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Published: 16 Mar 2019

Machine Shop Operations Managers: Experience and Benefit Expectations, A Business Intelligence Analyst, The Pay and Benefits of Machine Shop Workers, The Needs of a Manager in Machine Maintenance and more about machine shop manager job. Get more data about machine shop manager job for your career planning.

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Machine Shop Operations Managers: Experience and Benefit Expectations

Machine shop operations managers manage costs and expenses through process efficiency. Managers make sure the proper equipment is on hand. Job duties include analyzing and adjusting work schedules, handling quality issues, and managing customer interactions.

Your responsibility will include personnel matters. You must plan for training and skill development. Effective leadership principles must be used by shop operations mangers.

You need good communication skills and the ability to work with all levels of employees, including sales and marketing, engineering, maintenance and human resources. Since fabrication is the main function of a machine shop, you need to know how to read mechanical and electrical drawings. Knowledge of federal, state and local safety and health regulations is needed for safe use of machine tools.

Machine shop operations managers need hands-on experience to be successful. You can gain experience working in a machine shop, working with machine tools or doing similar work in a manufacturing environment over a number of years. Many employers prefer to hire operations managers with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline such as mechanical or electrical.

If you have a combination of education and work experience, consideration may be given. According to Simply, machine shop operations managers can expect to make an average annual salary of $51,000. Your earnings will be affected by a number of factors, including the hiring company, benefits package, job experience and industry sector you work in.

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A Business Intelligence Analyst

You should have good people management skills and a good understanding of business operations to be a shop manager. An outstanding shop manager should be able to run a profitable shop.

The Pay and Benefits of Machine Shop Workers

Workers begin by consulting blueprints. They then decide where they need to cut into the metal and choose the necessary tools, which may include a drill press, milling machine or lathe. The piece is placed on the machine and cut.

They must be aware of how fast they are feeding the metal into the machine and check to see if it is properly lubricated. Some people specialize in making parts for new machines, while others are responsible for repairing machines that have already been made. In high school, people interested in working at a machine shop should take classes in geometry, drafting, and metalworking.

Some positions may require knowledge of physics and math. Many of the tools and machinery in a machine shop are computerized and students should have computer training. Many people receive training on the job.

Some people participate in apprenticeship programs that are sponsored by manufacturers. Many of the machines are enclosed so workers are not exposed to noise or debris. Striking workers are still required to wear protective gear.

The machine shop workers must be in good physical condition to work in it. Most people working in the industry work 40 hours a week, though some may need to work nights and weekends as well. Machine shop workers may be required to work overtime.

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The Needs of a Manager in Machine Maintenance

You are the manager of machine maintenance. You will be consulted on the placement of machines in the factory. You will need the ability to read blueprints to make sure everything is installed correctly.

You need to know how the machines work to make sure your staff is doing their job. The manager might hear a slight hum and determine if it is coming from a worn belt, weak bearing or other source and then tell his crew how to fix the problem before it becomes more serious. Managers need more than a high school degree and on-the-job training for machine maintenance workers.

You might need a bachelor's degree in management in some cases. You should be proficient in computer programs. The pay for an employer and industry is different.

The Machine Shop Manager

The Machine Shop Manager is responsible for managing all the functions of the machine shop to achieve continual improvement in safety, quality, and productivity. As a Machine Shop Manager, you are responsible for coordinating the production of machined parts, supporting and leading improvement efforts on machines and machine processes, and supporting corporate and local engineering projects for new parts. The Machine Shop Manager is responsible for coordinating the production of parts, supporting machines and leading improvements on existing parts.

Partners with management team members to achieve their goals. A seasoned Engineer with a wide range of expertise in manufacturing engineering and project management. 25 years of experience in managerial and leadership positions in the manufacturing environment

The objective is to ensure the proper operation of the machines by the machining team, maintain expenses in line with the budget, and communicate with other departments to ensure an accurate product. The objective is to direct manufacturing activities to the machine and test hardware in quantities that meet the production control schedule. Highly experienced in leading a team to profitable success and grooming team members for leadership and career advancement.

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Connecting the Studio and Shop Floor to Drive Better Products

The "throw-it-over-the-wall" approach to product development worked well enough in the past. To compete in the future, you will need to connect and automate manufacturing processes. The studio and shop floor can be brought together to make it easier to deliver better products.

Estimates, Proposals and Method of Manufacturing

5. Make estimates for bid and proposals. Generate detailed shop routes and create method of manufacturing.

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Safety and Performance of Machine Shop Managers

The metal is turned into parts for manufacture. Machine shops are used for basic part design and creation in complex devices. Machine shop managers face a lot of issues.

Machine shop management often involves team building, workplace safety and regulation adherence. The tools and methods used by the workers are dangerous and need careful management. Focus on safety.

In a machine shop, injuries result in a loss of production, which affects the bottom line. Lifting, cutting or grinding injuries can cause employee boredom and decrease employee satisfaction. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

The manager has the responsibility of using the talents of the workers in the shop. Workers that don't feel challenged by their roles may lose motivation. Attempt to find the best position for each member of the team, and allow less experienced personnel to work alongside veterans in their field.

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