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Published: 13 Feb 2019

Master-at Arms: A Naval Police Officer with a Brassard, The Navy Master at Arms, The Master Boatswain, The Sergeant at Arms and more about master at arms job. Get more data about master at arms job for your career planning.

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Master-at Arms: A Naval Police Officer with a Brassard

Master-at-Arms provide waterborne and land security, aircraft and flight line security, strategic weapons and cargo security, maritime security and platform protection, as well as conduct customs operations, corrections operations, and detainee according to the United States Navy Enlisted Occupational Standards. They were the only sailors who wore a brassard on their arm with the letters "MAA" prior to the 1980s. Metal badges were issued to Masters-at-Arms, similar to civilian law enforcement agencies. The Navy had badge inconsistencies in terms of size, color, and description, when compared to the other services' military police force.

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The Navy Master at Arms

The primary duty of the Navy Master at Arms is to protect and secure the Navy's physical and personnel assets stationed around the globe. You will attend the Master at Arms Accession school once you graduate from Recruit Training. The Navy and local law enforcement agencies have K9 Units. The master at arms will be assigned to the most needed location and can be moved to any time.

The Master Boatswain

The Master Boatswain was usually the sailor with the most experience on board and reported to the Quartermaster and Captain. The Boatswain was responsible for ensuring the ship was maintained, a task that required absolute expertise, and it was the care, love, and attachment to one's ship that made the Boatswain one of the reliable elements of a crew. The Boatswain directed all deck activities, including handling the sails, rigging, lines, yards, and anchor.

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The Sergeant at Arms

The sergeant at arms plays a vital role in how an organization is prepared for meetings and activities, with their primary responsibility being to maintain order within an organization at all times.

Master at Arms: A Naval Technical Training Center for Joint Base San Antonio

The Navy Recruiting Command was given a new contract mission in 2003 that allowed it to recruit from its annual pool of candidates instead of cross-training them after several years in the Navy. It takes nine weeks to become a Navy Master at Arms. The class "A" school is located in San Antonio.

Joint Base San Antonio has a Naval Technical Training Center. The United States Air Force and the United States Army merged on October 1, 2010 in San Antonio. A Master at Arms may be assigned to duty at shore stations in the U.S. and overseas, aboard ships as either ship's company or security team, or as part of a maritime expeditionary security squadron.

The work environment varies with assignments and countries. Master at Arms personnel are used to provide land sea security in support of joint service operations. Once they've completed boot camp, recruits for law enforcement and security positions report to San Antonio, Texas for nine weeks of A-school training.

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The Master-at Arms

Waterborne and land security, flight line security, aircraft, and cargo security are rendered by a Master-at-Arms. The job description requires conducting customs operations, providing protective service operations and providing detainee operations. The most common work activities on the Master At Arms resume include: testifying at office proceedings, enforcing discipline, rendering law enforcement and investigations, preserving evidence chain of custody, and providing security escort services.

Master At Arms Cover Letter Examples

The first step in your Master At Arms job hunt is to create an impressive resume. Before you start writing your Master At Arms resume, make sure to read the job description and highlight any skills, awards or other requirements that match your requirements. If you want to get through the application process, you need to add some words to the job description.

A short headline or summary at the top will clearly communicate your goals and qualifications. A strong Master At Arms resume is the first thing you need to do to get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Your CV is the first thing the hiring managers will see.

If you have a situation where you can highlight your skills and experience that will show the recruiter your knowledge of past experience, then you should be considered for the Master At Arms job. A professionally formatted Master At Arms resume is a great way to get noticed, but remember to include some quality content in your resume as well. It is advisable to research the job position and then develop your resume after considering the situation.

It is more like a headline for a story. The title of your resume should be easy to read. It should highlight the qualifications that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

How to start a Master At Arms resume is one of the most important aspects. The best way to get a headstart is by providing a compelling summary of your Master At Arms resume. The summary and objective sections are spots for the recruiters.

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