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Published: 6 Mar 2020

Line Cooks: A New Look at the Food Preparation Process, Line Cooks: A Career in the Restaurant Industry, A Position Description for a Line Cook and more about line cook and prep cook job. Get more data about line cook and prep cook job for your career planning.

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Line Cooks: A New Look at the Food Preparation Process

A line cook is a person who prepares food for a restaurant. They prepare and cook food in a specific station, clean up the prep areas and make sure the kitchen is stocked. You hold yourself to a higher standard and it is your attention to each preparation that keeps guests coming back.

You will learn something new every day as you work with new seasonal menu and presentations. When you help to prepare a dish that guests are happy to return to, you have done your job. Line Cooks are helping the Executive Chef in the restaurant.

They usually cut meat, mix sauces or chop vegetables. Line Cooks are usually assigned a certain task each time they work and will stay in that section of the food preparation line for most of their shift. They are responsible for making sure their prep station is set up correctly before they start their shift.

They will also have the kitchen stocked. Line Cooks must check the food prep and storage areas to make sure they don't violate health codes. They are trained to cook sauces, make recipes, and translate instructions into finished dishes.

Candidates can get certifications in safe food handling, gourmet baking and advanced cooking skills. An experienced Line Cook will be able to cook great food. They will know how to chop vegetables, divide meat, cook fish, combine salads, herbs and spices, and portion dishes with precision.

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Line Cooks: A Career in the Restaurant Industry

Are you thinking of turning your love of cooking into a career? Line cooks are often the first step into the restaurant industry, and are the most important part of the operation. It's not the most glamorous position, paying little while requiring a high level of physical and mental exertion every shift.

A skilled and versatile professional line cook is able to execute a wide range of duties with a high level of consistency. Line cooks are hired to cook food for diners. The line cook works under a chef or head cook.

Line cooks often coordinate with other cooks and kitchen staff to get meals out in a timely manner. The pay for line cooks varies depending on the restaurant. A higher-end restaurant may pay more than a casual family restaurant.

Some restaurants have different levels of line cooks, with higher levels earning more pay. Half of cooks earn less than the median hourly rate of $12.10, while the other half earn more. It's not the first thing you would think of when you think of a cook job, but the line cook's duties begin and end with hygiene.

Restaurants can serve safe meals if they pay attention to the important details. Cooks in a well-run kitchen are expected to show up for work well dressed and showered. Cooks may be required to wear hair nets, hats or beard nets to keep their food safe.

A Position Description for a Line Cook

A Prep Cook is responsible for providing a supportive role to kitchen staff in the preparation of meals and ingredients. Their duties include organizing and labeling food items in storage closets, chopping ingredients and cleaning up after service. Prep Cooks are hired to make sure that food is good and that it is delivered on time for restaurant-goers.

They work closely with other staff to complete orders by gathering necessary ingredients and distributing them to different stations. They are responsible for washing dishes, taking inventory of produce and overseeing cooking tasks. They may be responsible for helping Waiters clean tables after guests leave the restaurant.

The Prep Cook candidates are likely to have a high school degree. Vocational programs may result in a professional certificate or diploma for some candidates. A community college, technical school or a specialized training school may be where other candidates have completed their associate degrees.

Candidates in all training programs are trained in proper cooking, preparation and plating techniques. Many candidates with training in the kitchen can start work with little to no training. A Line Cook has more experience and is more responsible than a Prep Cook.

The Line Cook is responsible for making sure dishes are cooked in the right way. Prep Cooks perform a variety of standard tasks, like retrieving items from the pantry or fridge and portioning out ingredients. Line Cooks can often be assisted in providing clean cooking utensils and ingredients by Prep Cooks.

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Line Cooks

Line cooks are in charge of preparing food and serving it. They are known as a Prep Cook and are assigned a specific place in the line. Maintaining standards of food and sanitary practices is one of the duties.

A Resume for a Line Cook

When hiring a line cook, hiring managers look for candidates who have a wide range of knowledge and skills related to the preparation of food and drinks in a restaurant. A line cook should know how to prepare, plate and cook a variety of dishes. The line cook should show the soft skills that keep a kitchen running smoothly, such as attention to detail, teamwork and punctuality.

Employers look for specific skills and experience when reviewing resume for a position, because a busy restaurant may not be able to devote a lot of time to training a new line cook. Employers want to know that you have a good knowledge of food preparation and safety standards. If you don't have previous experience as a cook, you need to show that you are flexible, fast learner and motivated.

If you are applying for a job as a line cook, you should include strong skills on your resume. It's important for anyone who works in a kitchen to have time management and the ability to do multiple things at the same time. Each dish must be prepared in a timely fashion when multiple orders are filled in the kitchen.

Finding ways to improve your skills as a line cook is what will accomplish the two purposes. The new skills and experience you acquire will make for a more impressive resume. You will be showing your commitment to your craft.

Free Line Cook Job Description

The free line cook job description is a PDF. The sample line cook job description can be used to make a job posting more efficient. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has more information.

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