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Published: 9 Mar 2020

A Job Description for a Housing Assistant, A Postgraduate Degree in Housing Studies, Executive Housekeepers in a Hotel, On the Shared Supervision or Matrix Management Responsibility for a Project Team and more about housing management assistant job. Get more data about housing management assistant job for your career planning.

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A Job Description for a Housing Assistant

A housing assistant's job is to help people with their housing needs. Helping people secure housing, ensuring housing facilities are safe, and collecting housing payments are some of the tasks that the job typically involves.

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A Postgraduate Degree in Housing Studies

You can manage housing and related services for housing associations, local authorities, charities and private sector organizations. Your role will involve managing a designated patch of housing and keeping in regular contact with tenants, looking after rental income and dealing with repairs and neighbour nuisance issues. It's common to work with people with disabilities or homeless.

You may have line management responsibility for a team of housing officers, rent arrears staff and tenancy support officers. You will work Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Shift work is standard if you work in a supported housing project and you have to attend evening meetings with tenants or residents.

Flexible hours, job sharing and career breaks are offered by many employers. Entry without a degree is possible. Larger housing associations are more likely to recruit graduates with personal qualities and experience than smaller housing associations.

Pre-entry experience in housing or customer service is important for some posts. Gaining experience in tenants' associations, housing association committees or in similar community roles is useful, as is vacation or voluntary work with local authority housing departments or housing associations. If you get a place on a graduate scheme, you will gain experience in a range of housing departments and may be given support to get a professional qualification accredited by CIH.

Try to get support from your employer in studying for a professional qualification. If you want to become a fully chartered member of CIH, you can study for a postgraduate degree such as the Masters degree in Housing Studies or the Postgraduate degree in Sociology. You can progress by focusing on a certain area, such as homelessness assessment, anti-social behavior, special needs housing, tenant support and liaison, allocations, rent accounts or urban renewal and regeneration.

Executive Housekeepers in a Hotel

There are entire teams of hotel maids who do the hotel sheets' work. The lower-level maids do most of the cleaning. The assistant executive housekeepers have responsibilities that include being responsible for the clean up of the public areas.

The public areas include the lobby, bathroom, stairwells and hallways. A housekeeping assistant manager may have to deal with guests' complaints, assign keys, and prepare meeting rooms for events. Discipline and reward of housekeeping staff is one of the things that they need to do as a manager.

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On the Shared Supervision or Matrix Management Responsibility for a Project Team

The above criteria do not meet the shared supervision or matrix management responsibility for a project team. The functions of an assistant manager do not meet the criteria.

An Experienced Assistant Housekeeping Manager

An assistant housekeeping manager is an assistant to the housekeeping manager and they disburse various roles and responsibilities that include inspecting rooms for clean, ensuring the standard rules and safety is followed, coordinating with housekeeping managers in work delegation, maintaining schedule, and checking every detail of the room from fridge to beds. An assistant housekeeping manager with 7 years of management experience is highly energetic and motivated. A leader with the ability to consistently exceed goals, a great team motivator, and excellent attention to details, is what I would describe as a demonstrated leader.

The assistant housekeeping manager has over 26 years of experience with operations, finance, and accounting, budgeting and forecasting, profit and loss administration, recruiting and staff development, quality assurance, marketing, sales and public relations. Increased efficiency, reduced costs, and increased profits can be achieved through the use of strong problem resolution skills. A friendly and enthusiastic assistant housekeeping manager with 8 years of experience in front desk and housekeeping in construction and hotel management.

Able to learn new tasks quickly and grow customer relationships. Communication and time management skills are excellent. Handles tasks with accuracy and efficiency.

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