Maintenance Assistant Job Description


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Published: 21 Feb 2019

Maintenance Assistant Job Description, Exceptional Maintenance Assistants, Maintenance Assistants: A Job Description, The Benefits of Working with a Multi-Treatment Team: Maintenance Assistant Jobs and more about maintenance assistant job. Get more data about maintenance assistant job for your career planning.

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Maintenance Assistant Job Description

A team of skilled employees working together is needed to carry out both technical and general maintenance. Engineers and senior technicians are important parts of operations, but they are not the only ones who need to assist with the repair work from start to finish. That is what a maintenance assistant job description entails.

A maintenance assistant job description can have a lot of different responsibilities, and it is important to know the full set of maintenance duties that a modern assistant has to perform. The general maintenance program applies to several common areas such as building maintenance, minor electrical repairs, recordkeeping of maintenance supplies, and facility cleaning. The need to manually check how a machine is performing has been replaced by modern equipment performance tracking software.

The software needs to be observed manually, which is where assistants come in. It may be a basic position at the beginning, but it can lead to advancement. An assistant who is starting out can become a maintenance engineer or supervisor.

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Exceptional Maintenance Assistants

Maintenance assistants are employed by schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, office facilities, private residences, and retirement homes to perform general maintenance and cleaning tasks. They perform minor repairs. To be successful as a maintenance assistant, you need to be hard-working, have good eye coordination, and able to lift heavy objects. An exceptional maintenance assistant should be able to safely operate hand power tools, as well as demonstrate excellent problem-solving and time management skills.

Maintenance Assistants: A Job Description

Maintenance assistants help fix and replace equipment. They are responsible for keeping the premises clean and for using power tools to fix wiring and piping. The assistants are the ones who get orders or go out to get more supplies.

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The Benefits of Working with a Multi-Treatment Team: Maintenance Assistant Jobs

A Facilities Assistant is responsible for providing support to the Maintenance Team. Their duties include maintaining the grounds of a domestic or commercial property, conducting minor repairs to the structure and responding to requests from clients or end- users. Maintenance assistants are responsible for maintaining light bulbs, plug sockets and light switches.

Plumbing repairs are also done by them. They perform health and safety checks to make sure the equipment works. Maintenance assistants respond to calls outside of normal hours.

Maintenance workers and contractors work together to ensure adequate resources. Maintenance assistants need experience working with their hands and communicating. Maintenance assistants complete apprenticeships to learn practical skills.

They learn about health and safety. Experience working in a related field is useful. Candidates that have held posts requiring practical skills will have an advantage.

Many employers prefer candidates with a good grasp of English and maths, even though there are no specific educational requirements for a Maintenance Assistant. Candidates who have completed training in construction are useful. Maintenance Assistant roles are ideal for NVQs in Building Maintenance Multi-trade Repair and Refurbishment Operations.

The Employment of Installation, Maintenance and Repair Workers in the U.S

Maintenance helpers help repair and install equipment and machinery. Their duties include: handing tools, supplies and materials to other workers, preparing the work area, and cleaning the work area. Maintenance helpers learn to use hammers, hoists, pneumatic hammers, front-end loaders and screw drivers.

Maintenance helpers work indoors and outdoors. They can help a maintenance technician in a single building or work in many buildings. Sometimes helpers have to work in uncomfortable positions.

After learning the necessary skills, applicants for maintenance helpers aspire to become maintenance workers. Employers usually require a high school degree for helpers. Simple tasks, such as replacing light bulbs, are what helpers begin by.

They progress to more complex tasks. A successful training can lead to a fully- qualified maintenance technician. Installation, maintenance and repair helpers earned a mean hourly wage of $13.06 and a mean annual wage of $27,120 as of May 2013, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The industries that employed the most maintenance helpers were automotive repair, paying a mean annual wage of $22,720; building equipment contractors, $26,240; automobile dealers, $24,480; and local government, $34,720. The average annual income of repair workers was $37,710 in the year. The BLS states that the employment of installation, maintenance and repair workers is expected to increase between 2012 and 2022, by up to 14 percent.

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Seasonal Maintenance Helpers in State Parks

To do routine clean up and unskilled maintenance helpers tasks in a State park district having a year-round workload; to lead a crew of seasonal employees doing the work during peak seasons; and to do other related work.

Wind Turbine Technicians: How Fast Will They Grow?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts how fast jobs will grow over the next decade. The BLS expects employment for wind turbine technicians to increase by 61% between the years of 2020 and 2029. Windtechs earn a median annual salary of over $50,000.

Maintenance workers have the same skills as construction workers. They may be painting a hallway, fixing a sink or replacing a toilet. They might be doing work in a manufacturing plant or an office, such as replacing machinery or installing a lighting fixture.

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Management Assistants: Experience and Qualification

The management assistants are responsible for keeping track of the company's inventory levels to make sure that they have enough items to work. They work closely with the Manager to give updates on the staff's performance. They are supposed to uphold and enforce a strong customer service experience.

Many Management Assistant candidates have a bachelor's degree in a relevant field. Some Management Assistants may have a master's degree in business administration or an industry-specific discipline. Entry-level candidates may need on-the-job training when hired, while those with previous experience can transition quickly.

Some entry-level Management Assistant candidates have experience in other settings, while others have experience in an administrative position. The level of experience needed to be successful in a Management Assistant role depends on the individual requirements of the position. Larger organizations may prefer a candidate with more experience to manage their support staff.

A smaller organization may prefer to hire a Management Assistant with specific skills that relate to the position or an entry level candidate that they can train. Management assistants work in settings where several lower-level staff members help customers. They assign daily tasks to employees according to their skills and interests, and build employees' schedules and shifts.

A great Management Assistant should have strong leadership skills. They should have good communication abilities because they interact with the leadership team, customers and employees. Management assistants should have experience working in customer service in order to give feedback to their employees.

Maintenance Workers

Maintenance workers are people who fix and maintain mechanical equipment. Plumbing work, painting, flooring repair and upkeep, electrical repairs and heating and air conditioning system maintenance are some of the tasks.

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Maintenance Worker Qualification

Basic skills in high school, community college or postsecondary trade schools are required to become a general maintenance worker. Student can learn maintenance skill and become a maintenance worker.

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