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Published: 2 Feb 2020

Kitchen Porters, A Kitchen Porter's Guide, A Kitchen Porter Job in London, A Cooking Porter Job Description, CV Examples for Kitchen Porters and more about kitchen porter job. Get more data about kitchen porter job for your career planning.

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Kitchen Porters

Kitchen Porters are responsible for washing pots and pans, keeping floors clean, and occasionally helping with food prep work. We would like to meet you if you think you will enjoy the buzz of a busy kitchen.

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A Kitchen Porter's Guide

Kitchen porters clean dishes, utensils, and other cooking equipment, assist cooks with basic food preparation, and ensure that kitchens are clean and orderly. They are employed by establishments that prepare food for public consumption. To be successful as a kitchen porter, you should be able to communicate and follow instructions. Kitchen workers should follow food health and safety regulations while doing their jobs.

A Kitchen Porter Job in London

A kitchen porter working for a restaurant in London is more likely to make more money than a kitchen porter working for a small pub outside of the capital. A kitchen porter with 2 years experience may be offered a higher hourly rate. Employers will still be looking for certain soft skills and personal attributes.

Kitchen porters can get some qualifications and certifications that can help them land roles and progress quicker. Junior jobs in themselves are the kitchen porter roles. It is easy to get a kitchen porter role if the candidate is willing to work hard and commit to the role.

The head chef has second in command. They help with everything from preparing and cooking food to negotiating with suppliers. Sous chefs are great candidates for head chef jobs after a few years of experience because of their management and leadership skills.

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A Cooking Porter Job Description

The role of kitchen porter is an entry level position that could be used to start a career in a restaurant. It is a job that is popular with people with little work experience. Basic food preparation may be responsibility of the worker.

Top class eateries will never have a kitchen porter do anything other than peel potatoes or unwrap ingredients. Smaller kitchens usually ask for help with salads and desserts. A growing number of companies are hiring kitchen porters on a casual basis.

It is a role with hourly pay and recruiters prefer applicants with experience. A kitchen porter job description requires good communication and customer service skills. Candidates should be able to work on their own initiative and have a good degree of physical fitness.

There are no specific educational qualifications required to become a kitchen porter, as you will receive on-the-job training. You may be encouraged to take a course in food hygiene by your employer. If you want to progress to the level of kitchen assistant or trainee chef, you will need to have a lot of experience in the kitchen and you should take a certificate or diploma course in General Cookery or something similar.

It is a position that many people associate with short-term work. If you are willing to work hard and be patient, it could be the beginning of a career. The industry has a high turnover rate.

CV Examples for Kitchen Porters

Kitchen porters understand that they are essential to how a kitchen functions, even though it is an entry-level role. If you can show examples of your skills and experience, you will have a better chance of getting the role. Kitchen Porters have responsibilities that include dishwashing, storage management, waste removal, and basic food preparation.

There is a lot of responsibility involved in a job that involves stepping on the first rung of the ladder. You should add skills to your Kitchen Porter CV and cover letter. The role of kitchen porter is one that could eventually lead you to that direction.

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A Survey of Kitchen Porters

A Kitchen Porter is a person who helps other kitchen staff. Their primary duties include cleaning the kitchen, shopping for supplies, equipment and arranging food in the stockroom. Kitchen Porters work industrial or commercial kitchens.

They are not usually involved in the actual preparation of food, but keep things clean and organised so that they can perform their duties efficiently. Kitchen Porters are often considered to be the lowest ranking members of the kitchen staff, but their job is still crucial. Without someone on hand to keep things running smoothly, other kitchen staff could easily fall behind.

Kitchen Porters must have at least one year of experience. They must have experience lifting heavy tools and kitchen equipment in a commercial kitchen. Experience in food handling and food safety is important.

There are usually no requirements for a kitchen Porter position. Many employers prefer candidates with at least a GCSE or equivalent. Some employers prefer candidates with certifications that are recognised in the industry, such as the Level 1 Food Safety Award, Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace Award or Level 2 Food Safety Awards.

The average salary of a Kitchen Porter in the UK is 8.77. Their salary is determined by factors, including their experience, location and employer. A Kitchen Porter is a junior employee who helps Chefs and Cooks clean the kitchen, prepare ingredients and shop for supplies.

A Taste of Kitchen Porter Jobs

If you want to maintain a healthy work-life balance, you need to consider your home and family commitments, as Kitchen Porter jobs often include days, evenings and weekends. Being a Kitchen Porter can bring many challenges and learning opportunities to your job. You can find out more about the sectors you could be working in if you decide to join the Kitchen Porter team.

If you are looking to the future, then you should know that career progression prospects are excellent as a Kitchen Porter. The role gives the chance to learn and develop skills while gaining experience. You will gain a lot of skills while working as a Kitchen Porter, such as organisation, communication, problem-solving, multitasking, diligence and attention to detail, that can be used in many roles and industries.

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A Kitchen Porter Job in the NHS

The job is well balanced. The phrase "dinner ladies" is a reference to the fact that it has traditionally been done by women. The hours are dependent on the nature of the kitchen.

A place that has set meal times will usually have a shift pattern that involves working evenings and weekends. The weekend shifts will obviously involve restaurants. The main skill is to be able to work safely.

Kitchen porters are able to wash and carry larger items safely. People who dislike getting their hands and arms dirty are not ideal for the job. It is a dangerous job to work in a kitchen.

It is not ideal for people with back problems to wash up for hours. Anyone over 6 foot tall will find it hard to use a sink. It can be difficult to work over a sink full of hot water.

The National Health Service is probably the largest employer of kitchen porters. Some of the duties that Housekeepers in hospitals cover can be found on the NHS Jobs Website. People are employed for long term for kitchen porter posts.

A Kitchen Porter with Experience in the Maritimes

A kitchen porter with a reputation for providing exceptional service and delivering consistently high standards is enthusiastic, confident and hard working. Having a willingness to work under supervision is a must. A well-known and exciting employer who offers competitive rates of pay as well as excellent career progression and development opportunities is looking for a new kitchen porter.

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The Statistical and Scientific Activities of the Military Forces

In hospitals, the kitchens of schools, colleges and private companies, and in restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, and the armed forces, assistants and porters work. There are opportunities in large cities and holiday resorts.

The Average Salary for Kitchen Porters in Different States

The average salary for a kitchen porters is $12.24 per hour, with a range of $7.25 per hour to $22.35 per hour. Kitchen Porter earnings can be different depending on how much experience they have. Porters are paid higher wages in restaurants with larger kitchens.

Kitchen workers at some restaurants get a portion of the tips that are earned in a shift, which can affect their income. Kitchen Porter wages are different in different states. Wages will increase in some states because of higher standards of living.

Kitchen Porter wages can be affected by the tourist industry. The average salary for kitchen porters is listed in each state. The salary link above is the most up-to-date information from Indeed.

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