They need to be knowledgeable about the menu and be prepared to answer questions. They need to think quickly to resolve dining issues and understand special requests and considerations.

Customer service skills are the most important skills for any server to possess, but they can be difficult to teach. Employers like to see that you already have the skills needed for customer service on your resume. A server needs skills like active listening, creative problem-solving and memorization.

The dining industry is a result of a team effort. The dining area and kitchen must be in perfect sync to maximize the efficiency of service, and that includes effort on the server's part. List skills that you can use to communicate.

Whether you are writing an order or asking for information different dishes, written and verbal communication is important. Cleaning and organization are some of the responsibilities of a server. The dining room is supposed to be prepared before services, and that means knowing how to set tables and create a welcoming atmosphere.

The server is expected to complete general cleaning duties at the end of the night. Mention your attention to detail and ability to spot clean throughout your shift to keep the restaurant looking tidy. Customer service skills are relevant to a server position, whether it is general communication or the ability to upsell.

A Professional Head Server

A highly accomplished and professional Head server with a good customer service record. A great worker who thrives in a fast paced work environment. A good at addressing tense and unpleasant situations in a smooth and efficient manner.

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Communication Skills for a Fine Dining Restaurant Server

Being a food server is not easy. The work can be physically demanding. You are on your feet for long shifts, often rushing from table to table, sometimes carrying heavy trays of food.

Being a server requires good memory, diplomacy, and the ability to interact with a wide variety of people. Food service can be lucrative and enjoyable. Depending on the clientele, it can be lucrative.

Minimum wage checks are the main checks on some server. Others take home thousands of dollars a month. The skills listed below are universal and can impact your income earning potential, even if you work at a high-end fine dining establishment.

You need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with customers and colleagues as a food server. You need to be able to listen attentively, understand customer concerns, and relay them to the cooks or management effectively. You may need to memorize some of the menu or the history of the restaurant to convey it to customers.

You will be surrounded by people and their demands as a food server. It's easy to get distracted by a loud customer. An interesting conversation with a co-worker or a friendly patron might lead to neglecting your work.

Multitasking in Point-of Sale Systems

Technical knowledge is required to perform job duties as a server. Point-of-sale systems can include assigning people to tables, entering orders, and processing payments. General knowledge may be transferred between different systems.

The server are multitasking. You can focus your attention the customer without being distracted by other open tasks if you have active listening skills. It also shows respect for the customer and that you care about providing the best experience by engaging with them.

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A Server Resume Example

The best possible dining experience is provided by the server. They serve food and answer questions about the menu. A server resume should include relevant experience in the dining industry and skills such as active listening, problem-solving, and stress tolerance.

The pro tip is to always be on the lookout. Writing a server resume with no serving experience? Go for a chronological resume format.

You can transfer skills from your other jobs. The pro tip is to always be on the lookout. Flexibility and time management are required in a fast-paced environment.

How to Make Your Server Fun at a Restaurant

Cross training with other employees can give valuable insight into a restaurant. It is helpful to have your waitstaff training team train with other key positions first before new server training begins. Incentives for performance are important for keeping your staff engaged.

You can give server a reward for participating in training sessions. The winner of the server contest will receive a gift card each week. There are many ways to make your server fun to work in.

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