Merchandise Manager Job Description


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Published: 2 Feb 2020

Merchandise Managers: A Job Description, A Merchandising Manager, Merchandise Managers, What are the skills needed in a successful merchandising manager? and more about merchandise manager job. Get more data about merchandise manager job for your career planning.

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Merchandise Managers: A Job Description

A Merchandise Manager is in charge of buying and selling products in a retail environment. Depending on the size of the company, specific duties for Merchandise Managers can vary. A team of Purchasing agents work under the Merchandise Managers at large companies.

The managers wear all the hats. The role of a merchandising manager is a management position. Employers prefer candidates with a Bachelor's degree in a related field.

The work environment of managers in the industry they work in varies. The managers of a fashion brand a supermarket chain both spend a lot of time in their stores. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says demand for merchandise managers will rise by 1 percent through the year.

The managers of the store are in contact with the vendors. They are responsible for maintaining a positive working relationship with all vendors. They are responsible for evaluating new vendors.

The Merchandise Managers are the most knowledgeable about the products a company sells. They are responsible for understanding the features and benefits of a product and then deciding if it would be a hot seller for their employer. Soft skills are required of a Merchandise Manager.

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A Merchandising Manager

A merchandising manager is analytical professional who specializes in the management of products and promotional material. Responsibilities of merchandising managers include overseeing the buying process, forecasting inventory demands and trends, and negotiating with suppliers.

Merchandise Managers

The merchandise manager has a responsibility for staff education. Training in how to sell a product with information about its origins and uses can increase customer satisfaction and sales. Clerks at a department store may need to know about current fashion trends so they can make sound recommendations to customers.

If a gown doesn't look appropriate for a customer, the clerk needs to be able to say so gracefully and without causing offense. There is a lot of psychology involved in what a merchandise manager does, as things like shelf height and packaging color affect what people will buy. The eye-level shelves are popular and many manufacturers have agreements with retailers to reserve them.

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What are the skills needed in a successful merchandising manager?

A merchandising manager is responsible for making decisions about stocking, pricing and presenting goods. They analyze sales and inventory data to determine consumer preferences that help them decide which items to put on sale or how much of a particular product they should purchase. Highly analytical thinker, successful merchandising managers turn their thoughts into actions.

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