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Published: 28 Sep 2021

Degrees in Materials Engineering, Material Control in a Business, The Role of Quality Control Specialists in Manufacturing, The Salary of Inventory Control Specialists and more about material control specialist job. Get more data about material control specialist job for your career planning.

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Degrees in Materials Engineering

When a factory changes raw materials for manufacturing a specific product, materials specialists often conduct training programs to educate production workers on the characteristics of the new materials and the changes that will occur at various production stages. Materials specialists advise production engineers on the repair of production equipment, use computer software to modify properties of materials, and develop strategies for minimizing environmental pollution. You can become a materials specialist if you earn an engineering degree that is related to the field you want to work in.

A bachelor's degree in textile science and engineering will prepare you for a job in the textile industry, while a plastics engineering degree will prepare you for a job in the plastics manufacturing industry. You need to check with your state's licensing board to confirm its requirements. If you have a master's degree in materials engineering and a professional certification relevant to your field of practice, you can get a materials manager job.

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Material Control in a Business

Material control refers to the various measures taken to reduce the amount of loss of materials at the time of receiving, storing and issuing the raw materials. Material control is exercised through records and reports relating to purchase, receipt, inspection, storage and issuing. Control over material can help a business.

The quality of finished products is dependent on the quality of raw materials used. If the end product is not of desired quality, the end product will not be of desired sale in the market, which will result in loss of profits and goodwill of the concern. It is important to keep strict control over the purchases, storage and handling of materials.

2. Proper storage of materials is ensured. Storage facilities are needed for the proper preservation of materials.

The Role of Quality Control Specialists in Manufacturing

Quality control specialists are part of a manufacturing team and are responsible for maintaining records of defects and ensuring that parts are repaired, re-tested or pulled from production. They can deliver their reports to other team members to address quality issues. Quality control specialists are usually tasked with testing and assessing products in an industrial or warehouse setting.

The quality control specialist can test parts or products using a variety of techniques, checking that specifications are met and that the product works as intended. A quality control specialist is often tasked with testing products and packaging in a lab or on the production floor to ensure consistency. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the median wage for quality control inspectors is $36,780.

The top 10 percent earn over 63,590 annually, while the bottom 10 percent earn less than $21,880. Quality control specialists will be in demand less by the year 2026 as manufacturers increasingly rely on automated quality control systems and 3D scanning to quickly identify defects. Quality control specialists are still used in some industries.

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The Salary of Inventory Control Specialists

The inventory control specialist will receive and sign the shipment of products. They can interact with vendors to make sure shipments are on time and that they pay for their products. Inventory control specialists are responsible for ensuring that the company's inventory remains sufficient.

They may place orders when products are low and send back items that the company does not need. Inventory control specialists often work with other departments to find what is needed. Most employers only require a high school degree or equivalent work experience to become an inventory control specialist.

Some people can enter the field without prior work experience if they have the right skills. Most inventory control specialists get training on the job for several weeks or months under the supervision of a more experienced coworker. Inventory control specialists earn a median annual wage of $27,600, which is listed as material recording clerks by the BLS.

Materials Control in a Chemical Process

The materials portion of the cost is major. Supplies are used for the manufacture of a product. Stores are the names for both materials and supplies.

The finished goods are considered stock. The terms materials and stores are not the same. Stores is a broader term and covers items like maintenance stores, tools, jigs, equipment, and material consumed in production.

The supplies and raw materials are the same as cash. The management should have control over the materials. The objective of materials control is to ensure adequate quality and quantity of materials for the production process with the goal of decreasing material cost per unit.

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The Job Outlook of Material Controllers

The main responsibilities of a Material Controller are to coordinate and expedite the flow of work and materials between departments. Material controllers review and distribute production and shipping schedules and check with department managers to see how things are going. They must document any exceptions and examine materials for compliance with purchasing and storage issues.

Material controllers are responsible for communicating with different departments and helping meet production schedules. Material controllers can find work in plants. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that demand for Material Controllers will increase by 3 percent.

Material controllers are responsible for the computation of the amounts of material required to complete a specific job order. They need to have knowledge of manufacturing and related processes to estimate how much each job requires. Material controllers have to move or transport materials between departments.

Knowledge of equipment is helpful. Knowing how to move items safely without injury is important. The BLS says that the median annual salary for Material Controllers is almost $27,000.

Supervising Subordinates in Work Technique and Procedure

Supervises subordinates in proper work techniques and procedures, and prepares materiel control and accounting input for data processing, and inspects output documents.

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Fourth Shift ERP System

Generated all production orders for the business units. Fourth Shift ERP system provides accurate, efficient and timely completion of inventory transactions.

A Career in Material Planning

Material planners make sure the flow of materials is stable. planners make sure there is adequate supply without over-ordering or wasting resources because manufacturers have limited storage space. Material planners look at trends and customer requests to create and maintain inventory schedules.

Material planners can make sure the right number of products and manufacturing materials are always available by keeping track of production volume and purchasing expectations. Material planners are involved in liaisons between manufacturing and other departments. They receive project plans and additional information.

They coordinate payments with the accounting department. The basic requirement for material planners is a high school degree. Employers look for material planners with a bachelor's degree in business, engineering, or supply chain management.

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A Highly Knowledgeable and Analytical Material Specialist

Highly knowledgeable and analytical Material Specialist has excellent critical thinking and project management capabilities. Excellent writing and knowledge of manufacturing processes. He has a degree in Engineering and experience in the manufacturing industry.

Document Control Specialists

The Bureau of Labor Statistics classified documentation control specialists as material, recording, scheduling and distributing clerks. Document control specialists maintain document control systems in an administrative setting. Document control systems allow the management of documents generated within an organization's quality system.

Responsibilities of document control specialists are dependent on the needs of the employer. The document control specialists are based on the website Other responsibilities include writing document control systems and putting them into action, logging, tracking and maintaining batches, coordinating document control issues between external providers and fulfillment houses, and preparing reports regarding quality issues.

Document control specialists must be able to identify problems and recommend solutions. They must be able to keep their identity confidential as they interact with the organization. The salary range for documentation control specialists is between $32,291 and $49,207.

The salary is negotiated at the time of hire, but it depends on the level of experience and location of the position. There are job opportunities for document control specialists. is a career website affiliated with

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An Inventory Control Specialist

An Inventory Control Specialist is an individual who oversees the ordering, storing, receiving and distributing of an organization's products and supplies. Their main duties include controlling the flow of supplies and equipment, tracking and analyzing inventory maintenance and developing protocols for loss mitigation. Inventory specialists work in retail stores to manage and maintainventory.

They will make sure a company's shipment is accurate. The inventory specialists make sure there is enough room in the warehouse for new product shipments. When inventories start to run low, the Inventory Specialist will place orders to replenish and make sure they never run out of essential inventory items.

They use management software systems and technologies to keep their inventory records current. A high school degree is required to work as an Inventory Specialist. Some candidates have an associate or bachelor's degree inventory management.

Students can start training in their educational program or work inventory. Students who are working toward a certification will receive additional training. Inventory Specialists have experience in warehouses.

Candidates may have been Inventory Stocker or Selector. Inventory Specialists can begin their career as an Inventory Clerk or Inventory Associate. They will work their way up to an inventory specialist role.

Document Control Specialists: A Sample of Candidates

Document control specialists are responsible for the management of documents. Good communication skills are required for candidates to collaborate with internal departments. The most successful resume sample has a lot of things that are accurate, organized and computer literate. Document Control Specialists come from a variety of educational background, and most of them hold a degree in a field related to business management.

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