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Published: 18 Jan 2021

Careers in Statistics: From Statistical Science to Business, Security clearance for U.S, HUMINT Collectors and Screeners, Human Intelligence Collector Resume, Interrogation Missions and more about human intelligence collector job. Get more data about human intelligence collector job for your career planning.

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Careers in Statistics: From Statistical Science to Business

Depending on which specialty you pursue, you might be interested in a career as a lawyer, statistician, marketing manager, advertising executive, mathematician, computer scientist, reporter, social worker or counselor.

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Security clearance for U.S

A security clearance is granted to an army human intelligence collector if they are a U.S. citizen. They must take the DLAB test and score the required minimums.

HUMINT Collectors and Screeners

6-1. HUMINT is the collection of foreign information from people and multimedia to identify elements, intentions, composition, strength, dispositions, tactics, equipment, personnel, and capabilities. It uses human sources as a tool and a variety of collection methods to gather information to satisfy the commander's intelligence requirements and cross-cue other intelligence disciplines.

6-1. HUMINT Collectors gather foreign information from people and media sources to identify adversary elements, intentions, composition, strength, dispositions, tactics, equipment, personnel, and capabilities. It uses a variety of methods to gather information, and crosses-cue other intelligence disciplines.

Screening. Screening is the process of selecting sources for the collection of information in support of commander's PIRs and IRs. Screening takes priority information from the source and the degree of difficulty in getting that information from the source.

Screening is vital to the rapid collection of information. There are 11 events. HUMINT products include, but are not limited to, target nomination, input to threat and vulnerability assessments, intelligence estimates, and intelligence information reports.

Intelligence derived from HUMINT activities is incorporated into intelligence databases. The COP has HUMINT products in it. HUMINT production is done at all levels.

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Human Intelligence Collector Resume

Human intelligence Collectors are in the army and provide information to military staff. Human Intelligence Collectors are responsible for identifying enemy forces intentions and capabilities, determining opponent vulnerabilities, conducting interrogations, and coordinating information collection operations. Skills such as knowledge of interrogation methods, computer competences, foreign language, and confidentiality are included in successful resume samples for Human Intelligence Collector.

Military training and foreign language studies are included in a resume for Human Intelligence Collector. US military personnel were given information about enemy forces, strength, capabilities, vulnerabilities and intentions. Conducted source operations, interrogations and debriefing.

Interrogation Missions

Your duties may include conducting intelligence gathering missions involving human sources, interrogating and debriefing, as well as other tactical and strategic interrogation-related duties, developing intelligence gathering and collection missions, as well as interrogation plans, advising military organizations based on intelligence gathering, and coordinating with federal.

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MOSC 35M4O - A Language Training Program for HUMINT Source Operations

The guidance to the Soldiers is provided by the MOSC 35M4O. Contributes to HUMINT source operations. In war, conflict and peace, manages document exploitation operations in a combined or joint environment, establishes and manages a language training program for language personnel, and manages HUMINT collector personnel.

Military Intelligence: Detecting Terrorists

The member of military intelligence teams supported investigations and operations that resulted in the arrest of suspected terrorists. Intelligence operations have success due to knowledge, experience, and noteworthy success. Expertise in subtle psychological manipulation techniques, pattern recognition, and lie detection is boosted by extensive training and real-world experience.

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