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Published: 12 Aug 2021

Night Auditors: A Mixture of Customer Service Representative and Accounting Clerk, A Hotel Night Auditor, Night Auditors in a Big Hotel and more about hotel night auditor job. Get more data about hotel night auditor job for your career planning.

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Night Auditors: A Mixture of Customer Service Representative and Accounting Clerk

A night auditor's job description is a mix of customer service representatives and accounting clerks. Customer service night audits include welcoming guests and getting them checked into their rooms, responding to guests' requests, and coordinating with other hotel workers to finish the day's work. Accounting duties include taking payments, reconciling accounts, and balancing the cash drawer.

You can expect to spend your shift standing at the front desk, walking around to rooms and sometimes lifting items. You need a high school diploma, basic math and accounting skills, and a good knowledge of various software applications, such as productivity software, to be an auditor for night. Employers may prefer that you have a year or more of experience in accounting, customer service, and the like.

You can expect the establishment to give you short-term training, which will cover the processes for managing guest reservations, performing accounting tasks and providing customer service as well as using the front desk software. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts night auditors in the job category of hotel, motel and resort desk clerks, an occupation that earned a median wage of $22,850 a year in May. Half of desk clerks earned more than this.

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A Hotel Night Auditor

A hotel night auditor is the only person who can answer calls during the night. The ability to access calls and voicemails is important. The auditor may have to make wake-up calls for guests.

Night auditors are responsible for accounting for the day's cash flow, reconciling guest accounts, and preparing a daily revenue report. The night auditor will have to research the cause if errors are found. The hotel manager will be notified the next day if the cause can't be found.

Hotel night auditors might need to review supply delivery slips and compare them against inventory received to make sure no errors were made in the order. Guests will be checked in and out at night auditor's all hours of the day and night. The night auditor is needed for the influx and outflow of traffic when assisting guests arriving on red-eye flights or early in the day.

The number of guests in a hotel is bound to increase. Guests will sometimes request extra pillows or towels from the front desk. An air conditioner that isn't cooling properly may be a maintenance issue.

Guests complain about noise from other guests. Night time emergencies are not a common occurrence. In the event of a medical emergency with a guest, the front desk may be contacted, and the hotel night auditor must remain calm and efficient.

Night Auditors in a Big Hotel

Many people wonder what night auditor is and what definition of night auditor there is. The night auditor is a team of people who work at night at the reception of the hotel and hold the duties of the front desk officer and accountant. The duties and responsibilities of the night auditor can be changed by the hotel.

A team works on a night auditing process in a big hotel, as there are a lot of things to do simultaneously. In small lodges, a single person is the night auditor. How much does a night auditor make?

The night auditor's salary is usually around $11 for an hour. Depending on the hotel and services provided to the staff, the pay rates can go from $8.15 to $14.26 for an hour. The average salary of a night auditor in the United States is $22,005.

The number is determined by the years of experience and educational qualification. Night audit is compulsory in hotels as it provides a wholesome report on hotel finances, reservations, and daily transactions. The night audit team helps on the front desk in generating guest folios during date rollover, as well as updating the housekeeping status and keeping up with the hotel security.

Night audit process is a crucial task which requires a lot of responsibility and concentration for completion. There are a lot of jobs that night auditor of a hotel has to do. Revenue verification is one of the major tasks.

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Cloud-based Hotel Property Management System

The environment of the hotel runs all the time. Guests check in and checkout. Every check-out, hotels need to keep track of transactions with cash or cards.

Hotels need to reconcile their transactions at the end of the day. The night audit process is to get revenue against different revenue heads. The night auditor makes sure that the no-shows are charged and the rooms are available for future dates by checking the front office console.

You can also automate the whole process with Hotelogix. You can run an audit without logging into your account. The Hotelogix PMS will do the check-in and no-shows based on the setup in the admin console.

Night Audit: A Proven Method for Managing Guest and Non-Guest Accounts

A successful night audit process balances guest and non-guest accounts. It helps to monitor account credit and delivers timely reports to the management. The chance of correct account settlement increases when regular night audits are conducted.

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Night Auditors: A Job Description

Night auditors work at hotels. They perform the duties of both an accountant and a front desk agent by handling finances, as well as checking guests in or out and attending to their requests. To be a successful night auditor, you need to have good attention to detail, financial savvy, and a strong customer service. Top candidates will be able to manage their time in a way that will allow them to prioritize their work.

Night Auditors: A Field-Specific Experience in Hotel Front Desk Management

Night Auditors work in hotels and other lodging establishments. Night Auditors have skills that include operating specialized vehicles to transport consumers and power chairs to and from appointments, and keeping a daily log of medication disbursements. A formal educational background is not required for a job in accounting, hospitality, or bookkeeping.

New hires are usually provided on-the-job training. As a front desk clerk, I had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients. The night clerk had to make decisions without the need for a supervisor's intervention.

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Night Auditors: A Career in Management

Night auditors work from home and can be full or part-time. Depending on work experience, skills, education and certifications, a hotel or resort's size, location and level of service, front desk agents can be paid more than other employees. Most employers prefer a high school degree for night auditor positions.

An Associate's Degree in Business, Administration or Hospitality can beneficial to those who want to advance their career. Auditors learn the skills and knowledge they need for their role while working as a front desk agent or another entry level customer service focused role. Training is usually part of the orientation process with a new employer, and can include a period of reviewing training videos and safety instruction, followed by a night auditor for one to two weeks, or until the new employee feels proficient enough to complete tasks on their own.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are needed to greet guests, answer phones, and write reports about activity taking place during the overnight shift. Night auditors use software to complete tasks. Basic literacy is needed to use reservation software and payment processing programs, with a more thorough understanding of bookkeeping and digital auditing programs required.

Entry level front desk positions, retail, and customer service are some of the places that can help you become a night auditor. It is helpful to perform tasks that require processing credit card batches and working with accounting software to perform daily accounting and auditing functions. You should include your highest level of education, industry-related certifications and work history.

A Job Description for Hotel Night Auditors

Hotel Night Auditors reconcile the hotel's daily accounting to ensure an accurate assessment of both room use and revenue. Candidates' sample resume states that skills required by the job include maintaining the guest register, accurately entering details, and drafting bills or levy expenses charges. For entry-level employment, applicants must have a high school degree on their resume, but postsecondary education can beneficial in fields like technology and accounting.

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