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Published: 25 Apr 2021

Import-Exex Export Manager: A Job Description, Import Coordinators in Logistics, Import Coordination, Logistics country managers, The Pay of Import and Export Workers in the United Arab Emirates and more about import coordinator job. Get more data about import coordinator job for your career planning.

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Import-Exex Export Manager: A Job Description

The managers of import-export are in charge of the movement of goods. Goods entering the United States are imports, and goods leaving the country are exports. One of the responsibilities of an import manager is to ensure that shipments move through complicated global supply chains while juggling everyday duties at the home office.

Companies with import-export managers include freight forwarders, third-party logistics companies, large retailers and manufacturers. Import-export managers are in a fast-paced environment. Export Manager duties include maintaining good working relationships with clients, vendors and government agency representatives.

Have regular meetings with customers to address issues. The manager can recommend renewing contracts or moving to a company that provides better service or charges a lower price by talking with current and potential vendors. The import-export manager is involved in meetings with the regulatory agency if they visit the company.

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Import Coordinators in Logistics

Logistics companies use import coordinators. Many companies do not require a degree at all, and instead use other criteria to find employees. Most companies prefer applicants who have experience in data entry and know the industry.

Import Coordination

An import coordination should have strong interaction and computer skills. An asset is the ability to direct a unit in an organization.

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Logistics country managers

Logistics country managers ensure the distribution of goods in the most efficient way. They are responsible for making sure that items are processed in a cost-effective way.

The Pay of Import and Export Workers in the United Arab Emirates

The 25th and 75th percentiles are close to the median. 25% of people working in Import and Export are earning less than 10,900 AED, while 75% of them are earning more than 10,900. 75% of people working in Import and Export are earning less than 26,500 AED, while 25% are earning more than 26,500.

It does, and it should not have an effect on pay. Men or women get paid more. Male employees in the United Arab Emirates who work in Import and Export earn more than their female counterparts.

The salary increase for import and export professionals in the United Arab Emirates is 8% every 17 months. 8% is granted to employees every 17 months for all professions. The field of import and export is considered to be a moderate bonus based field due to the limited involvement in direct revenue generation.

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