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Published: 25 Mar 2019

An outstanding housing specialist, Orientation, housing search and support for program participants, Housing with care - Guidance on supported accommodation, Community Support Specialists and more about housing support specialist job. Get more data about housing support specialist job for your career planning.

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An outstanding housing specialist

You should have good listening skills and a good amount of patience to be a housing specialist. An outstanding housing specialist should be knowledgeable about the property market, social services, and legal restrictions.

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Orientation, housing search and support for program participants

orienting all eligible participants to the program and providing housing search and supportive services to promote participants self sufficiency, integration into the community, and permanency in housing are some of the tasks that work involves. The principal duties are performed in the field and in the community where program participants live.

Housing with care - Guidance on supported accommodation

A supported housing model is where a housing provider enters into a long- term lease with investors to deliver housing rather than own the housing stock directly. Specified housing is supported housing that is recognised within the regulations. Welfare reform provisions such as the benefit cap, housing benefit no longer being paid directly to the landlord, and the removal of the spare room subsidy are not applicable to individuals living in such accommodations.

Over time, the definition of supported housing has changed. Most people living in supported housing are receiving housing benefit to help pay for their housing costs. Annexe A contains more information about supported housing and housing benefit.

The Care Quality Commission regulates personal care. The guidance, Housing with care - Guidance on regulated activities for providers of supported living and extra care housing, covers the provision of personal care for people who need it because of old age, illness or disability, where the care is provided. If you are in a lease-based SSH scheme, you should create a set of plain English communication materials to help tenants and families understand who to contact if they have any questions.

Over time, the definition of supported housing has changed. Most people living in supported housing are receiving housing benefit to help pay for their housing costs. In 1996, a category of supported housing was created to allow housing benefit to meet the costs of providing supported housing.

The rules that the council must follow to restrict the maximum rent to a rent officer determination level are exempt from the termexempt. Care, support or supervision must be provided to the tenants by the landlord for a housing benefit claim to be treated as an exempt accommodation claim. There is no definition of care, support or supervision, and there is no specification about how much care, support or supervision is needed.

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Community Support Specialists

Community support specialists can help children and adults with mental illness. The worker determines the client's individual needs through outreach and collaboration. A community support specialist provides housing and other services.

You can have a rewarding career as a community support worker if you have a strong commitment to mental health advocacy. The community support specialist is important to deescalate a mental health crisis. Communication with family members or personal observations may be used to learn of the unstable behavior.

The specialist may try to convince the client to seek professional help on his own. The specialist may notify law enforcement or the client's psychologist if there is an emergency. The support specialist will visit the hospital to arrange the discharge of clients who are in the hospital.

The Salary of a Housing Specialist

Housing specialists conduct an eligibility assessment for each client. They teach clients how to resolve issues with their landlords and how to be a tenant. They reach out to property owners and local resources to increase their inventory of housing.

They help clients with limited financial means to find decent housing. Maintaining records is a key responsibility. Some employers require a minimum of a high school degree and a minimum of one or more years of relevant work experience in order to hire.

An associate degree is preferred by other employers. If the housing specialist can demonstrate the skills required for the job, then a combination of education and experience is acceptable. According to Glassdoor.com, the average annual salary for housing specialists is between $37,000 and $66,878.

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Housing Specialist Resume Examples

Housing Specialists help their clients find and keep affordable housing. They work with vulnerable or underserved clients and perform duties such assessing client eligibility, finding solutions for low income clients, updating records, and reporting to government agencies. A well-written resume sample for Housing Specialist shows that strong communication and networking skills are important.

On a Housing Specialist example resume, social services training is often seen. Taking ownership of the housing process for large scale sporting events and professional conferences on multiple accounts allowed us to manage the full scope of housing services. As liaison between Housing Authority and Public Housing and Section 8 residents, I was accountable for reviewing, researching, and resolving customer concerns.

Field calls ensured the resolution of maintenance, safety and security issues for 100 units. Conduct initial, annual, special and vaccum unit inspections for the Section 8 and related assisted housing programs, ensure proper condition of units, develop service quality improvement initiatives for both contract and private facilities, and implement and monitor outcomes. Quality control inspections are conducted for SEMAP.

A Master's Degree in Social Work and 9 Years Experience as a Housing Specialist

The Housing Specialist understands the difficulties of moving from homelessness to adequate housing. Excellent social skills and determination to help the less fortunate access housing resources are what I have. A Master's Degree in Social Work and nine years of Housing Specialist Experience is what I have.

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Skills and employment training in the local labour market

Skills and employment training are also involved with housing associations. Housing associations play a much broader role than providing housing in supporting residents with financial management, skills development and employment advice. Their work and experiences offer insights into how skills policy could be improved.

Many design, deliver and fund their own programmes. Tenants gain basic and level 1 qualifications when the skills support is offered. Career development and in-work progression are also assisted by some housing associations.

In order to offer programmes that increase local skills levels and employment a clear understanding of the challenges and strengths of the local labour market are required. Housing associations have a good understanding of the local market and can respond to the challenges of their cities. The housing association has a package of support for tenants to overcome barriers to sustained work.

The team provides advice, counseling and referrals to specialist organizations on a range of factors that can be the root cause of unemployment, including literacy problems, substance misuse, domestic violence and health problems. The Jobs-Plus programme is one of the few initiatives that looks at the long-term effects on participants. The aim was to increase the number of public housing residents moving into work.

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