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Published: 13 May 2021

Meter Readers: Training and Experience, The Meter-Pro Training Program, The Meter Readers, Meter Readers, Self-improvement activities for a successful Meter Reader and more about meter reader job. Get more data about meter reader job for your career planning.

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Meter Readers: Training and Experience

Candidates for meter reader jobs usually have a high school degree. Many companies are willing to give training to those new to the work, even though meter readers need a small amount of experience.

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The Meter-Pro Training Program

It is not as easy to read meters all day. Getting to and from the electric, gas and water utility meters can be a challenge. A meter reader's job can get pretty challenging.

Meter readers need to have certain skills in order to do their job well. No matter what the obstacle, meter readers need to get to every meter. Private residents can be a bit difficult to get along with, and you can't expect them to make it easy for you.

You may have to work around shrubs, plants or other obstructions to reach the utility meter. You need to be able to climb, lift and balance to get to the utility meter. A meter reader will read a lot of meters.

It takes a lot of walking, body contortions and concentration to get to every meter. You don't need to be an Olympian sprinter to do the job, but you need to be flexible enough to handle any situation you are presented with. If meters are indoors or blocked off by locked gates, private residents don't have to be home to read them.

When arriving at a new location, meter readers will sometimes be required to announce their presence. The homeowner will be there, and the meter reader must act professionally, representing the company well and treating the customer fairly. Customers are not always happy.

The Meter Readers

The job of the Meter Readers is to read meters and enter data in route books or hand-held computers. The meter reader is walking or driving along established routes to take readings. The Meter Reader can return route books or hand computers to business offices to collect data, or it can uploads all the information into office computers.

The Meter Reader can record possible reasons for fluctuations in readings. The meter reader inspects meters for unauthorized connections and defects. The meter reader is responsible for documenting the readings on the client's meters.

The meter reader enters, records, stores, and maintains information in both written and electronic form. The Meter Reader can give information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by phone, e-mail, or in person. The Meter Reader is a vehicle that runs, maneuvers, navigates, or drives.

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Meter Readers

Meter readers check the gas, electricity and water consumption the meters of homes and businesses. They plan and prepare for their meter rounds, read all of the meters in a particular area, and enter the meter readings into a hand-held computer. They report any broken seals or damage to meters, and update details of client addresses and the location of meters.

They report broken or lost keys, as well as information regarding specific dangers such as dogs, when they download information from their rounds into their computers. Wherever utilities are available, meter readers work in cities and towns. Meter readers work in a variety of locations.

They are required to work in most weather conditions and do a lot of walking and driving. They work regular hours, but may work less than eight hours a day. They may work on the weekends.

They are required to wear a uniform and carry official identification. Meter readers use hand-held electronic devices to catalog and store records. They use keys and electronic security to enter buildings.

They use computers to record information in the field. It is possible to work as a meter reader without formal qualifications. If you have experience in customer service, maintain equipment and are physically fit, you may be able to get a job.

Self-improvement activities for a successful Meter Reader

The interviewer will most likely look for more detail with questions such as this, as your CV will say a lot about your work history. Positive about previous experience will highlight your strengths. Improvement activities that relate to the job of Meter Reader are a good idea.

Positive self-improvement can be achieved through a wide variety of activities. Have some good ones to mention. Show you were able to get people on your team to help you out, or prioritize your work and focus on the most important issues first, as Meter Reader, to overcome the overwhelm feeling.

You should help others as a meter reader. Think of how you would change in the future. You can discuss how you mentor someone.

Interviewers expect candidates for employment to discuss their work while they are working. Before you answer, consider the position you are applying for and how your current or past positions relate to it. The more successful you are at answering the questions, the more you can connect your past experience with the job opening.

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The work of a public meter reader

Meter readers work a lot. There may be a split shift with some work in the morning and a long break in the evening. The working day can last until 8pm, but sometimes Saturday work is required.

There are often part-time jobs available. A meter reader is alone a lot. The work involves walking long distances, on average between five and eight miles a day, outdoors in all weathers, particularly when looking for meters on industrial estates.

It also involves crawling into low-level cupboards and bending and stretching. Their work can involve kneeling and lifting heavy covers. Water meters are located outside buildings, but gas and electricity meters are indoors.

A meter reader can make around 11,700 a year. Many companies pay a bonus based on the number of meters read, and some meter readers earn overtime. Employers give an allowance for uniforms or outdoor clothing.

There are around 45 companies that supply customers with various utilities. Some meter readers are direct. Some companies contract the work out to their own staff.

Utility Meter Reading

A meter reader is sent to gather data for meters that can't be automatically. The meter is in good working order if the meter readers enter usage data into a handheld computer device. They would report damaged meters.

They drive to the meter locations and walk as well. Meter readers do not need a formal education. Over 70% of meter readers have a high school degree, almost 20% have taken some college courses but have not yet earned a degree, and less than 10% have an associate's degree.

To become a meter reader, you need to pass a drug test, have a valid driver's license, and have a background check. Experience and education are not required, so you would want an application to convey that you are dependable, hard worker, and perhaps have had a job that required some outdoor aspect to it. A meter reader records data from meters.

To make sure the appropriate usage payments are made, a person must read the meters that do not automatically report data. To do this, meter readers must visit various locations. If the meters are in close proximity to one another, they may use a vehicle to go from location to location.

They would look at the meter and check for any damage or broken seals while they were at it. They may find a meter that has an unauthorized connection. The findings would be reported and investigated.

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MRAB Practice Tests in Exam Conditions

Candidates should attempt the Meter Reader Aptitude Battery practice test in exam conditions. In a quiet environment, recreate the conditions that are expected in the assessment center. Try to get as many questions as possible. If your MRAB practice test comes with both questions and answers, you can compare your answers with the answer key provided.

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